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Fun Phonics Readers Book 3


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Fun Phonics Reader Book 3 contains 20 beautifully illustrated stories. All phonics from Finding Out 1, 2 and 3 are incorporated into Fun Phonics Readers Book 3. Again, phonics and vocabulary for previous books are recycled in Book 3.
As with book 2, language from book 3 also complements language targets from each respective unit of Finding Out 3.

Language targets are constantly recycled allowing students to review language studied in class, view it in context and aiding their understanding.
Fun Phonics Readers 3 stories range from 143 - 208 words per story.
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Fun Phonics Readers Book 3

  1. 1. 1 O . 0 ‘I c‘ ” — [V ‘/ fl‘ . ¥V IF‘ fr 4 A: I . V‘ ‘J . ‘ I‘. Viv C l
  2. 2. About the Book As an English school owner, teacher, and long time user and enthusiast of the very successful and effective series of Finding Out children's English texts, I have long searched fora series of graded readers that would serve my school's students well. For many years we have had a reading program in our school and have tried several different readers. However, what we wanted was a reader that was phonics—based, graded, fun and interesting to read, contained clear and easy to understand illustrations and that would help to reinforce vocabulary and language structures that students were learning each week from their class text books. This is what we have achieved with Fun Phonics Readers. Phonics & Color-coding Fun Phonics Readers is a phonics—based series of readers designed to help children take the reading skills learnt from studying the Finding Out curriculum and put them into practice. Some color—coding is used in Book I. Below is a guide for the color—coding contained within Book I: I Pink : letters color—coded pink signify silent letters or letters not pronounced when read such as horse, mouse and house. We hope you and your students enjoy Fun Phonics Readers. Good reading! Greg Crawford 2l§%lEDl. Z' 777 72“: ‘y77 'J—9“—lz-. t.%<0)§EnEE$5Z' "GillH: *7rl'CLE>7z“_‘y7/<78xl, 7“: fl¢@e%EE0DT: l=/ <l lFlndlng OutI0Di'$EJJ7_'= I=7I'C“ED. iFinding OutllC; ":‘o'Cl§fl1*i’l'Cl, ?£‘9*. . $E. la*. L%i£lFinding OutlEtllfiaétl. ?S5lCT7z“: ‘y777&t| lFl§b7‘: EH§fiitE饑Ei§¥lC3a3é: EYD)i’17‘cl. .. I é: cl3‘%710)§i: $7jlCaiiE0D7fil= /<l'C‘ do ZVEBIC. %’C‘0DiE‘§’r5EH§? ~Et%”£lC7“: L,V/ ul§%§t| J'6§*. . itKSlClatfib‘Dt1’§”lAt§tt§’E)7‘: <:*/ u)7r1?33Z>0)'€. ¥l¥t5E0)$%? §&&: I fi’$l’§EI‘n]i'é‘e“'C<l’1E>Cc‘: ‘Curio I C“/7Z| :"‘/7lC7J—5—Z| —l“EEi’1TC5Z$l5t horse, mouse, house IC%‘E= i’1%>dI5TclEi¥? §$’f5§fi<T3tiFIC %‘2IiL;7E£I/ 7)IJ77’““JlE7ELfCLF3E’9”o ZISE. 7&iEL3'C. ¥l3”—£i¥lCfi§E‘0)éiéL; ES7ElE¥L3'CT§lfl’llaF$L'C@”. . 7‘l/ ‘y7‘~7lZl7z‘—I“
  3. 3. Story Number Story Name Finding Out 3 Unit Word fifififififififififififififlfiflflfififl Camping Dave, Liz and Rob Can! The Big Chocolate Cake Becca From Canada Big and Little Animals Dogs and Birds The Bear Family The Guitarist and the Cook Farmers Fred, Jackson and Toni His and Her The Bean Family They Can Play! He/ ping Friends Jackie’s Supermarket Jenny’s Story Where Are They Going? What Are They Wearing? Wow, lt’s Magic! Hiking 1 2 3 1 ~ 3 Review 1 ~ 6 Review 8 9 1 ~ 9 Review 10 11 12 1 ~ 12 Review 13 14 15 1 ~ 15 Review Bdfifififidfififififidfiddfiififit 18 Q
