Glass furniture


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Glass furniture

  1. 1. Glass FurnitureCrystal- Glass Coffee Table- Tier 1A refined coffee table and an ideal accession to any area. This slick glass coffee table is agenuinely minimalist statement in design. A glass table which is usable as well as beautifullymodern; a perfect placement to show off your favourite coffee table books.The Crystal Glassfurniture range is a chain of furniture designed purely in glass. W this gives furniture chain auniquely contemporary pure feel.Glass as a material in furniture is highly versatile; itsspecular qualities and transparent nature mean this glass furniture chain will work extremelywell in any period environment - adding that touch of class.Crystal-Glass Console Table- Tier 2
  2. 2. The Crystal glass console table is a minimalist peice of glass furniture and makes afashionable, useful addition to any environment. This glass console table can be used for alarge number of funtions including; Vanity Table, Hallway table, Hi-Fi/Multimedia Storage,and much more.Made entirely of glass and manufactured applying the current manufacturing techniques, thisglass console table can be made to order in a large range of bespoke sizes.Crystal- Glass Side Table- 2 tierThis contemporary glass table is a functional addition to any room. it can be used as either abedside glass table or a sofa side table. A refined elegant glass table which is useful as wellas beautifully modern. Comes complete with an extra glass shelf offering extra storagespace.
  3. 3. Classic- Glass Dining Table ( X Shape)A Fashionable, attention getting, glass dining table which will bring beauty and elegance inany environment. This glass dining table forms part of Classic furniture scope.The classic glass furniture scope is a range of furniture designed and made to only thehighest of standards. A popular feature in this glass furniture range is the adaptable metalfeet which ensures this glass dining table will sit well no matter what floor surface.This furnitures highly transparent appearance means it will work well in any period or styleenvironment.Geneva- Glass Storage UnitsThe Geneva glass storage units are a ideal solution for storing and displaying books,videodiscs, magazines, etc. Providing a classic combination of functionality and design,these glass units can also be used to help your home entertainment systems which keepingall their accessories neat and tidy.Offered with four high quality castors for easy manoeuvrability. An ideal addition to any officeor home.
  4. 4. Towa- Glass Storage UnitsBoth functionality and design have been combined together perfectly to create these glassstorage units.Towa is a range of carefully designed glass furniture, perfect for storage. With these storageunits, which are procurable in various sizes, you can display your DVDs, books and morewith style.These multifunctional glass storage units are the ultimate statement for the home of office.Crystal Audio/ Visual Glass Unit CornerDeveloped from high quality tougehend glass, this Audio/Visual Glass Unit offers a modernsetting for any contemporary A/V equipment. Perfect for the work or home environment.Configured to fit into the corners of rooms and ensure you make maximum use of the placeavailable.
  5. 5. Poise- Glass Storage UnitThe Poise Glass Storage Unit will work well in any area, whether its the home or office.Configured as part of the Poise glass furniture range it can be matched effortlessly with manydifferent products in our range and offers and perfect storage solution.A beautifully ended modern piece of furniture which is made from the highest qualitymaterials.Poise- Executive Glass Desk- OPT1This Poise Glass Desk is refined in design; soft curves on the glass table top lead the eyeeffortlessly into four stainless steel legs. These table legs made with an invisible bond to theglass which is implausibly strong. A beautifully ended contemporary piece of furniture whichis made from the highest quality materials.This fashionable executive glass desk is well a proportioned example of good design, a deskwhich is not only fashionable but is also highly useful. Made from high quality toughenedglass, an ideal addition to any office.
  6. 6. Elements- Glass Dıne/ Meet Table (Circular)A classic design in glass and metal, this glass dining/meeting table will function well in bothdomestic and contract environments. The toughened glass top is UV bonded to a top-gradestainless steel boss, securly connected to the central column and base plate.Made from high quality toughened glass. An perfect addition to any home or office.Cantilever- Glass Coffee TableThis fashionable, contemporary glass coffee table is supported with a striking satin anodisedcentral column. The Cantilever Glass Coffee Table is a modern peice of furniture design andwill be a fantastic centerpiece in any living-room or office.The Cantilever glass furniture chain is a chain which is identifiable by refined details and wellexecuted design. A popular feature in this glass furniture central metal column whichconnects the glass table top to the glass baseClassic- Glass Coffee TableThis high quality modern classic glass coffee table offers an perfect centre to any livingspace. This glass coffee table is not only fashionable but highly useful as well .
  7. 7. The classic glass furniture range is a range of tables designed and made to only the highestof standards. A popular feature in this glass furniture range is the changeable metal feetwhich ensures this glass coffee table will sit well no matter what floor surface.