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h                                            Englis                                                      Lezione 4        ...
The family tree  Write the correct word in the boxes: cousin - aunt - brother - nephew - father- sister  grandfather (x2) ...
Expressing possession: the                           genitive   Il genitivo sassone si usa per specificare che qualcosa ap...
About your family                    Draw here your family tree:    Now write some sentences about your family:    _______...
What do you remember?                                                                                         In inglese n...
What do you remember?                          1. Circle the correct sentence, a or b:                          1. a. Hell...
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English for Italian Lesson 4


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English for Italian Lesson 4

  1. 1. h Englis Lezione 4 English The family Sommario: La famiglia 1/2 Il genitivo sassone 3 Albert Helen I possessivi 3 La tua famiglia 4 Claire Simon Jane Marc Che cosa ricordi? 5/6 Father = d ad Sarah Mother = mum Paul and Lisa Grandfath er = grand ad Granmothe r = granny The Parkers family Albert and Helen are married. Albert is the husband and Helen is his wife. zione! Albert and Helen are Jane and Simon’sAtten ri parents. Albert is the father and Helen Husband = genito Grandfather =Parents = arenti is the mother. Simon is the son and Jane Wife = Relati ves = p is the daughter. Simon is Jane’s brother. Grandmother = Jane is Simon’s sister. They are siblings. Mother = Simon is married with Claire. Claire is Albert and Helen’s Grandparents = Father = daughter-in-law. Albert is Claire’s father-in-law and Helen is Claire’s mother-in-law. Albert and Helen are Son = Grandchildren = Claire’s parents-in-law. Claire is Jane and Marc’s sister- in-law. Daughter = Grandson = Jane is married with Marc. Marc is Albert and Helen’s Brother = son-in-law and he is Simon and Claire’s brother-in-law. Granddaughter = Marc and Jane have a daughter, Sarah. Sarah is Paul and Sister = Lisa’s cousin. Paul is Sarah’s cousin. Sarah, Paul and Lisa Siblings = Son-in-law = are cousins. Uncle = Simon and Claire have two children: Paul and Lisa. They Daughter-in-law = are Albert and Helen’s grandchildren and are Jane and Aunt = Marc’s nephews. Paul is the nephew and Lisa is the niece. Father-in-law = Jane is Paul and Lisa’s aunt, Marc is their uncle. Cousin = Albert and Helen are Sarah, Paul and Lisa ‘s grandpar- Nephew = Mother-in-law = ents. Albert is the grandfather and Helen is the grand- mother. Niece =
  2. 2. The family tree Write the correct word in the boxes: cousin - aunt - brother - nephew - father- sister grandfather (x2) - brother-in-law - grandmother (x2) uncle mother Steven Una costruzione come Ann’s daughter - (la figlia di Ann) è chiamata genitivo sassone: si mette prima il posses- sore, poi la cosa posseduta e nel mezzo ‘s. Possessore ’s + cosa posseduta Es. Tom’s car is red My father’s friend The Manson’s family tree All about relatives!!! Look at the Manson’s fam- ily tree and check if the sentence is true or false:  Henry and Diana have four grandchildren. T Emily is George’s grandmother. F 1. Jack is Paul’s son. 2. Paul is George’s uncle. 3. Sandra is Peter’s mother. 4. Emily is Anne’s niece. 5. Peter is Sarah’s nephew. 6. Jack is Amelia’s cousin. 7. Amelia is Sandra’s sister-in-law. 8. Diana is Anne’s aunt. 9. John is Henry’s son. 10. Sandra is Paul’s daughterPagina 2
  3. 3. Expressing possession: the genitive Il genitivo sassone si usa per specificare che qualcosa ap- Complete the sentences (look at the partiene ad una persona. Si forma aggiungendo ‘s al posses- Parker’s family tree): sore, che precede sempre la cosa posseduta: 1. Simon is __________ husband. This is Marc’s room. Claire is Lisa’s mother. Questa è la stanza di Marc. Claire è la madre di Lisa. 2. Jane is __________ wife. Non si usa quando il possessore è una cosa: 3. Paul is __________ brother. The cover of the book.  La copertina del libro. 4. Helen is __________, Casi particolari: __________ and __________ grandmother. - Se un oggetto appartiene a più possessori si aggiunge ‘s dopo l’ultimo possessore: Claire is Paul and Lisa’s mother. 5. Paul is __________ cousin. Claire è la madre di Paul e Lisa. 6. Sarah is __________ and - Si aggiunge soltanto l’apostrofo ‘ dopo i nomi plurali che __________ daughter. finiscono per s: These are the students’ books. 7. Albert is __________ and Questi sono i libri degli studenti. __________ father-in-law. MA: These are my children’s books. 