  4. 4. Page Number Language Target Reviewed Language Target dfififidfifidfifidfififlfiflfifififi a / the / Good morning / Good afternoon/ Good night ~ing verbs / can / he’s / she’s want / want to Review Story big / little verbs in / on / under Review Story in / on / under/ near my / your his / her Review Story ‘s (Possessives) where’s the ~ ? / directions shopping Review Story going to ~ clothes / wearing what’s in / on / under ~ ? 3 Review Story telling time / they / like adjectives verbs Review Story colors / a lot of ~ / ~ too adjectives / colors / want to verbs Review Story a lot of ~ / ~ too adjectives / colors has / colors / verbs Review Story days of the week/ can verbs directions Review Story want to colors / has / occupations wearing / verbs Review Story
  5. 5. 1 fl Camping lt’s Saturday. Stan and Jan are camping. Camping is fun. Stan and Jan like camping. Stan and Jan like trees. They like animals. They like the sun. They like the moon. They like the sky. They like clouds. Stan and Jan love camping. lt’s six o’clock in the morning. “Good morning Stan. How are you today? ” “Good morning Jan. ” “l’m great thank you, how about you? ” ‘‘I’m great too. " lt’s hot today and the sun is big in the sky. lt’s three o'clock in the afternoon. “Jan, what is it? ” “lt’s a kangaroo Stan. ” “Good afternoon mister kangaroo. What’s your name? ” “Good afternoon, my name is Ken Kangaroo. What are your names? ” “l’m Stan. ” “l’m Jan. ” lt’s ten o'clock in the evening. Stan, Jan and Ken Kangaroo are friends and it's bedtime. “Good night Jan, good night Stan, good night Ken Kangaroo. ” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ... How about you? Do you like camping?
  6. 6. w Dave, Liz and Rob Can! Dave likes books. Dave likes reading. He likes reading books about animals. He's reading a big book. Dave is reading a big book about horses and ducks. He's reading a big book about big horses, little horses, black ducks and white ducks. He can read English books and Japanese books. ./1 lit Liz likes music. Liz likes singing. She likes singing songs at karaoke. She's singing a song. Liz is singing a song about summer and winter. She's singing a song about hot, hot summers and cold, cold winters. Liz can sing English and Japanese songs. Rob likes sports. Rob likes soccer. Rob likes playing soccer on Saturdays and Sundays. He's playing soccer. He's playing soccer with his friends. Rob can play soccer and he's a great soccer player. How about you? Can you read English books? Can you sing songs? Can you play soccer? 8 : -i
  7. 7. The Big Chocr : lcatr. Cc-3k: It's five o'clock in the afternoon. Jan is Q walking in the park. The big sun is in the sky. Jan likes the park. Jan walks and runs in I the park on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Jan can see a man jogging in the park. “Good afternoon". “Good afternoon". Jan likes playing In the park. Now Jan is running and jumping. Jumping is fun! Jan can jump hie I. ‘‘I want to eat. I want to eat chocolate cake! " thinks Jan. Now Jon is shopping. She wants choc late, she wants milk, she wants butter and she wants eggs. Jan has finished shopping. “Now I want to cook. I want to cook a chocolate cake! " Jan can cook chocolate cake. She's a good cook. Jon is in the kitchen and she's cooking chocolate cake. Ching! Wow, it's a big brown chocolate cake. “I‘m hungry. I want to eat chocolate cake! " thinks Jan. Jan is eating chocolate cake. She eats and eats and eats. The chocolate cake is finished! ‘‘I want to sleep" thinks Jan. Good nig: ItJan. How about you? Are you cooking? What do you want to do?
