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Fun Phonics Readers Book 2


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Fun Phonics Readers Book 2 contains 20 beautifully illustrated stories. All new phonic targets introduced in Finding Out 2 are incorporated into Fun Phonics Reader Book 2 (‘magic e’, ~er, ~or, ~y and ~all).

Again, these new phoincs targets are introduced in stories that correspond with the Finding Out 2 unit number, helping students to reinforce, review and see the language that they are studying in context, hence helping them to absorb language at a deeper level. All phonics from Book 1 are also recycled.
Language from book 2 complements language targets from each respective unit of Finding Out 2.

Language targets are constantly recycled allowing students to review language studied in class, view it in context and aiding their understanding.
Fun Phonics Readers Book 2 stories range from 102 - 157 words per story.
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Fun Phonics Readers Book 2

  1. 1. .11 (J. *‘r'j, if V. ‘ - 4 - / ’ 7 l -6 KT -1 l l it l . 1‘ ( E . A v ’( 4, ‘, -' 1 ‘ 1 lip! ! " _ Al >1 7 ‘.15 _, _ll/7‘ I; l‘ y y A J n ‘ A A 1. I 2' l * ‘(E < la‘! ti‘ . yr . at‘, , 1 < ) . . : «$2., . V. g [ -» ‘ 7 fl 4» P [T l ‘l r 1;‘ E 1. Pain tmfifiafiaj; -1.’: ~ x ‘
  2. 2. About the Book As an English school owner, teacher, and long time user and enthusiast of the very successful and effective series of Finding Out children's English texts, I have long searched fora series of graded readers that would serve my school's students well. For many years we have had a reading program in our school and have tried several different readers. However, what we wanted was a reader that was phonics—based, graded, fun and interesting to read, contained clear and easy to understand illustrations and that would help to reinforce vocabulary and language structures that students were learning each week from their class text books. This is what we have achieved with Fun Phonics Readers. Phonics & Color-coding Fun Phonics Readers is a phonics—based series of readers designed to help children take the reading skills learnt from studying the Finding Out curriculum and put them into practice. Some color-coding is used in Book l. Below is a guide for the color-coding contained within Book 1: I Pink : letters color-coded pink signify silent letters or letters not pronounced when read such as horse, mouse and house. We hope you and your students enjoy Fun Phonics Readers. Good reading! Greg Crawford 2l§%lEDl. Z' 777 72“: ‘y77 'J—9“—lz-, t.%<0)§EnEE$lZ' "Gillni: *7r1'CLE>7z“_‘y7/<78xl, 7“: fl¢@e%EE0DT: l=/ <l lFinding Outl0Dt$EJJ7_'= l=7l'C“ED. lFinding OutllC; ":‘a'Ct§fl1*l’l'Ct, ?£‘9*o $E. lat. L%? £lFindlng Outl Etllfiaétl. ?§5lCl72“:1y777&t| lFlib7‘: El1§fi? iEE%Ei§¥lC3a3tEYD)Kl’17‘: l,. .J é: cl3‘%710)§i: $7jlCaiiE0D7fil= /<l'C‘ do : ‘5lC. %’60DtE3§t5El1§%Eit%%lC7’: L,V/ ut§%§t| J'C§*. . itKSlClatfib‘Dt1’§”lAt§ii§’E)7‘: <:*/ u)7r1?33Z>0)'€. ¥l¥t5E0)$%? §&&: I fi’$l’§EI‘n1i'é‘e“'C<i’1E>Cc‘: ?‘bcl:5o I C“/7Z| :"‘/7lC7J—5—Z| —l“EEi’1TC5Z$l5t horse, mouse, house lC%‘E= l’1%>dI5TclEi¥? §$’i5§fi<1“3tiFlC %‘2IiL;7E£l/ 7llJ77’““JlE7ELfCL/ F3E’9”o Zl-SE. 7&iEL3'C. ¥l3”-(ElCfi§E‘0)éiéL; ES7ElE¥L3'CT§lfl’1laF$L'C@”o 7i/ ‘y7‘~7lZl7z‘—l“
