Tips For Creating A Beautiful Christmas Table


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Christmas can be a truly magical time of year and one to really make the most of good food and good company.

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Tips For Creating A Beautiful Christmas Table

  1. 2. Christmas can be a truly magical time of year and one to really make the most of good food and good company.
  2. 3. Your Christmas dinner plans may be casual or elaborate, but either way a stunning-looking dining table arrangement is easy to do and really sets the scene for a wonderful meal and memorable times spent with friends and loved ones.
  3. 4. Thanks to some minimal planning and some simple items, you can create a beautiful Christmas dining table where everyone will feel relaxed and want to linger.
  4. 5. During the festive period, your home is likely to have more decorations up than at any other time anyway, so it's not all down to the dining table decor to impress everyone.
  5. 6. Using a harmonised combination of decorative elements and linens, you can create a Christmas dining table that makes a stunning focal point without clashing with your other decorations.
  6. 7. What’s more, this can be a really fun and enjoyable Christmas task to undertake.
  7. 8. If your gathering will be more on the formal side, think about using layering in your table décor.
  8. 9. For example, you can place a table runner on top of your linen tablecloth, and use matching linen napkins secured using stylish napkin rings.
  9. 10. Also think about using placemats that harmonise with the accent linen pieces.
  10. 11. The finishing touches can simply be a few decorative festive items like pine cones and candles with a Christmassy poinsettia as a centrepiece.
  11. 12. To simplify your choice of colours, stick to festive colours that will coordinate with other decorative items used across adjoining rooms.
  12. 13. The traditional Christmas colours of red, green and white are certainly reliable choices, but do also consider modern colour variations such as wine, forest green or lime green, and even cream.
  13. 14. Gold and silver are excellent accent colors to use with white and possibly even black, depending on your festive design scheme.
  14. 15. Sumptuously heavy fabrics generate a rich, cosy feeling and are ideal for winter interior styling.
  15. 16. Excellent finishing touches to your Christmas dining table include scented candles and pot pourri in festive fragrances such as pine, cinnamon or cranberry.
  16. 17. Fairy lights are also a great option worth considering, especially if you prefer to avoid using candles, and come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your scheme.
  17. 18. A stylish festive table is not a prerequisite for enjoying the Christmas season of course, but it can help create wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  18. 19. Above all, have fun with styling your dining table and everyone you entertain will take pleasure in your convivial style as well as the meal you serve.