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Rafael Sánchez _Energy Transition and Ennergy Regulatory Sandboxes_Funseam Seminar

  1. eCity Sandbox Rafael Sánchez Durán 14/03/2022
  2. The cities protagonists of change • Public Administrations are key in public-private collaboration and their exemplary role. • Renovate the building & transport, with greater energy efficiency and the use of clean sources. • Innovation promote sustainability. 14/03/2022 Fuente: United Nations 2 Holistic urban vision: technological innovation, resource and energy flows considering their impact in economic, environmental and social terms. 80% GDP 70% CO2 emissions 3% world area 78% primary energy consumption 54% world population
  3. The first Public-private initiative Project #eCitySevilla 14/03/2022 Fuente: Presentación 3 End of 2019 signing the first protocol: Junta de Andalucía, PCT, City Council and Endesa launch the idea an lead the project, now 69 member entities.
  4. A Circular City in #eCityMálaga 14/03/2022 Fuente: Presentation 4 September 2021 Malaga Tech Park, City Council & Endesa launch, now 40 member entities.
  5. Locations to create a regulatory "sand box" 14/03/2022 Enlaces: y 5 These are the largest science and technology parks in Andalusia Companies: 523 (+4%) Turnover: 2.903M€ (+18%) Workers: 22,716 (+19%) Surface: 1Mill m2 Digital Innovation Hub Companies: 639 Turnover: 2.780M€ (+4%) Workers: 20,270 (+2%) Surface: 0,6Mill m2 Digital Innovation Hub
  6. #eCitySevilla Timeline 6 2 Years 69 Member Companies 80 Work meetings 50% Renewable energy 31 Achievements 55 41 Buildings represent 75% of Energy Consumption Characterized Buildings Awareness and adhesions Sandbox preparation Ecosystem of 69 entities Signature Nov 2019 Presentation Jul 2019 Covid Marzo 2020 Smart Grid 87% CEL Smart Lighting IoT 50% Renewable MDI CEL, NextGen y CPI FIWARE Verticals x Platform PMUS US Technical collaboration eCity+ Web 12 press releases Mobility Efficiency Industrial thesis Ene 2019 2019 2021 2020 Mayo Octubre Abril Noviembre 2022 Newsletter (January a October 2021) Publications in RRSS #eCitySevilla eCity+ with 20 valued institutions Communication Conscientization & MeetUps Incentives Committees Sustainable buildings Workspaces Regulatory sandbox electric flexibility & autonomous mobility.
  7. 2021 Progress Summary 7 • Smart Grid: 87% equipment (remote control and LVS systems) • LED Smart Lighting: incorporated the UNE 178401 standard • Connected Energy Hub: Memoria CEL/flexibilidad (sandbox) • Photovoltaic parking of 30MWp: Definition and alternatives 27 MWp and 7,350 parking spaces (public information 17/12/2021). • 50% Buildings with renewable supply (challenge continues in local production) • Self-consumption PV of 500kWp. • SRI audit model and application. Analysis and characterization of 41 buildings, with identification of energy efficiency measures. • Storage, demand management and advanced materials pilots • 10% EE actions (3.5GWh/year savings, 55 buildings represent 75%) • • Technical documentation on Architecture, Security and Standards of the eCity Platform (support of the US Telefónica Chair), data models (i.e., Buildings, Charging Points, Smartparking) and definition of requirements for APIs. • Launch of an RFI with the requirements of the necessary Digital Infrastructure. • 5G connectivity not dedicated to eCity • Information security management system (ISMS). Cybersecurity Commission • Infrastructure and non-operational data platform (FIWARE only Orion Context Broker and very limited verticals: AAE, IDE City Council center and 80%) • PDRs Advanced and predictive analytics tools, urban services applications, City user applications and digital innovation projects • • MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Pilot 10 companies APPS/gamificación • Contest bike-safe parking and PV recharge on the ground • Promotion of EV, Approved SUMP with ZBE identification • Developed Business Mobility Plan and Intelqualia mobility study. • Autonomous Vehicle (Identified partners for internal mobility) • Green Area Design • Electrification of lines C1 and C2 • Shuttle bus parking, intermodality with metro and RENFE • Smartparking. 30 charging points already installed and tenders. • Energy Digital Buildings Mobility Plan rehabilitación de edificios públicos PIREP, Programa PREE. Rehabilitación Energética de Edificios | IDAE): EPGASA (4 edificios), IECA, INSUR, ALTER, MACPUARSA, SOLUTIA, CLINICA IVI… Actuaciones en ejecución: EPGASA C7, CAIXA FORUM, PUERTO TRIANA