  3. 3. Story Word Numbe, Story Name Finding Out 2 Unit count f wary‘; ’ ‘vz—«——; 4'. ‘/ j» Fay, Carl and Dasha 1 3 ~! i_. .' » ‘wk, ’ ’— L1‘ “ ’— ‘’ ‘v4«, —‘= I ’ ‘! a—«r—V; 3 :1 if A Gorilla and an Ant 2 o. / ‘L’? If Lv4“’ t k¢“’ I ’ ‘v4—_‘; ’ ‘v¢,4-‘5 4 _: i 3» Are You a Cow? 3 t -5341 1» 'L», ‘.’ ‘p ‘L 1”’ ‘— I ""773 ‘ _ I "'71: 3 4/ > HowAbout You? 1 ~ 3 Review a / ti. -‘ll’ L-4"’ ; ‘ ‘. .“’ ‘p f. ‘v¢'__‘: I ’ ‘va— = 3 ,1 1» The Big Tree 4 3 ‘: ;i: i“j» L. ‘ w '. . . ."_’ 4. .4 ""‘. = . . 4 "‘fi‘. = 4, ; t '7 This is Fun! 5 «. */ '!, -'>’ ‘r L-4“’ - . .‘_’ - .4 "’“. = . . .4 "“‘. = ‘ .71 '7 Spig From Spigot Part 1 6 3 ‘$31.1 If . .__’ . L-4‘_’ - .4 "“= ‘ . . .4 7"“. = 4., ‘ it 7 Kids 1~ 6 Review 4, ‘t:4:i'j . ._" p ‘ L-. ‘_‘ - .4 "’*“. =- . . .4 ""“. =- 1; ‘:37 Spig From Spigot Part2 7 «t It? ’ . ., . ., f $42-; 1’ ‘v4,. ,_‘: 4', ‘ girl 3 Kate’s Cake 7 4‘, ‘$31.-'>"j . ."’ — x, .,“’ — " ‘f»é<——V; 1’ ‘I-é~—‘; 4‘, ;l“/ 1: Toys 8/ 9 4‘, £'; J—'l L»¢‘. ’ I La. ’ I ’ $4,»; ‘ I I ‘!4————; 3 ; [:= .’ .7 Cupcakes and Snakes 1 ~ 9 Review 3 ‘LII, -‘f It L-4“’ I -4“’ 1 ‘’ ‘iv -5 I ‘’ ‘!4—~’_‘= 3 ‘Bi’ : A Fine Day 9 é ‘I, -‘L7 E »»f ‘p . ,“’ ‘. .4 "'“. = Home Alone 11 3‘ 1-457’ 2: . ..‘_’ - V’ ‘fé—4—‘= What Do They Do? 11 / 12 ‘ 114151‘ : V4" _’ .4 ‘ . ‘ . 4 "’i‘1= 4, ; !:i '1 Boys and Girls 1 ~ 12 Review 4 itifii‘ '7 . -4“’ r ‘ . -4;‘; a .4 "’i“. = .4 ""‘= 3‘ T71 ; Kento, Jin and Pedro 13 4‘, ‘Bis-‘i’ j . -4”’ r ,1” n .4 "“i‘. = .4 "“i‘= 4., ;l-'»’ It Big, Tall, Angry and Small 14 3L ‘(L4 ; ’ j . .__’ - M’ - f ""773 4 ‘’’'‘’‘E 4, ‘M r We Are Happy! 15 3 114571 : 8.1:” 5 L11.’ 5 ’ ‘fé—< E ‘ I 1’ ‘! é—<——= 4- all r We Like Pets 1 ~ 15 Review 42 {:4-‘t’ ’ ‘. ..f. ’ i ‘L1H’ 5
  4. 4. Page Reviewed Number Language Target Language Target l’m ~ you are ~ / have / has / like / likes l’m ~ are you ~? l’m ~ / have / like Review Story Review Story colors / what color is it? / is it (black) and (brown)? is it a ~? th this / that colors Review Story Review Story what are they? / they are ~ colors magic a_e are they ~ ? /are they (black) and (brown)? magic a_e Review Story Review Story magic i_e they / like / likes magic o_e magic i_e -er/ he / she / occupations / what does (s)he do? have / has / like / likes Review Story Review Story -or/ occupations / ls (s)he a doctor? he / She / likes / has Yes, (s)he is. / No, (s)he isn’t. -y/ -all / are you a (student)? he’s / she’s we a like / have / occupations Review Story ' ° Review Story fifififififififififififififlfifififififl