8. Claire is __________ sister-in- Questi sono i libri dei miei figli. law. The possessives I possessivi in inglese: come tutti gli aggettivi, sono invariabili (non c’è I my mio/a; miei/mie maschile o femminile, singolare o plurale); you your tuo/a; tuoi/tue non sono mai preceduti dall’articolo; he his suo/a; suoi/sue (di lui) precedono sempre il nome a cui si riferiscono; alla terza persona singolare concordano con ge- she her suo/a; suoi/sue (di lei) nere del possessore. it its suo/a; suoi/sue ( di esso) Translate in Italian: we our nostro/a; nostri/e This is your book. ______________________ you your vostro/a; vostri/e These are our books. ______________________ they their loro This is his book. ______________________ This is her book. ______________________ Complete the text about Pamela, with the correct possessives: _____ name is Pamela Gomez. She’s American, but _____ parents are from Mexico City and _____ relatives are still there. Pamela is 19 years old and _____ brother is 20. _____ name is Pedro. They work as shop assistants in a big store in San Francisco. Pamela has many hobbies but _____ favourites are playing volleyball and dancing. Pedro is a good football player, _____ team is famous in San Francisco. _____ house is in the suburbs of the city. It isn’t very big but it’s nice and clean. _____ garden is full of trees and flowers. Pedro isn’t married but he has a girlfriend. _____ name is Jane.Pagina 3
  4. 4. About your family Draw here your family tree: Now write some sentences about your family: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Draw here your mate’s family tree:Pagina 4
  5. 5. What do you remember? In inglese non si usa 1. Rewrite the sentences using the correct personal pronouns instead of mai il pronome I per the underlined nouns : primo, quando è in 1. Paul and Mary are twins (gemelli). ________________________ combinazione co n un 2. Robert is a good friend. ________________________ altro soggetto : 3. My wife and I are very well. ________________________ Io e Luigi andiam o in vacanza insieme. 4. Are you and your family from Italy? ________________________ Luigi and I go on holiday 5. Is the motorbike new? ________________________ together. 6. The students are in the classroom. ________________________ Io e te siamo am ici. 7. Helen is 18 years old. ________________________ You and I are fr iends 8. The book is really interesting. ______________________ 2. Set the words in order to make questions about Nicole Kidman, then match them with the right answer: 1. Is/Scotland /Nicole/from/? Is Nicole from Scotland? H A. She’s about forty. 2. Famous/she/is/? ______________________ ___ B. Yes, it is. 3. Is/ugly/she/? ______________________ ___ C. No, she isn’t. 4. From/she/is Australia/? ______________________ ___ D. Yes, she’s very tall. 5. Job/her/what/is/? ______________________ ___ E. Yes, she’s very popular. Pronomi dimostrativi: 6. Old/how/she/is/? this these ______________________ ___ F. She’s an actress. questo/a questi/e 7. She/is/tall/? that those ______________________ ___ G. No, she’s really beautiful. quello/a quelli/e 8. Of Nicole Kidman/is/that/a photo/? ______________________ ___ H. Yes, she is. 3. Complete the questions with the appropriate Wh-word: Wh-questions: 1. ___________ is he from? What  Che/che cosa/quale 2. ___________ is that girl? Who  Chi 3. ___________ is your favourite colour? Which  Quale (se si 4. ___________ the exam? Tomorrow or next week? fa una scelta) 5. ___________ old are they? When  Quando 6. ___________ are the books? On the table. Where  Dove 7. ___________ is your favourite fruit, apple or orange? How  Come Pagina 5Lezione 4
  6. 6. What do you remember? 1. Circle the correct sentence, a or b: 1. a. Hello. What’s your name? b. Hello. What your name? 2. a. She is Polish? b. Is she Polish? 3. a. They isn’t English. b. They aren’t English. 4. a. She’s Spanish. Her name is Anna. b. She’s Spanish. His name is Anna. 5. a. We’re Italian. Your name is Tozzi. b. We’re Italian. Our name is Tozzi. 6. a. They’re watchs. b. They’re watches.2. Write the sen- 3. Make questions and short answerstences in negative: /you spanish? Are you Spanish? + Yes, I am.1. I am British. 1. /I in room 13? _____________________ + ________ ________________ 2. /it German? _____________________ - ________ 3. /they from Italy? _____________________ - ________2.They’re Brazilian. ________________ 4. /we in class 2? _____________________ + ________ 5. /she Australian? _____________________ - ________3.It’s Mexican food. 6. /you Italian? _____________________ - ________ ________________ 7. /he from Scotland? _____________________ + ________4.She’s Italian. ________________ 4. Complete the sentences with a possessive adjective.5.We’re from England. My name is Stephen ________________ 1. Angela please turn off _______ mobile phone.6.You’re Japanese. 2. The students are from Italy. _______ names are Susanna and Tito. ________________ 3. London is famous for _______ red buses.7.He’s from the USA. 4. She’s French, but _______ mother is English. ________________ 5. We’re in class 3. _______ teacher is Bob. 6. _______ name is Ian. He’s from Scotland 7. I’m Mike. _______ family are from Dublin. 6. Complete with a or an. Write the plural singular plural 5. Write the questions: a file files you how are? How are you? 1. ___ key ______________ 1. his what’s name? ________________ 2. ___ country ______________ 2. German mother is her? ________________ 3. ___ identity card ______________ 3. from your are where parents? ________________ 4. ___ watch ______________ 4. surname Rossi is your? ________________ 5. ___ e-mail ______________ 5. time what it is? ________________ 6. ___ sandwich ______________ Pagina 6Lezione 4