  8. Convergence of energy & digital sectors 14/03/2022 Fuente: 8 E Energy TTransition D Digital T Transformation & 175 Mill €
  9. LAT/LON Energy Sand Box 14/03/2022 Fuente: Elaboración propia PMO #eCity 9 Equivalent to a cities of 50k & 25k inhab. Peak energy consumption on July (CDD challenge). Parameters 2019 Detail Max. installed capacity 120 MVA Alamillo & Centenario Transformation power 82 MVA 155 CTs Peak daily demand 18 MW Labour week 25 - 31/07 Peak hourly demand 18 MW Labour July 13:00 -15:00 Contracted power (455 supplies) 51 MW 21% Supplies 89% MT, 79% Supplies 11% BT Annual demand 108 GWh +26% average (jun, jul y ago) CO2 emission factor 0,19 t/MWh National Average (REE) Parámetros 2019 Detalle Max. installed capacity 60/80 MVA Campanillas Transformation power 48 MVA 64 CTs Peak daily demand 11 MW Labour week 15 - 21/07 Peak hourly demand 11 MW Labour July 12:00 -13:00 Contracted power (331 supplies) 20 MW 10% Supplies el 72% MT, 90% Supplies el 28% BT Annual demand 46 GWh +20% average (jun, jul y ago) CO2 emission factor 0,19 t/MWh National Average (REE) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 jun jul ago sep ene feb mar abr may oct nov dic Self-sufficiency in isolated electrical model Circular city model
  10. Smart Grid • 44 LVS (Low Voltage Supervisor): connected to the low voltage of the distribution transformers, they read and send different magnitudes such as voltages, intensities or alarms. The parameters are monitored through 2 Apps: EDA (Alarm Listening and Detection) and DTS (Distribution Transformer Supervision) • A properly equipped network (fault passage detectors and remote control of switches, 32 Remote controls of the 43 planned) • Lars is an FDIR (fault detection, isolation and recovery) system. It has three operating modes: automatic, semi automatic and OFF. LARS reduces incident management time. • 10 Investments 1Mill. €, 87% progress on the elements already installed 1 Mill €
  11. Flexibility: from utility to platforms 3/14/2022 1.-DSO: Distribution System Operator 2.-DER: Distributed Energy Resources 11 Focused on a new platform-based business model DSO1 Smart Grid as “enabler” of DER2 Sustainability Decentralisation Rooftop solar, storage, electric vehicles, dispatchable demand response, human experience Digitalisation Smart platform, smart meters, smart home, real- time, P2P energy trading, transactive energy, millennials Decarbonisation Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Green tariffs, customer experience Services: KWh, KW, ΔkW, Storage Smart Services Consumers Prosumers3 Transumers4 Smartmeters, Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Low Voltaje Supervisor (LVS*) (141 CCTT eCitySevilla y 64 en eCityMálaga). New rol DSO para Distributed Energy Resources (DER) + edificios con Building Management System (BMS) + agregadores vehicle to grid (V2G). Market Place for Flexibility/Agregator capabilities (Participación OMIE). Conectividad FO/5G/EDGE para resiliencia de red (TELCOs presentes en el proyecto). Artificial Intelillenge / Data Lake / Algoritmos embebidos en red y funciones FDIR ((fault detection, isolation and recovery) LARS. Estimador de Estado de red, Digital Twin & VR en espacio demostrador eCity HUB. 3.-Prosumer: Producer + Consumer 4.-Transumer: Prosumer + Digitalisation
  12. Retrofitting of existing buildings. • (3/2021) Key opportunities 12 buildings • (4/2021) Characterization sheets of 40 buildings. • (5/2021) List of opportunities Self-consumption campaign AEE with 20 Buildings (May). • (5/2021) Lighting Campaign 10 buildings. • (6/2021) List of web providers eCitySevilla. • • Interviews with the with the greatest potential abatement: Puerto Triana, Caixa Forum, Grupo Solutia, Cea, Inerco, Bluenet, Tecnoincubadora, Alter, Insur, Cartuja Certer, Macpuarsa. Ayesa, Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone. • Based on the available area in the buildings, deployment of the estimated potential of 2 MWp for the purpose of self-consumption. 14/03/2022 Fuente: Elaboración propia PMO #eCity 12 Rehabilitation and energy efficiency actions in the existing building stock in the PCT with the aim of saving at least 35%. AAE ETSI CEA