  8. 8. Good morning! I'm Becca. I'm from Canada. I live in Armstrong in Canada. Armstrong is a little town. I live with my brother, mother, father and pet dog. We have a big house. It's a big red house. I‘m skating. I can skate fast. I skate on Monday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Friday mornings. I like skating. It's fun! Can you skate? I have a pet dog. He's a big dog. He's a big black and white dog. He's sleeping. I want to sleep too. Do you have a pet? Father is shopping. He wants a bike. I don't have a bike. I want a bike too. Mother is cooking. She's in the kitchen. She likes cooking. She can cook, but I can't cook I can't cook, but I can eat! I want to eat pancakes. Pancakes are my favorite food. J a Brother is singing. He's singing karaoke. He can sing. He's a good singer. How about you? Do you have a pet? Can you sing? «E
  9. 9. fl Big and Little Animals Africa has a lot of animals. Africa has big animals and Africa has little animals. VI Alligators are big animals. This is Al Alligator. He's a big alligator. He's a big, green alligator. He has a big, long, green tail. U He has a lot of big white teeth. Al has a big, long, green nose and a big green head too. He has a lot of balloons. They are yellow, blue and pink. He's a big green alligator. Birds are big and birds are little. This is Bess. She's a big bird. She's a big red bird. Bess has a lot of red feathers and long, long yellow legs. Bess has a big, long yellow beak too. She's standing in the river. Bess wants to eat fish. Beavers are little animals. This is Baz. He's a beaver. He's a little brown beaver. He's a happy little brown beaver. Baz has big white teeth, little brown legs and little brown hands too. He has a long gray tail. He can swim. Baz likes swimming. ’‘ Do you have a tail? Can you see the little green bug on the bird's long yellow leg? Can you see the yellow balloon? 5
  10. 10. fl Dogs and Birds Dogs are big and dogs are little. Dogs are black, white, brown, yellow and gray. Dogs have tails. Dogs have short tails and long tails. Dogs want to run. Dogs want to eat. Dogs want to drink. Dogs want to sleep. Dogs want to jump. Efi égff. Birds are big and birds are little. Birds are black, white, brown, yellow, gray, green, red, pink, orange and blue. Birds have short legs and long legs. Birds want to fly. Birds want to eat. Birds want to drink. Birds want to sleep. Birds want to sing. J : The bird is flying. 1 How about you? Do you have a tail? Do you want to sleep? What are you doing? I Dogs can run, but dogs can't speak. Dogs can jump, but dogs can't cook. Dogs can eat, but dogs can't fly. The dog is running. Birds can fly, but birds can't speak. Birds can eat, but birds can't cook. Birds can stand, but birds can't read. ? V 61]. -
  11. 11. The Bear Family This is Mama Bear. Today she's cooking. Mama Hello. We are the Bear family. What are we doing today? This is Papa Bear. Today he's fishing. Papa Bear likes fishing. He's sitting and he has three fish in the bucket. Papa Bear goes fishing on Saturdays. Bear likes cooking. She's sitting too and she has ff honey in the pot. Mama Bear cooks on Saturdays. This is Grandfather Bear. Today he's reading a book. Grandfather Bear likes reading books. He's sitting in a seat under a lamp. Grandfather Bear reads books on Saturdays. J} ‘K *F This is Sister Bear. Today she's taking a bath. * Sister Bear likes taking a bath. She's sitting in the water in the bath. Sister Bear takes a E bath on Saturdays. This is Brother Bear. Today he's sleeping. Brother Bear likes sleeping. He's sleeping on a bed. He has a pillow under his head. Brother Bear sleeps on Saturdays. How about you? Do you like reading books? What are you doing? 9 G 7
  12. 12. g The Guitarist and the Cook Good afternoon. I'm Carlos. I'm from Mexico. I live in La Paz. I'm a guitarist. I can play the guitar. I'm a good guitarist! I play the guitar in the morning, I play the guitar in the afternoon and I play the guitar in the evening. Can you play the guitar? _ I have three guitars, but I want four guitars. I'll ’ , I want to play the piano too, but I can't play the piano. Can you play the piano? My favorite song is La Bamba. I'm singing La Bamba and playing the guitar. I have a big hat on my head and a guitar in my hands. Good afternoon. I'm Amal. I'm from Morocco. I live in Nador. I'm a cook. I can cook. I'm a good cook! I like cooking. I cook in the morning, I cook in the afternoon and I cook in the evening. Can you cook? My favorite food is carrot. I'm cooking a carrot and radish salad. I want to eat carrot and radish salad too! I have a towel on my shoulder and a big radish in my left hand. III. 8 > C) < 41
  13. 13. Farmers Al, Emma, Kim, Nat and Biff are farmers. They have a lot of chickens, a lot of tractors a lot of apples and a lot of corn. Al is a farmer. Al has a tractor. It's a little red tractor. Al is sitting on the red tractor. He's driving the tractor. He has a hat on his head. Emma is a farmer too. Emma has a chicken. The chicken has a yellow, blue and red tail. Emma is standing near the chicken. She has a hat on her head too. Kim is a farmer too. Kim has a lot of apples. The apples are in the tree. They are red apples. Kim has a lot of red apples in the bag too. Not is a farmer too. Nat has a lot of chickens too. Not is near the chickens. The chickens are eating. Nat has a hat on '_ her head too. She has a flower in the hat. _ _ Biff is a farmer too. Biff has a lot of corn. Biff is standing near the corn. The corn is on the table and under the table. Biff has corn in his hand too. How about you? Are you a farmer? Do you have a tractor? Do you like apples?