  5. 5. @_ Fay, Carl and Dasha Hello, I’m Fay. I’m a frog. I’m a big frog. I’m a green frog. I’m a big green frog. I'm a girl and I’m six. I’m from Japan. I live in Chiba, in Japan. Hello, I’m Carl. I’m a cat. I’m a big cat. I’m a brown cat. I'm a big brown cat. I'm a boy and I’m seven. I'm from Canada. I live in Brooks, in Canada. at 1 Hello, I'm Dasha. I’m a dog. I’m a big dog. I’m a black dog. I’m a big black dog. I’m a girl and I’m ten. I’m from Spain. I live in Madrid, in Spain.
  6. 6. g A Gorilla and an Ant Gigi and Adam are pals. Gigi likes Adam, and Adam likes Gigi. “Hello, I’m Gigi. I’m a big black gorilla. I’m a girl and I’m ten. ” Gigi has a yeIloVv banana. Gigi likes yelloTv bananas. Yum! “Hello, I’m Adam. I’m a little red ant. I'm a boy and I’m six. " Adam has a jam sandwich. Adam likes jam sandwiches. Yum! “Wow Gigi, you are a big gorilla. You are a big black gorilla. You are a girl and you are ten. You have a banana. You like bananas. ” “Wow Adam, you are a little ant. You are a little red ant. You are a boy and you are six. You have a jam sandwich. You like jam sandwiches. ” A gorilla and an ant.
  7. 7. @_ Are You a Cow? Hi, I’m Conroy. I’m a cow. Are you a cow? I’m a big cow. Are you big? I’m a black and brown cow. Are you black and brown? I’m a boy. Are you a boy? I’m eleven. Are you eleven? I’m from Brazil. Are you from Brazil? I have a peach. I like peaches. Chomp, chomp, chomp! Hi, I'm Greta. I’m a goat. Are you a goat? I’m a little goat. Are you little? I’m a gray and brown goat. Are you gray and brown? I’m a girl. Are you a girl? I’m sixteen. Are you sixteen? I’m from America. Are you from America? I have a carrot. I like carrots. Crunch, crunch, crunch! Are you a boy? Are you a girl? How old are you?
  8. 8. Q How About You? ° o 0 Oil and Laila play in the snow. 0 o . It's lots of fun! ° . Hello, I’m Laila. I’m a girl. How about you? Are you a girl? I’m fifteen. How about you? Are you fifteen? I’m from Greenland. How about you? Are you from Greenland? I’m cold! How about you? Are you cold? I have a dog. I like dogs. Woof woof! I’m Oli. I’m a dog. How about you? Are you a dog? I’m a boy. How about you? Are you a boy? I’m from Greenland, RY). How about you? Are you from Greenland? I’m hot! How about you? Are you hot? I have a toy. I like toys. How about you? Do you have a toy? Do you like toys?
  9. 9. g The Big Tree It's Sunday. Petra and Pat play in the park on Sundays. It's lots of fun! It's a hot day. Petra has a red bag and Pat has a green bag. Petra: Wow look, it's a big brown and green tree. Pat: Look, in the tree, is it a cat? Petra: lcan't see it. What color is it? Is it black and brown? Pat: No, it isn't. It's gray. Petra: I can see it. It's a koala! Pat: Look, in the tree, is it a bird? Petra: I can't see it. What color is it? Is it black? Pat: Yes, it is. It's black. Petra: I can see it. It's a bat! Pat: Look, next to the tree, is it a dog? Petra: I can't see it. What color is it? Is it brown? Pat: Yes, it is. It's brown. Petra: Yes, I can see it. It's a Iionll Runl!