  13. Connected Energy Hub 14/03/2022 Presentation footer 10PT grey. Please add the relevant country to the footer. 13 A first version of the project has been prepared, complementing with the contributions of the participants, innovation actions of the project in order to finance the project. ✓ A Sustainable Electricity System with the participation of entities with the capacity to manage their demand and generation ("prosumers" with DER), which are based on PCT buildings and facilities. ✓ Request for a REGULATORY SANDBOX for pilots and development of local flexibility markets (e.g., demand aggregation and management, VPPs, congestions, regulation, frequency) ✓
  14. Smart parking & local communities 14/03/2022 Smart Parking: IP Security Camera, Edge Computing | AI, 5G / LTE, Public WIFI USB Charging Station, LoRa Sensors Air Quality sensors, …. Smart IoT Platform 14 Parking for space reorganization and distributed renewable production Smart Parking 34 Mill €
  15. "Sand box" of Autonomous Mobility 14/03/2022 Fuenre: © SAE International from SAE J3016 Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Driving Automation Systems for On-Road Motor Vehicles (2018-06-05), 15 Autonomous shuttle for on-demand mobility (MaaS) that allows the mobility of employees and visitors between the Park and deterrent parking areas. Level 0 No automation in driving. All actions are performed by the driver. Level 1 Driving assistance. With driving assistance systems. Designed so that the driver can have a comfortable and safe driving. Level 2 Partial automation. With driver, although it does not perform movement tasks. With lateral and longitudinal movement, without detection and response to objects. Independently to act since they can perform one or more tasks of the driver. Level 4 High automation. No human intervention. The vehicle controls traffic and environmental conditions, define the route and respond to any situation. In case of failure of the main system, the vehicle has the back to act and continue driving. Level 3 Conditional automation. The driver must be attentive. With lateral and longitudinal movement automation systems. Detection and response to objects. The vehicle will be able to decide when to change lanes, brake to avoid colliding with another vehicle, etc. The human factor will remain key, the system can specify its intervention Level 5 Complete automation. The vehicle has the ability to go anywhere without a steering wheel, pedals,... There is no driver, we will go up to indicate to an interface our destination and this will be launched, using an automation system at all levels. In case of faillure it will be backed up with another system, it will solve unforeseen events itself.
  16. UAV "Sand box" • Medifly in Hamburg: • German: a comprehensive report/handbook on the German existing sandboxes. le-Welt/handbook-regulatory-sandboxes.html. • France: a list of ongoing experiments here: experimentation 14/03/2022 Fuente: Dr. Johan STIERNA Science for policy adviser, Team leader JRC. Unit B7 16 Examples in Germany and France European Commission DG Joint Research Centre Edificio Expo, Seville
  17. Convergence of energy & digital sectors 14/03/2022 Fuente: 17 E Energy TTransition D Digital T Transformation & 175 Mill €
  18. Digital Innovation HUBs (DIH) 14/03/2022 Fuente JRC Digital Innovation HUBS as policy instruments to boost digitalisation of SMEs 18 Both parks are DIH centres in Europe. An instrument to help companies digitize their products and services and support innovation. Organic and large area electronics Micro/nano electronics Sensory systems Communication networks Robotics Internet of things Artificial intelligence Mobility & Location based technologies Interaction technologies Cyber security Advanced, or high-performance computing Big data, data analytics, data handling Virtual, augmented and extended reality Software as a service and service architectures Cloud computing Logistics Internet services New media technologies
  19. Convergence of the digital sector and energy 14/03/2022 Fuente: Elaboración propia PMO #eCity 19 OPEN DATA PLATFORMS IoT platforms (Data Lake, BI, AI algorithm, Advance Analytics) Soluciones verticales público Edificios Green TICs Conectividad Big data privado IEC Lora 5G ZigBee Edge Open Data Platform & API Cyber Security Governance UNE 178 Social Networks Parking Integrate DER Transport 2 GRID Building 2 GRID Internet of Energy Transactive Energy Smart Cities Neural Grid ENERGY CLOUD
  20. 14/03/2022 Fuente: 20 ANNEX for Q&A
  21. Routemap 14/03/2022 21 Set of subprojects related to an open and sustainable ecosystem