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Painting bathroom hardware


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Painting bathroom hardware

  1. 1. f urnit uref romt urkey.com Bathroom HardwarePainting Bathroom HardwarePainting Bathroom Hardware - Did you know you can paint ones dated toilet paper case, towel bar, andtowel ring as an alternative to having to buy completely new ones? Follow the steps below to paint yourbathroom hardware.RemoveBef ore painting, you must remove your bathroomhardware and take it to your well ventilated area, such asa covered patio or shed. Your toilet paper case, towel bar,and towel ring probably will be able to be removed usingonly an Allen wrench. Look underneath each little bit ofbathroom hardware and look f or a little screw. Youprobably will just have to loosen the screws as analternative to completely removing them. Now would havebeen a good time to ef f ect up any wall paint if thebathroom hardware was not removed a f inal time the wallswere painted and many of the wall paint came of f of whenremoving the hardware.CleanClean your bathroom hardware well using soap and waterto clear out any oils, hair aerosol, grease, or othersubstances that might not allow the colour to adhere well.SandUsing a medium f or you to f ine grade steel constructed f rom wool or sand paper, mud each piece well. Besure to remove any wall paint which might be on your bathroom hardware.PositionPosition each piece over a drop cloth or allow it to needlessly hang. Most parts of your bathroom hardwarehave a side it doesn’t need to be painted which might be positioned on the f looring. The cylindrical piecesof one’s toilet paper holder, hand towel bar, and towel ring need to be standing up to get the bestapplication of spray colour. If the cylinders are too unsteady to operate, consider propping them up againstan object so they are not directly on the f loor.PrimeUsing spray primer of which works on metal, spray a light f ur of primer on each of your pieces. Use a primerwhich is colored similarly to ones desired bathroom hardware color f or best results. If you need silver ornickel bathing room hardware, prime with white spray primer. If you would like oil rubbed bronze, birdwatcher,black, or antique metal bathroom hardware, prime having black primer. Allow every thing to dry per theparticular manuf acturer’s instructions. If there exists a side to your bathroom hardware that is not exposedto the primer, await it to dry then f lip it over and prime the other side.Paint
  2. 2. PaintUsing an exceptional spray paint, spray a light coat of paint on the bathroom hardware, allowing theparticular paint to dry, then spray another light f ur. If necessary, f lip the pieces over and spray the oppositeside.Top CoatFollowing paint has dried, spray paint a protective top coat on the bathroom hardware. The protective topf ur will protect the paint and have absolutely the paint job stay longer.ReinstallReinstall your bathroom paper holder, towel clubhouse, and towel ring only whenever they have dried perthe particular paint manuf acturer’s instructions.