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2                                                                                            Intelligent Building Skin    ...
3iku ® windows with a vision of the future.iku ® windows was founded in Vienna in 2000. Its core business is the design an...
4                                                                            Intelligent Building Skin                    ...
5Benefits that pay off                                                               Based on advanced technology         ...
6                                                                              Intelligent Building Skin                  ...
7Unitized system                                                                     Profile dimensions                   ...
8                                                                         Intelligent Building Skin                       ...
9iku ® windows - Evacuation unitiku ® windows - flexible sliding system                                                   ...
10                                                                                Intelligent Building Skin               ...
11Research & Developmentis a key element of our daily business. The iku ® windows team alreadyaccomodates the demands of t...
iku ® intelligente Fenster-und Fassadensysteme Ges.mbHSlamastraße 271230 ViennaAustriaT +43/1/6165658-0F +43/1/6165658-26w...
future facade
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future facade


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Glass buildings are like Car without wiper.
When we see dust on front screen while driving we press the wiper button,
But we ignore the ugly dust /strain on the glass in the office or at home,
as it is unreachable.
What if you have a button to clean the exterior glass of your office & Home, like car?
Would u like to try?
Automatic Exterior Glass Building Cleaning System. Up until now, cleaning & maintenance of glass façades was
Time-consuming, Expensive and Dangerous.
The mechanism is hidden from view.
Only the result is visible “a sparkling clean glass facade”.
Genuine Green Building product with thermal break Technology

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future facade

  1. 1. 2 Intelligent Building Skin Gleaming façades r ect the user’s image. Modern glazing architecture is capable of writing history. The pyramids of the Louvre, created by Ieoh Ming Pei come to mind, or the glass buildings of Norman Foster – these buildings are distinguished by their clarity of structure, openness and light. The transparent skin of the building only reveals its true ect, however, if its clear glass surfaces stay clean. Contemporary buildings therefore demand forward-looking solutions. The intelligent technology from iku ® windows makes this possible at the touch of a button: glass façades and windows alike stay sparkling clean and r ect the user’s image. KR Julius Thurnher inventor, member of the supervisory board Smart buildings becoming a reality. We are proud of our continued success at iku ® windows. The satisfaction of our customers and partners proves that years of development work have paid o . Our highly specialised iku ® windows team plays a decisive role in our success. Their motivation and drive is to continually develop and improve our products. Our foremost aim is to meet the demands of planners and architects. The vision of “Smart Buildings” for the good of their occupants is becoming a reality with iku ® windows. Monika Thurnher CEO iku ® windows International Partners - High Rise Facade Pvt. Ltd. The intelligent systems from iku ® windows are protected by patents worldwide and are produced and distributed internationally by licensed partners. Solutions are developed for spec c projects together with the headquarters in Vienna. Partners are responsible for the qualitative planning and implementation of the projects, as well as being the point of contact for architects and builders. For a detailed list of our partners worldwide please refer to . The exclusive partner in India -- High Rise Facade Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. 3iku ® windows with a vision of the future.iku ® windows was founded in Vienna in 2000. Its core business is the design and iku ® windows -marketing of modern window and façade technology with integrated self-cleaning Exceptional design combined with high functionalitysystems. Products from iku ® windows set technical and creative milestones for The most significant awardsmodern building skins. “reddot award” product design,iku ® windows - The intelligent façade page 4 - 7 Germany, 2000 ¡ a clean solution for every façade system ¡ enables large glass façades to be cleaned at the touch of a button “Bienale für Industriedesign 2000“ gold medal, Ljublianaiku ® windows - The intelligent maintenance unit page 8 ¡ change glass easily from inside Nominated for “Adolf Loos State Prize” for design, Austria, 2001iku ® windows - The intelligent evacuation unit page 9 ¡ human safety comes first Batimat 2001, Parisiku ® windows - The intelligent shading system page 10 ¡ with a multitude of design options“If eyes are the windows to the soul, then a person’s house acts as apersonal calling card. Why shouldn’t the eyes of a building be equippedwith an intelligence which does its owner justice?”Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus Woltron, businessman, Vienna, Austria