  10. 10. g This is Fun! Target: th This is Thelma. Thelma is a thin girl. Thelma is thirteen. This is Thar. Thar is a thin boy. Thor is thirteen to_o. Thelma likes tennis. ThcTr likes tennis RY). Thelma and Tho_r play tennis on Sundays at three o'clock. “That's a good racket, Thelma. " “Thanks, ThcTr. That's a good racket, KY3." “Thanks, Thelma. " The? throTvs the ball to Thelma. Thwack! “That's a good shot, " thinks Tho_r. Thelma thrfis the ball to Tho_r. Thwack! “This is fun, " thinks Thelma. ThcTr thrusts this way and that. Thelma thrusts this way and that. Thelma thumps and Tho_r thumps. Thelma thwacks and Tho_r thwacks. Thelma and The? think playing tennis is such a thrill. Are you thirteen? Can you play tennis?
  11. 11. @_ Spig From Spigot Part 1 “Hello, I'm Spig. I'm green and I'm three thousand. I'm from planet Spigot. Spigot is a big planet. It's hot tef). This is Ivlick. " Spig and Mick are pals. @ _: Mick is teaching Spig about his planet. -. Mick and Spig are at the zef). ’ Ivlick is she3—vving Spig lots of animals. Spig: What's this, Ivlick? Mick: It's a bird. It's green, red and yellfi. Spig: Wow, it has a long tail. .4 Spig: What's this, Ivlick? Mick: It's an ant. lt’s red. Spig: Wow, it's a little animal. Spig: What's that, Ivlick? Mick: It's a frog. It's green and brown. Spig: What's that, Ivlick? Mick: It's a rabbit. It's brown and gray. Spig: Wow, it has big teeth. Spig likes the zcfa. lvlick likes the zefi, to_o. Spig and Mick like the zeY>. “ Spig: Wow, it has a big mouth.
  12. 12. “Hello, I'm Jeana. I'm from Canada. I live in Winnipeg. I'm fifteen. I like ham sandwiches. Ilike bananas RY). I have a bag. It's brown and yellow. " <1, “This is Takako. Takako's from Japan. ‘awg Takako liv s in Osaka. °° Takako's thirteen. Takako like s sashimi. Takako likes peaches teY>. Takako has a book. It's a green book. " “Hello, I'm Yana. I'm from America. I live. in Long Beach. I'm eleven. I like pasta. I like kiwi tc76. I have an umbrella. It's yelleWv, green and pink. " “This is Nell. Nell's from Mexico. Nell lives in Mexicali. Nell's sixteen. Nell likes tacos. Nell likes papaya too. Nell has a big hat. It's pink, red and green. " Are you from Canada? Are you from America? Are you from Mexico? Are you from Japan?
