Kitchen backsplash


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Kitchen Backsplash - A kitchen backsplash protects the wall from food splatters, but it may even be a decorative element in your kitchen. See below for some of the more popular backsplash options.

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Kitchen backsplash

  1. 1. f urnit uref romt Backsplash DesignKitchen BacksplashKitchen BacksplashKitchen Backsplash - A kitchen backsplash protects the wall f rom f ood splatters, but it may even be adecorative element in your kitchen. See below f or some of the more popular backsplash options.LaminateLaminate, of ten called by the brand name Formica, is alesser pricey backsplash option. It’s been used f or lots ofyears due to its low cost point and cleanability. There’s lotsof new colors, textures, and patterns of laminate – somelook like paper, metal, or stone. Lots of laminatecountertops curve up at the back to also cover thebacksplash, making a seamless installation.Porcelain or Ceramic TileCeramic or porcelain tile is a well-liked backsplash since it iscomparatively cheap, can match f loor tiles, and is simple toput in. Tile is simple to look af ter, however make positive toseal the grout to prevent the grout f rom staining.Natural StoneA natural stone tile backsplash is a traditional option that can be a small more pricey but won’t becomedated as quickly as some of the other backsplash options. Some popular natural stones being used inbacksplashes today are slate, travertine, onyx, granite, limestone, and marble. You can use a seamless slabof natural stone or smaller stone tiles that can be laid in an intricate pattern.Glass TileGlass tile has become popular over the last f ew years. Glass tiles are usually 1″ x 1″ and sold attached to amesh sheet that is 12″ x 12″ f or ease of installation. Some glass tiles are sold in color while others are soldwith a mix of colors on sheet. 1″ x 1″ multicolored glass tile is stylish, so it may become dated quickly. For amore classic timeless glass tile backsplash, select a neutral colored 3″ x 6″ tile layed in a subway pattern.Sheet GlassSheet glass backsplashes are becoming popular due to their ease of cleanup and tidy modern aesthetic.Glass comes in lots of colors, textures, and patterns. Think about using plain clear glass but painting thewall behind your backsplash or the back side of the glass a bold accent color.MirrorMirror backsplashes have been used f or hundreds of years, in bar applications. They can make a smallkitchen look larger, however can expose the back of anything on your countertops (cords, crumbs, etc) andrequire constant cleaning since f ingerprints and splatters are obvious. There’s even mirrored tiles that looklike mercury glass.Metal
  2. 2. Metal backsplashes can be sheet metal or metal tiles. Sheet metal that is brushed can be contemporary,however pressed tin can be more traditional, country, or victorian. Metal tiles are a more contemporary styleand can be pricey. Some of the metals used in backsplashes are stainless steel, copper, zinc, and tin.Share the post "Kitchen Backsplash"