  3. 3. 4 Intelligent Building Skin The intelligent façade.Facts and figures Clean glass façades at the touch of a button – quick and simple!¡ max. system height: 80 m for one wiper Up until now, cleaning glass façades was time-consuming, expensive and¡ on taller buildings several dangerous. iku ® windows has developed a complete façade system with systems are installed on top of one another integrated self-cleaning. It enables glass façades to be simply and effectively cleaned. The iku ® windows technology is hidden from view, only the result is¡ wiper width: 1-3 sections – max. width approx. 5 m visible – a sparkling clean glass façade.¡ wiper lip can easily be exchanged (approx. each 25.000 m)¡ iku ® windows cleaner is How does the system work? biologically degradable¡ various shapes possible iku ® windows – the intelligent façade – is a complete façade system with an (straight, curved, bended etc.) on project requirement integrated self-cleaning function. The wiper blends in visually without affecting¡ cleaning of glass, BIPV, marple the overall appearance. The system is directly connected to the water supply, and Alucobond panels with detergent being added to the water automatically via a mixer unit. Water and detergent are sprayed on to the façade at the touch of a button. Then the integrated wipers clean the façade automatically. Customised parameters can be set for how much water is sprayed on the façade, and for how long. The frequency with which the wipers move over the façade can also be customised. The wipers are flexible, ensuring that the glass is always cleaned perfectly. Rain or moisture sensors can be used to trigger the cleaning process automatically. The intelligent façade thus ensures a clear view at all times! motor unit gear end switch shaft roller spring loaded wiper wiper
  4. 4. 5Benefits that pay off Based on advanced technology A motor drives the drive belt byConvenience means of a drive shaft. The belt ¡ cleaning at the touch of a button whenever dirty reinforced with 10 stainless steel ¡ clean façades in just a few hours cables and connected to the ¡ ability to clean façades with difficult access (e.g. inner courtyards) wiper. The drive belt tensioner ¡ no need for cleaning contractors controls the extension of the drive ¡ no organisation required, no lead times belt. The wiper blade is the only ¡ rainwater used for cleaning cycle part subject to wear and tear, and can be easily replaced. The system can be integrated withSafety/security a central control system. ¡ safe cleaning of high glass façades ¡ no glass breakages from building maintenance units ¡ protection of privacy ¡ no outside personnel looking into the building (espionage/break-ins)Cost effectiveness ¡ extremely low operating costs ¡ high frequency of cleaning without additional costs ¡ one-off investment ¡ low maintenance ¡ constantly clean BIPV panels (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic) increased efficiency - desired level of energy outputOffice Building, Cairo Office building Kuwait
  5. 5. 6 Intelligent Building Skin A clean solution for every façade system.Profile dimensions Structural Glazing system¡ visible width of transoms: 65 mm; depth: 141 mm standard or Totally flush glass façades with self-cleaning function. All servicing work and according to structural requirements the replacement of damaged panes can be done from inside. This opens up new¡ visible width of mullions: 60 mm; depth: 131 mm standard dimensions in building maintenance.Profile dimensions Cover cap system¡ visible width of vertical covering profiles: 72.6 mm; height: 48 mm The cover cap system is a complete façade system with integrated self-cleaning¡ visible width of horizontal covering – suitable for new buildings and renovations. Compatible with other façade profiles: 60 mm; height: 5 mm systems, wood or steel structures.¡ visible width of transoms and mullions: 60 mm; depth: 120 mm standard or according to structural requirements Hospitals, Vienna, Structural Glazing system Office Building, Jeddah Bank Building, Jeddah, Cover cap system
  6. 6. 7Unitized system Profile dimensions ¡ visible width: 80 mm;Unitized elements with integrated self-cleaning system are suitable especially depth: 165 mmfor high-rise buildings. The prefabricated units incorporate the proveniku ® windows cleaning system. All maintenance works can be done from inside.Spider system Profile dimensions ¡ visible width of vertical guideMatrix-fit glass façades are increasingly being planned as “second skin profiles inside: 41 mm; depth: 60 mmfaçades”. Here especially, the issue of cleaning is a particular challenge.The iku ® windows system provides excellent solutions for this problem too.Unitized systemUnitized system Spider system