  13. 13. rfi Spig From Spigot Part 2 Spig and Mick are pals. Spig is from planet Spigot. Mick is teaching Spig about his planet. They are at the zeY>. Mick is shc)—vving Spig lots of animals. Spig likes the zeY3. Mick likes the zefa, KY3. They like the ZO—O. Spig: What are they, Mick? Mick: They are cows. They are black and brown. Spig: Wow, they have big horns. Spig: What are they, Mick? V ‘ Mick: They are ducks. M ' They are brown and yelloT/ . Spig: Wow, they have long beaks. Spig: What are they, Mick? Mick: They are hippopotamuses. They are gray and brown. Spig: Wow, they are big animals. Spig: What are they, Mick? Mick: They are octopuses. They are pink and red. Spig: Wow, they have lots of legs. “It's fun visiting the zeY). Thank you Mick. " 9 “That's okay Spig, I had fun RY)! "
  14. 14. 4% Kate's Cake Target: Magic a_e Kate likes cakes. Kate craves cakes. Kate likes baking. Kate likes baking cakes. What cake will Kate make? ‘Q Today, Kate will make a date C§Q / ( base cake. Yum! First, Kate takes a © 4 bag of dates. Next, Kate takes kl milk and eggs. Last, Kate takes a bag of coconut flakes. Kate shakes and stirs. Kate has a taste. Mmmm, it tastes good! Ping! The cake is finished. Kate takes the cake and lifts it onto a plate. Mmmmm, the cake smells good. ‘V «9 Jake and Kate are mates. Jake came to Kate's house at three o'clock. Jake came a bit late. Kate gave the cake to Jake. “Thanks Kate. " Kate and Jake ate the cake with grapes. “You are a good mate Kate! "
  15. 15. Toys Dave and Nate are mates. They are good mates. They have a lot of toys. Dave Nate Dave Nate Nate: Dave Nate Dave. - Dave: What do you have Nate? Nate: I have three toys. Dave: Are they cars? Nate. -: No, they ar'—‘n't. Dave: What ar they? Nate: They are trucks. : Are they red and green? : No, they aren't. : What color are they? : They are black and brown. . ; Nate: What do you have Dave? Dave: I have three toys teY3. Nate: Are they trains? Dave: No, they aren't. Nate: What are they? Dave: They are jets. : Are they block and yellfi? : No, they aren't. : What color are they? : They are gray and red. Dave and Nate play with the toy trucks and jets. Playing with mates is lots of fun!
  16. 16. @_ Cupcakes and Snakes This is Jane and Jade. Are they boys? No, they aren't. They are girls. They like cakes. They like cupcakes. Jane has three cupcakes. What color are they? They are pink, green and red. Jane has a pink cupcake, a green cupcake and a red cupcake. Mmmm, Yum! Jade has three cupcakes teY>. What color are they? They are brown, yellc>—vv and pink. Jade has a brown cupcake, a yelleWv cupcake and a pink cupcake. Mmmm, Yum! This is Gabe and Wade. Are they boys? Yes, they are. They like snakes. Gabe has six pet snakes. What color are they? They are gray and black. Gabe has three gray snakes and three black snakes. Look out Gabe! J. ’ are they? They are green, brown and yeI| o7/. Wade has a green shake, a brown snake and a ye| Io7/ snake. Look out Wade! Are you a boy? Do you like snakes? What do you have?
  17. 17. w A Fine Day Target: Magic i_e lt’s nine o'clock in the morning. Today's a fine day. The sun shines and the birds sing. Mike likes fine days. Mike has a good time on fine days. Mike plays outside on fine days. Mike likes to ride his white bike on fine days. Mike likes to hike on fine days. Mike smiles. lt'saf'n da. 1 ‘G V ~01: I ‘ Mark likes fine days tcY>. Mark has a good time on fine days teY). Mark plays v outside on fine days teY3. Mark likes to ride his white bike on fine days RY). Mark likes to hike on fine days teY3. Mark smiles. It's a fine day 4 Mark likes Mike and Mike likes Mark. They are good pals. They play outside. / They ride white bikes. // They smile and have a good time. It's a fine day. It's five o'clock. It's time to go inside. See you next time Mike. % See you next time Mark. 52; Mike and Mark like fine days! 5 s2‘ / 13 -l_