  14. 14. fl Fred, Jackson and Toni Hello. My name is Fred. WhaT’s your name? I'm a sTudenT. My shirT is yellow. WhaT color is your shirT? My panTs are gray. WhaT color are your panTs? My book is yellow. WhaT color is your book? My hands are big. Are your hands big? Hello. My name is Jackson. WhaT’s your name? I’m a caT. My ears are big. They are pink and blue. Are your ears big? Are your ears pink and blue? My nose is red. WhaT color is your nose? My sunglasses are green and black. Do you have sunglasses? Hello. My name is Toni. This is my horse. Do you have a horse? My horse has a long neck. is your neck long? My horse is big. Are you big? My horse has a long nose. is your nose long? My horse has long legs. Are your legs long?
  15. 15. His and Her WhaT’s his name? His name’s Alf. He’s an old man. Alf is an English Teacher. He has a big pencil. His pencil is a big green pencil. His head is big Too! His glasses are big Too! He has a bow Tie. His bow Tie is red and yellow. His shirT is green and blue. His panTs are blue and his shoes are brown. WhaT’s her name? Her name’s Jess. She’s a young girl. Jess has a loT of balloons. Her balloons are a loT of colors. She has a parTy haT Too. Her parTy haT is red and yellow. Her shirT is red and her shorTs are blue. Her shoes are black. She likes ice cream. She's eaTing an ice cream cone. Her ice cream is chocolafe. She's eaTing chocolafe ice cream. WhaT’s his name? His name’s Hugo. He’s a faT man. He likes ice cream Too. His ice cream is mango and vanilla. His shirT is blue and his panTs are green. His shoes are red and whiTe. He’s eaTing a loT of ice cream! Yummy! WhaT color is your shirT? Are you eaTing ice cream? 11
  16. 16. This is my liTTle sisTer. Her name is Bonnie Bean. She’s six years old. She’s a sTudenT Too. She can g The Bean Family Hello! My name is Billy Bean. I'm nine years old and I’m a sTudenT. This is my family. They are my mofher, my faTher, my broTher, my sisTer and my grandfafher. I’m on my skaTeboard! This is my moTher. Her name is BeTh Bean. She’s TwenTy nine years old. She likes shopping. She goes shopping on Friday affernoons. She has a loT of food in her baskef. She’s shopping now. This is my faTher. His name is Bobby Bean. Q He's ThirTy four years old. He’s a cook. Q5 He’s cooking hoTdogs. He wanTs To eaT hoTdogs Too! He has a big whiTe cook’s haT. X id) skaTe. She has skaTes. Her skaTes are green. She skaTes in The park on Sunday mornings. She’s skaTing now. This is my grandfafher, Barney Bean and my baby broTher, Baby Bean. My grandfafher is sevenTy seven years old and my baby broTher is Three years old. They are siTTing on The sofa, reading a book. This is my family. How abouT your family? How old is your ? WhaT does your do? 121.
  17. 17. w They Can Play! Arlo is from lTaly. He lives in Rome. He has a harp. He can play The harp. Arlo’s harp is brown and red. Ar| o’s favoriTe day is Sunday. He plays his harp on Sunday evenings. AlberT is from Scofland. He lives in Dundee. He has bagpipes. He can play The bagpipes. AlberT’s bagpipes are red, gray and green. AlberT’s favorife day is Tuesday. He plays his bagpipes on Tuesday mornings. Keiji is from Japan. He lives in Osaka. He has a shamisen. He can play The shamisen. Keiji's shamisen is yellow and blue. Keiji's favorife day is Monday. He plays his shamisen on Monday affernoons. VicTor is from Mexico. He lives in Acapulco. He has maracas. He can play The maracas. VicTor’s maracas are red and yellow. VicTor’s , ! 1 favorife day is Friday. He plays his maracas on Friday mornings. Eric is from Swifzerland. He lives in Brugg. He has an accordion. Eric’s accordion is yellow, brown and blue. Eric’s favorife day is Wednesday. He plays his accordion on Wednesday evenings. How abouT you? Can you play The shamisen? WhaT’s your favoriTe day? 1 $9 j , /113 I.
