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Storage beds


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Storage beds

  1. 1. Storage BedsI believe that storage must work hard to be in a house, and that it works best when its buildingan existing peice of furniture multi functional as this saves place as well.What are the benefits of a storage bed?Here are the main causes why I love storage beds so much:- · Great for maximizing your storage.When I 1st changed beds to a storage bed, the stuff I had below my old bed (which filled itcompletely) only filled about a twenty-five percent of the new place! · Guest rooms can have hidden storageI like to store bedding, out of season clothes etc…. - and guests do not have to see everything! · Storage Beds work great in Master bedrooms
  2. 2. Master bedrooms work well as some storage beds can be quite high up which provides the bed more prominence in the room, and also then gives more storage (again great for out of season clothes) · They can create hidden storage from whoever you need! Theyre a great secret place when you have small kids as you can hide presents etc… from little eyes! · They keep off too much furniture in a room They stop you having to have a large cupboard or chest of drawers in the room - thus freeing space and helping you to become more visually clutter free · They take away the need for crawling to find things Theyre easier to get hold of things that youve stored there. Several beds have a mechanism that lifts the mattress with minimal effort from you - and you can select whether you want a bed thats hinged from the side or the headboard. · Say goodbye to dust! Stops everything getting dusty as the space is fully sealed when you close it. What to search when purchasing a storage bed? Here are some important things to search when youre purchasing a storage bed - and worth considering whether you need them or whether you can get a cheaper bed that does what you want instead.· How much storage do you need? Consider the height of the base as some are a lot shallower than others, and if you prefer to storae suitcases etc… you want to insure theyll fit.· Some beds have a base and can be on feet , but others have a simple layer of fabric that goes on the surface The former is less affordable, but contributes a better finish.· You can get leather finish beds with headboards, which are more usual in the more affordable price brackets - but you can also get fabric finished beds which you can match to your decor.· Because youve hidden storage, then they are quite secure for your stuff - and some makers take this one step further and give you options like having a safe in the bed. This makes sense to me if you have jewellery that you aren’t taking on holiday - as its less likely to be found here than in many other places. This can go one step further as some have locks so that the mechanism is shut tight until you want to open it (useful for storing presents as well!)
  3. 3. · Because the bed lifts to allow access to storage, make sure you have the height space in the room - i.e. there are no lights that will get hit. Here is the funny video about storage bed