  7. 7. 8 Intelligent Building Skin iku ® windows - Maintenance unit Safety comes first Applicable for unitized and structural glazing system ¡ integrated cleaning system ¡ maintenance system iku ® windows - facade systems basically allow to abandom BMU-systems for the ¡ evacuation system maintenance of the facade. we care for human safety ¡ cleaning possible by the touch of a button ¡ maintenance of cleaning system from inside ¡ change of broken glass panels possible from inside The iku ® maintenance unit makes it possible iku®windows developed the facade maintenance unit in order to ensure the possibility to change broken glass from inside no matter what size or in which height. (huge glass panes rarely fit into a common elevator) How the system works: A hamper is raised with a steel rope, driven by a motor. An additional sliding module, which is running within the vertical system profiles, keeps the hamper close to the facade and ensures absolute safety. The base maintenance unit, which is mobile, is equipped with a beam, that carries the steel rope. The beam reaches from inside out through the service openings inherent in the facade system or the unit is based on top of the building. The mobility of this unit allows to use it anywhere in the building and even to use it for various buildings.iku ® maintenance unit
  8. 8. 9iku ® windows - Evacuation unitiku ® windows - flexible sliding system Time is the crucial factor when evacuating people.Evacuation of people in case of disaster is one of the big challenges in high-rise buildings. The time until fire brigades reachiku®windows provides an integrated solution - an evacuation unit. Exit points - just like the building and move out their lad-emergency exits in airplanes - can be placed at several locations of the building. The units ders, which reach only up to 50m isare integrated in the facades and then move down along the building in a profile integrated sometimes too – without any risk of exposure to gusting winds. Moreover, this unit can be usedby rescue teams and fire brigades to bring firefighters and material quickly to the any level iku ®windows Evacuation unit isin the building. ready to use immediately and might make the difference in case of danger.Benefits that pay offThe one-stop-shop for the facade ¡ Facade ¡ Cleaning ¡ MaintenanceBuilding owners have to face only one counterpart for all matters concerning thefacade. iku ® evacuation unit
  9. 9. 10 Intelligent Building Skin iku ® windows - The intelligent shading system. ¡ functionality guaranteed up to The intelligent shading system from iku ® windows complements the set of wind speeds of 160 km/hour products for the whole building skin. This latest innovation from iku ® windows ¡ individual unit sizes can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and offers a variety of design options. By using the most varied materials (coated glass, metal or fabrics), every façade can be given its own individual design. The vertical or horizontal system is the perfect complement to modern building architecture. Benefits that can not be ignored ¡ simplest possible operation at the touch of a button ¡ integration with the central control system ¡ or by means of building management systems (BMS) such as LON or EIB via computer ¡ unlimited design options for the shading panels: Metal – openwork panelsBurjuman Shopping Center Glass – printed glass or with motif textiles ¡ easy to maintain motor driving mechanism jamb profile Shading system, Burjuman Shopping Center, Dubai Self cleaning facade with intelligent shading, University Research Institute, Austria
  10. 10. 11Research & Developmentis a key element of our daily business. The iku ® windows team alreadyaccomodates the demands of the modern building industry.Smart application of the cleaning system lead to various individual solutions sofar. To name only a few – iku technology was applied already to a couple of windchannel test facilities of renowned german car producers to allow undisturbedtesting, by keeping test grids snow free.Apart from Building integrated photovoltaic cleaning, iku ® technology is alsoapplied to keep photovoltaic panels constantly clean in solar parks – thus BIPV, constant cleanliness requiredkeeping efficiency and output at desired level – all at the touch of a button –anytime.The iku ® windows systems are a “must have” for every self respecting plannerand architect of smart buildings.Please fell free to send us the details of your project. Our systems can be tailoredto suite every need. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution foryour special requirement. horizontal or vertical cleaning
  11. 11. iku ® intelligente Fenster-und Fassadensysteme Ges.mbHSlamastraße 271230 ViennaAustriaT +43/1/6165658-0F +43/1/6165658-26www.iku-windows.cominfo@iku-windows.comHIGH RISE FACADE PVT. LTD.Corporate Office509, Atlanta Estate, Western Express Highway,Opp. Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (East),Mumbai 400063.Cell: +91-9867867238 / +91-9022974786Email: info@highrisefacade.coFactoryAzim Industrial Estate, SR 230/B,Village Pelhar, Near Nalasopara Crossing,NH-8, Dist. Thane 401208Version 3.1 ATN 18/12/2012