  18. 18. fl Helping Friends @ Tom and Sally are sTudenTs. They are friends Too. They are sfudying Japanese aT school. Tom and Sally are speaking. “Good morning Sally. " “Good morning Tom. How are you? " ‘‘I'm greaT. Please help me Sally. lwanT To go To The zoo. Where's The zoo, Sally? " “Go To The park, Turn lefT, go sTraighT, Turn righT. lT's nexT To The bank. Tom, I wanT To go To The zoo Too. " “LeT's go To The zoo! " Anne and Pam are Teachers. They are g friends Too. They are Teaching English aT , school. Anne and Pam are speaking. “Good affernoon Anne. ” “Good affernoon 5"" Pam. How are you? ” ‘‘I‘m okay. Please help me Pam. lwanT To go To The sTaTion. Where's The sTaTion, Pam? " “Go To The supermarkef. Turn righT, go sTraighT, Turn lefT. lT's near The book shop. Anne, l wanT To go To The sTaTion Too. " “LeT's go To The sTaTion! " Where's The sTaTion in your Town? Where's The book shop in your Town?
  19. 19. @ Jackie's Supermarket Hello! I'm Jackie. This is my supermarkef. lT's a big supermarkef. lT’s nexT To The peT shop, near The swimming pool. My supermarkef has a | oT of food. A | oT of people are shopping in my supermarkef. Do you like shopping? Does your Town have a supermarkef? Hello! I'm Mack. I'm shopping. I like shopping aT Jacki= 's supermarkef. My house is near Jackie's supermarkef, nexT To The swimming pool. lwanT some peach jam. This is orange jam. I don'T wanT orange jam. W‘ ere's The peach jam? Hello Mack. May I help you? Hello Jackie. Yes. I wanT some jam, please. How abouT orange jam? No, Thank you. I don'T like orange jam. How abouT some peach jam? Oh! Yes please. I like peach jam. How much is if? Three dollars. Okay. ThaT's fine. Where's The peach jam? Go sTraighT, Turn lefT. lT's nexT To The coffee. GreaT! Thank you. You're welcome!
  20. 20. w Jenny's Sfory This is Jenny's sTory. Jenny is sixfeen and she's from America. She lives in Kansas and she's a sTudenT. Jenny's school is Kansas High School. She has a loT of hobbies. Jenny's hobbies are singing, playing The violin, swimming, reading manga and cooking cakes. Her favorife hobby is shopping. Jenny likes shopping wiTh her friends. Jenny has a moTher, faTher, broTher and sisTer. Her ' broTher's name is Jeff. He's seven. Jeff's a happy boy. He likes playing soccer and baseball. He really likes eaTing cookies. Jane is Jenny's sisTer. She's nine years old. Jane really likes sTudying English and reading books. Jane goes To English school on Sunday evenings aT Jenny's faTher is a carpenfer. He's a good % °° carpenferl His favoriTe food is sTeak. He eaTs a loT of sTeak. He eaTs sTeak on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nighTs. I4/here's 11¢ Jenny's moTher is a Teacher. She's a Teacher aT Kansas High School. She’s Jenny's Teacher! She's an English Teacher and really likes English Too.
  21. 21. w Where Are They Going? Today is Safurday. lT's a sunny day. lT's nine o'clock in The morning. Don is walking. He's happy. He likes walking on Safurday mornings! Don can see his friends. His friend's names are Adam, Alf and Andy. “Hello Adam, Alf and Andy. " “Hello Don. " “Where are you going? " “We wanT To sTudy English. We are going To The English school. LeT's go! Goodbye Don. ” Don can see his friend, Sid. “Hello Sid. " “Hello Don. " “Where are you going Sid? " I wanT To swim. I'm going To The swimming pool. See you Don. " Don can see his friend, Frankie. “Hello Frankie. " “Hello Don. " “Where are you going Frankie? " ‘‘I'm going To The bank. Sssshhhhh, iT's a secreT! Goodbye Don. " Don can see his friend, Sfeven. “Hello STeven. Where are you going? " ‘‘I'm going To The supermarkef. Where's The supermarkef Don? " “lT's nexT To The soccer ground. " “Thank you. See you Don. " Don can see his friend, Will. “Hello Will. " “Hello Don. " “Where are you going Don? " ‘‘I'm going home! Goodbye Will. " “Goodbye Don. "
  22. 22. w What Are They Wearing? Josh is from America. He's an American Indian. Josh likes snakes. He has a big, green peT snake. WhaT’s he wearing Today? He's wearing a yellow shirT, orange panTs, brown shoes, a red vesT and a pink headband. PaT is a singer. She can sing. She's a good singer. She lives in America Too. PaT lives nexT To Josh! WhaT's she wearing Today? She's wearing a purple, whiTe and red dress and big pink and whiTe shoes. She's singing. Hank is a cowboy. He can play guiTar. Hank can sing Too! He likes music. WhaT's he wearing Today? He's wearing a green shirT, blue panTs, brown shoes, a red scarf and a gray cowboy haT. He's playing The guiTar and singing. Wendy is a Teacher. She's walking. WhaT's she wearing Today? She's wearing a yellow and red coaT, a whiTe shirT, a green skirT, pink socks and gray shoes. She's going To school. Ted's nose is big. Ted's head is big Too! His peT dog's name is Fido. WhaT’s Ted wearing Today? He's wearing a green shirT, red panTs, a yellow neckTie, a black belT, blue shoes and big sunglasses. He's sfanding nexT To The dog. How abouT you? WhaT are you wearing Today?
