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Reducing speech anxiety


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Forget about completely getting rid of public speaking anxiety - that just ain't gonna happen. But you can learn how to effective manage that anxiety and that's what these slides are all about.

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Reducing speech anxiety

  1. 1. Nervous? “Given a choice, at a funeral most of us would rather be the one in the coffin than the one giving the eulogy.” – Jerry Seinfeld Photo credit: andres.thor / / CC BY-NC-SA
  2. 2. Glossophobia
  3. 3. Anxiety
  4. 4. Change Your Mindset Used with permission by Microsoft.
  5. 5. This isn’t about you… …it’s about them.
  6. 6. Preparation is Key 4-6 Rehearsals Eye Contact Visual Aids Illustration by chepp002 / CC BY
  7. 7. “Alice Set” by Snowfern, used under CC BY Set” Snowfern,
  8. 8. Get Physical Photo credit: Billy Wilson Photography / / CC BY-NC
  9. 9. Strive to be YOU, not to be perfect.
  10. 10. Cosby Confidence