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Home computer desks

  1. 1. Home Computer Desks - A Review of the Top Five StylesLet’s face it working from home has a lot going for it. No more commuter hours lost at the startand end of each working day, no more boss to please, no more having to put up with absurdwork colleagues. So life is sweet, yes? Well actually yes its beautiful much. But there are somethings that youve to get right if youre going to make working from home work for you, likepurchasing the right home computer desk furniture for example.The backbone of your home office is undoubtedly your office desk. Given that like 99% of thepopulation youll be working on a computer in your office this means you need to buy the rightHome Office computer desk.You need to make a comfortable work environment that enablesyou stay both productive and organized. What this will mean in practical terms is that youll needcertain storage features and shelving units to accommodate files and office supplies. If yourbudget is tight then youll not be able to provide yourself an office desk suite at the outset, youcan start with just the desk and then bring the other furniture too as you can afford it.Select a desk design that will best fit into the space you have available. Below, you will discovera review of the five top computer desks for home offices.1. Corner Computer DeskBy definition this is a desk which is designed to fit into the corner of your home office. Generallyyoull select a corner desk if your home office is on the small side, small office = small desk.
  2. 2. Though occasionally it might just be a question of personal preference. It could also be that thedisposition of the room with doors and windows best lends itself to this type of desk. Cornercomputer desks commonly have space-saving designs with features such as overhead shelving,concealed filing cabinets and keyboard trays. This style of office desk is usable in modular andtraditional designs to complement most styles and themes and you can usually pick up somenice budget models on the Internet which provide a maximum of features.2. Computer Desk With HutchA computer desk with a hutch may be the best fit if youre searching an office desk with plenty ofstorage space but don’t have much room to add other office furniture like filing cabinets,bookshelves or a set of drawers in your home office. Computer desks with a hutch feature largeenclosed shelving units that can store books, files and office supplies. Hutches come in 2 styles,open or closed. The advantage of a closed hutch is that you can hide materials from view andcreate a neater, more organized space for small areas - out of sight is out of mind!3. L-Shaped Computer DeskAn L-shaped computer desk has a similar footprint to a corner desk the difference being it is notdesigned to stand in a corner. This type of desk will invariably be equipped with overheadcompartments, drawers and pull-out trays to accommodate a keyboard and small office supplies.These types of desks generally offer space-saving solution for rooms with limited space whileproviding easy access to office supplies and equipment.4. U-Shaped Computer DeskThe U-shaped computer desk is an unusual choice for a home office because these desks tendto have a large footprint. U-shaped computer desks tend to be multi station desks, they are largeenough to share with another person. But if you have a large home office space and/or you tendto work with your partner or spouse then the U-shaped computer desk may be the ideal desk foryour home. These desks are invariable equipped with drawers, shelves, pull-out keyboard traysand overhead storage space.5. Glass Computer DeskThese desks often best fit in a modern and contemporary home office. Glass computer desksoften feature a silver frame and can add a futuristic finish to a room, though there are someglass and wood models which would fit better in a traditional office. Glass computer desks mighthave clear glass, black glass or blue glass but beware glass doors tend to show the dust morethan other materials, so be prepared for some frequent cleaning. Also if you are wanting to hidecables and are looking for a desk with grommets, this will not generally be the right desk for youSome glass computer desks incorporate wheels, so as to add a degree of mobility to your officefurniture.http://furniture.furkey.com/en-US/commercial-furniture/1528-home-computer-desks-a-review-of-the-top-five-sty.html