  23. 23. w Wow, It's Magic! Merlin is a magician. He can do magic! He has a magic haT, He’s wearing his magic 9 £3 clofhes. He's wearing a black and red coaT, a yellow shirT, a green belT, black panTs, blue shoes and his magic haT. Merlin's magic Trick number I: WhaT’s in your magic haT Merlin? “Abracadabra! " Puff! lT's a rabbif and a boy in Merlin's magic haT. The rabbiT's we : ring a haT and The boy's wearing a blue bow Tie. Wow, iT's magic! Merlin's magic Trick number 2: * WhaT’s on yo Ir magic haT Merlin? “Abracadabra! " Puff! lT’s a blue bird on Merlin's magic haT. IT has a green, yellow and red Tail. The bird's sfanding on Merlin's magic haT. Wow, iT's magic! Merlin's magic Trick number 3: WhaT’s under your magic haT Merlin? “Abracadabra! " Puff! lT's a loT of flowers under Merlin's magic haT. They are a | oT of colors. The flowers are under Merlin's magic haT. Wow, iT's magic! l‘ * How abouT you? Can you do magic?
  24. 24. @ Hiking Hello. I'm Mike. ThaT's my sisTer, sTanding near The Tree. Her name's Penny. We live in Kansas in The U. S.A. We are sTudenTs. lT's Safurday Today, so we aren'T going To school. We are hiking in The mounfains. We like walking in The mounfains. A loT of animals live in The mounfains. We can see a loT of animals in The mounTains. I'm wearing my hiking booTs Today. Penny's wearing her hiking booTs Too. I have a big brown bag. I have a TenT and cloThes in my bag. I have my lunch in my bag Too. My bag is very heavy! lT's Twelve o'clock in The affernoon. I'm hungry and Penny is hungry Too. We wanT To eaT lunch and drink cold Tea. I have a TomaTo and ham sandwich. I like TomaTo and ham sandwiches. Penny has a cheese sandwich. Cheese sandwiches are her favorife. We wanT To siT under The Trees and eaT lunch. LeT's eaT lunch Penny! Goodbye.
  25. 25. > - A ’ ; »«. .,: ;:}L ,4. T /1 i I, W I. 4/ I (J V I I If ‘>3.} 5' ‘ , 4,30 _ ‘f : ‘ ‘V r—); / L ’/ r é , , H < V J v “pf ‘L —. _ _ _~ I " "W i i ‘I I T i I / 4
  26. 26. Fun Phonics Readers is a series of graded readers designed To act as companion readers for The popular Finding Ouf series of children's English Text books. Fun, stimulating and enjoyable stories are complemented by clear and exciting illustrations To support The reader. In Book 3 of Fun Phonics Readers each story contains vocabulary and language Targets from The corresponding unit of Finding Out 3, reinforcing The language and aiding The students’ understanding. V Written as a companion reader for The Finding Ouf series of Texts V Fun and enjoyable stories full of natural, useful language V Vocabulary and language Targets from The corresponding Finding Ouf Text repeated and recycled to aid students’ understanding and reinforce language learnt I Phonically irregular words color—coded for easy reading and pronunciation I Clear and exciting illustrations To support The reader F Website: www. funphonicsreaders. com V For Teaching Tips videos on how To ‘ '1‘ make readers fun, visit our Youtube Channel T f, www. youTube. com/ funphonicsreaders I I / WK Website: www. funkidsenglish. com Facebook: www. facebook. com/ funkidsenglish Free Support Materials: www. funkidsenglish. com T. ., Y.% ) Copyright © 2009 aire english school. All rights reserved. - . - No part of this publication may be reproduced without ‘( the written permission of the author. ‘* T j ‘; Written by Greg Crawford ‘r / P 5/ l A F. _ Cover illustration and concept by A I‘ Atsunori lnoue & Akane Hatozaki ' V Website: www. funphonicsreaders. com j I