  18. 18. @ Home Alone Target: Magic o_e This is Hope. “Woof, woof. Hello, I'm Hope. ” Hope is a black and white dog. Hope likes to play outside with Spot and Dot. Hope, Spot and Dot are pals. Today, Spot and Dot are not home. Hope is home alone. Hope plays in the garden. Hope digs a big hole. What is it? It's a bone. Hope has a bone. Hope has a big white bone. “l have a big white bone! " Hope plays with the big white bone. Hope can see five roses in the garden. Hope likes roses. Roses smell good. Hope pokes his nose in the roses. Sniff, sniff. The roses smell good. Hope can see nine big stones in the garden. Hope picks up the stones and makes a big pile. It's a big pile of stones. I‘ ’~ “Woof, woof! " It's Spot and Dot. They are home. “Yippee! " Hope is not home alone! )n 14
  19. 19. @ WhciT Do They Do? Target: -er Amber is shc7T. She's hoT TE). She's sh&T ond hoT. She likes sp&Ts. She likes Tennis. She hos o red rd<: keT. WhoT does she do? She’s o Tennis ployer. . - ull ChesTer is old. He’s Thin RY). He’s old ond Thin. He likes onimols. He likes cows ond hc7ses. He hos d cow ond d hcfise. WhoT does he do? He’s o former. Piper is young. She’s clever T<Y3. She’s young ond clever. She likes English. She likes English books. ‘ She hos on English book. WhoT does she do? She’s (31 Tedcher. BusTer is big. He’s sTrong To_o. He's big dnd sTrong. He likes spo_rTs. He likes boxing. He hos red boxing gloves. WhoT does he do? He's d boxer. Asher is young. She's shfiT TOT). She's young ond shcTrT. She likes songs. She likes rock songs. She hos d guiTdr. WhoT does she do? She’s d singer. Are you sTrong? WhoT do you hove? WhoT do you do?
  20. 20. Boys and Girls I’m Jone. I’m Cl girl. I’m nine. I’m o sTudenT. I'm from Americo. I like dogs. I don’T like coTs! I hove o peT dog. Do you like dogs? This is Joe ond Shone. They ore boys. They ore nine, RY). They ore sTudenTs, Tc? ) They ore from Cdnddo. They like robbiTs. ‘Q They don’T like dogs! .-. They hove Three peT robbiTs. j-‘ How old ore you? % This is Shion. She’s d girl. She’s nineTeen. She's on drTisT. She’s from Jdpdn. She likes gorillds. She doesn'T like rdbbiTs! She hos d peT gorilld. Do you hove d peT gorilld? This is Ivldrcos. He’s d boy. He’s sevenTeen. He’s d soccer pldyer. He’s from Brdzil. He likes birds. He doesn'T like gorilldsl He hos d peT bird. Are you d soccer pldyer?
  21. 21. w. KenTo, Jin and Pedro Target: -or KenTo, Jin and Pedro are friends. KenTo’s from Japan, Jin’s from China and Pedro’s from Spain. *‘€ KenTo: This is Misa. She's from Japan. She lives in Osaka. She likes sushi. She has a red bike. She’s clever. Jin: Is she a conducTor? Kenfo: No, she isn’T. Pedro: Is she a docTor? Kenfo: Yes, she is. She's a docTor. Jin: This is Chang. He's from China. He lives in Beijing. He likes gyoza. He has a green bike. He’s clever, RY). Pedro: Is he a docTor? Jin: No, he isn’T. Kenfo: Is he a sailor? Jin: No, he isn’T. Pedro: WhaT does he do? Jin: He’s a conducTor. ’ Pedro: This is Arlo. He's from Spain. He lives in Madrid. He likes red peppers. He has a brown bike. He’s clever, RY). Kento: Is he a docTor? Pedro: No, he isn’T. Jin: Is he a conducTor? Pedro: No, he isn’T. Jin: WhaT does he do? Q Pedro: He’s a sailor. . . . &
  22. 22. w Big, Tall, Angry and Small Target: -y/ -all This is Billy. He’s a boxer. He’s big. He's not small. He’s very big. He's Tall, TcY>. He’s not short. He's very Tall. He’s angry, TO—O. He's not happy. He's very angry. He's a big, Tall, angry boxer! Are you a boxer? This is Sandy. She’s a student. She’s small. She’s not big. She’s very small. She’s short, Tc? ) She’s not Tall. She’s very short. She’s happy, TE). She’s not angry. She’s very happy. She’s a small, shcTrt, happy student! Are you a student? This is Jimmy. He's a soccer player. He’s big. He’s not small. He’s very big. He’s Tall, RY). He’s not shit. He’s very Tall. He’s hungry, RY). He’s very hungry. He's sleepy, RY). He's very sleepy. He has a ball. He has a soccer ball. He's a big, Tall, hungry, sleepy soccer player! Are you a soccer player? Are you hungry? Are you small? Are you sleepy? Do you have a soccer ball?
