Design ideas for decorating a living room


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Design ideas for decorating a living room

  1. 1. Design Ideas for adorning a Living RoomThe design of a living room often dictates the feel and function of the space. The elements ofcolor, texture, materials and arrangement all act as an important roles in both how the space willbe used and how one will feel in the environment. By drawing inspiration from items alreadypresent or replicating styles seen in other locations or in magazines, an amazing, blended livingroom design can be simple to create.Inspirational ItemFind inspiration from an item already in the living room that admits special meaning. Using thecolour scheme of the item, you can design the other factors of the living room. For example, aninspirational item could be a blue throw with yellow and green highlights. The less prominentcolors in the item (yellow and green) can lend ideas for the color of larger items in the room. Forinstance, the color of the walls, furniture upholstery, rug choices and window drapery can betaken directly from these shades. The predominant color in the throw (blue) can function as acontrast burst throughout the room on items such as pillows, wall hangings, vases andlampshades.
  2. 2. Design StylesBy choosing a design style for a living room, you can arrange the tone for the look and feel of theroom before choosing its components. Some popular fashions are French country, rusticcottage, a taste of Tuscany, and romantic comfort. Each distinct style relates to a specific colorscheme and style of furnishing. For instance, a French country living room often employs a softpalette with white as the primary color used. Soft grays, blues and creams also play a significantrole. Furnishings are inspired by antique elements that might have been previously used asother furniture elements at a different time. For example, an old dresser might be turned into ahutch or an old bedside stand might become a coffee table.Recreate a Professional DesignMagazine pictures often process as excellent imagination guides to room design. Choosingpieces based on the furnishings, colors, and accessories in the picture will make a room thatblends together well. Items can be difficult (and often expensive) to match perfectly;nevertheless, by following the size, texture and feel of the items in the picture, you can create asimilar look while keeping the design original.Focal PointLiving rooms with prominent architectural features often make designing the room easier. Usingthe focal point as a basis for inspiration, you can use the colors and textures of the item in otherelements in the room. For instance, a large marble fireplace can dictate that white should be aprominent design color. The cold, icy feel of the marble can either be supported by the use ofother similarly severe elements such as leather couches or glass tables, or it can be contrastedwith the use of soft elements such as overstuffed couches and plush rugs.