  23. 23. w, We Are Happy! 1. Hello! We are from Canada. We live in Toronto. We are girls. We are singers. We like songs. We have a lot of guitars. We are happy. We are happy singers! Ola! We are from Brazil. We live in Salvador. We are boys. We like soccer. We have a lot of soccer balls. We are soccer players. We are happy, TR). We are happy soccer players! Konichiwa! We are from Japan. We live in Osaka. We are boys. We like sushi. We are cooks. We have a lot of chopsticks. We are happy, TE). We are happy cooks! Ni hao! We are from China. We like books. We are students. We have a lot of books. We are happy, TE). We are happy students! Are you happy? 9 Q Do you like sushi? What do you do? 19 We live in Beijing. We are boys and girls.
  24. 24. We Like Pets I’m Penny. I'm seven. I'm a girl. I’m a student. I’m hungry. I have Three pets. They are dogs. I like dogs. They are black, brown ‘Q and gray. This is Andy. He's seven, To_o. He's a boy. He’s a student, TR). He’s hungry, TR). He has Three pets, TO—O. They are cockroaches! He likes cockroaches! They are brown. This is Jenny. She’s seven, T<Y3. She’s a girl. She's a student, Te? ) She's hungry, TCYJ. She has Three pets, RY). They are birds. She likes birds. They are red, green and yell<>Tv. We are students. We are seven. We have a lot of pets. They are dogs, cockroaches and birds. We really like dogs, cockroaches and birds. We are very hungry, but we are happy TE)! See you again!
  25. 25. > - A ’ ; »«. .,: ;:}L ,4, T /1 A I, W I. 4/ ( (J V T I ll ‘>3.} 5' ‘ , 4.30 _ ‘f : ‘ ‘V r—); / L ’/ r é , , o < V J v “pf ‘L —. _ _ _~ I " "W l l l l l l I / 4
  26. 26. Fun Phonics Readers is a series of graded readers designed to act as companion readers for the popular Finding Out series of children’s English Text books. Fun, stimulating and enjoyable stories are complemented by clear and exciting illustrations to support The reader. In Book 2 of Fun Phonics Readers, each story contains vocabulary and language targets from the corresponding unit of Finding Out 2, reinforcing the language and aiding The students‘ understanding. Fun Phonics Readers Book 2 also contains The phonics Targets: Th, ‘magic e’, -er, -or, —y and —all, also Taken from The corresponding units of Finding Out 2. ’ Written as a companion reader for The Finding Out series of Texts " Fun and enjoyable stories full of natural, useful language ’ Vocabulary, language and phonics Targets from The corresponding Finding Out text repeated and recycled To aid students‘ understanding and reinforce language learnt Phonically irregular words color-coded for ‘AI. f_ easy reading and pronunciation i K']%”‘ A ( ‘ v ’ Clear and exciting illustrations to support The reade. Phonics targets Th, ‘magic e’, -er, -or, —y and —all also included in Book 2 _ . . . 4 1C‘ For teaching Tips videos on how To , .2 4 make readers fun, visit our Youtube Channel Al www. youTube. com/ funphonicsreaders Website: A ——e, , www. funkidsenglish. com I C‘ 1;‘; M Facebook: www. facebook. com/ tunkidsenglish Free Support Materials: -""‘f’A www. funkidsenglish. com . ‘ ‘I / 3’ «_ ‘ . T‘ . ii . . " um . ,‘, :. Copyright © 2009 aire english school. All rights reserved. 5 ) No part of this publication may be reproduced without _ . ‘ the written permission of the author. _ Written by Greg Crawford Cover illustration and concept by Atsunori lnoue & Akane Hatozaki Website: www. funphonicsreaders. com (W) , . . 7 L