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Fun Phonics Readers Book 1


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Fun Phonics Reader Book 1 contains 20 beautifully illustrated stories. Additionally, Book 1 contains all phonics from Finding Out 1.
Book 1 stories have been written primarily to develop children’s phonic and reading fluency abilities. Language used begins very simply and develops as stories progress. Much of the vocabulary from Finding Out 1 has been incorporated into book 1 stories.
Word count of stories within Fun Phonics Readers Book 1 begin at 61 words per story and build very gradually to 119 words per story.
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Fun Phonics Readers Book 1

  1. 1. H
  2. 2. N: <5 in‘: 'l", Frl. C;' c: <1 is". As an English school owner, Teacher, and long Time user and enthusiast of The very successful and effecTive series of Finding OUT children's English Texts, I have long searched for a series of graded readers ThaT would serve my school's sTudenTs well. For many years we have had a reading program in our school and have Tried several differenT readers. However, whaT we wanTed was a reader ThaT was phonics—based, graded, fun and inTeresTing To read, contained clear and easy To understand illusTraTions and That would help To reinforce vocabulary and language structures ThaT sTudenTs were learning each week from Their class TexT books. This is whaT we have achieved with Fun Phonics Readers. Phonics & Color-coding Fun Phonics Readers is a phonics—based series of readers designed To help children Take The reading skills | earnT from studying The Finding OUT curriculum and put Them inTo practice. Some color—coding is used in Book 1. Below is a guide for The color—coding contained within Book 1: 5? ‘ 1 2 letters color—coded pink signify silent leTTers or letters not pronounced when read such as horse, mouse and house. We hope you and your students enjoy Fun Phonics Fieaders. Good reading! Greg Crawford 777 7z‘: “J7X U—9"—laT5%<0Dfi%§E$5ZETif| l%$7(1ZlA%>77r: ‘y777'aEl5fil, Tc¥l9¥%€: ‘§E0)? =l=7l~ fFinding OLJtJ03f‘$E7J7_‘$Xf‘T35D fFinding OutJlC; ‘i: ‘3ZT§lflZ‘éi’1?l, 3E’9*o $E. laTL%? £iFinding Outj ET| lFFJ‘éT’L ‘éE>lCl77r: ‘y777aET| JFfiLJ7‘: EHEfiii§¥7ET§¥lC3E): v&ElYD7T’17‘cl, oJ &El’3‘%Z0D5E$75lC%iE0)? =l=7l~Z“9*o ‘é5l: %"? ?0)fE§T5EH§%ii$%‘lC7‘: l,v/ ulfifllcfio it ZTEElilaffib‘DT5§‘l, fi? i%’E;7‘: <:*/ u)T’1Z35%>0)E -_Fl, +E: :0)#‘r‘£‘7=_~flt _E$i§7El‘= IJi‘é‘e‘? <T’t%>C& ? ‘bcl:5o 7It°‘/7lC7': I—5—: l—l*“? _“T17'C§Z$l6t horse, mouse, house lC%%"T1%)dI57cKi5?i$’f5§fi? [3<‘: i‘lC %“éi‘Lx7El3L/ 7}l/77’°“J| ‘73_: f'L2—Cl/ %'_9"o $E.7EiEL3? ¥f3¥i¥lC§i§E‘0)éiéLJE_’V7&l@L3ZTEl3‘1’lla? $l, f@*o 7"| J“J7“’7lZ|7z‘—l*“
  3. 3. Story Number Story Name Word fifififififififififififififififififififl An Ant, a Pig and a Fox Bob, Sam and Jack What’s in the Egg? Lots of Fun! Tom’s Dog Twins Six and Ten Camping is Fun Hit and Bang! The Dragon and the Rabbit Big and Little Animals Fun in the Mud The Eel and the Seal Cash and Chuck Brook Art, Bart and the Mouse Birds and Horses Roy and Howard’s Toys Joan’s Boat Crayons and Paints EBBBESBBBSBBBBBBBBBBE
  4. 4. Page Number Target Phonics Finding Out 1 Unit Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 5g Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 4n 1% Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels ‘ 1 ~ 6 -* Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels l 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 "'1 W? Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 if l Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 Consonants and Vowels 1 ~ 6 l ee / ea 1 1 sh / ch 1 1 oo / E 12 ar/ ou 12 o_r/ ir 14 “~- ow / oy 14 oa /0W ‘ — I 15 ay / ai ' 15
  5. 5. @_ An Ant, a Pig and Cl Fox An ant is in a pot. An ant is in a box. An ant is in a bag. A pig is in a pot. A pig is in a box. A pig is in a bag. A fox is in a pot. A fox is in a box. A fox is in a bag. An ant, a pig and a fox.
  6. 6. Bob, Sam and Jack @ Bob is a dog. Bob is a big dog. Bob is a big, hot dog. Bob is a big, hot, Tat dog. Sam is a cat. Sam is a big cat. Sam is a big, hot cat. Sam is a big, hot, fat cat. Jack is a duck. Jack is a big duck. Jack is a big, hot duck. Jack is a big, hot, fat duck. Bob, Sam and Jack.
  7. 7. @ What’s in the Egg? What's in The egg? P is it a dog in The egg? 5 No, it isn’t. ’ ? What’s in the egg? ; g is it a cat in The egg? No, it isn’t. ll? _ / What’s in the egg? b ’ Is it a pig in the egg? » No, it isn’t. K‘ 0 9 “ WhaT’s in the egg? if Q n is itan ant in the egg? W‘ No, it isn’t. What’s in the egg? Q Is it a duck in the egg? Yes, it is. It's a duck.
  8. 8. k ~, S‘rv1»*r 4:’ { x . Lots of Funl Tom has a pet dog. Tom’s pet dog is big and strong. Tom and his big, strong dog run, run, run. lt’s lots of fun! Ken has a pet rabbit. Ken's pet rabbit is mad and bad. hop, hop. lt’s lots of fun! Nick has a pet frog. Nick’s pet frog is big and fat. Nick and his big, fat frog jump, jump, jump. lt’s lots of fun! Ken and his mad, bad pet rabbit hop,
  9. 9. @ Tom’s Dog @- Tom’s dog is an old, old dog. 2" Tom’s dog is a big, big dog. )) Tom’s dog is drinking cold, cold milk. Tom’s dog gulps and gulps and gulps! Q 7 Tom’s dog is running up a long, long hill. vgs Tom’s dog putts and puffs and putts! Tom’s dog is swimming in a big, big pond. Tom’s dog swims and swims and swims! Tom’s dog is sitting on hot, hot sand. Tom’s dog yaps and yaps and yaps! Tom's dog is having a nap. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . ... . . . 1 1»
  10. 10. .1‘ . ; Twins Will is a twin and Bill is a twin. Will is ten and Bill is ten. Will has a pup and Bill has a pup. Spot is a twin and Dot is a twin. Spot is six and Dot is six. « Spot and Dot dig in the sand. Will and Bill run in the hills. It's lots of fun, fun, fun. Spot is Bill's pal and Bill is Spot's pal. Dot is Will's pal and Willis Dot's pal. Will hugs Spot and Bill hugs Dot. Will, Bill, Spot and Dot. Pals. Bill's pup is Spot and Will's pup is Dot.
  11. 11. @ Six and Ten Six men sit. Six men sit at a long, long desk. Ten frogs swim. Ten frogs swim in a big, big pond. Six bats hang. Six kids jump. Six kids jump on a big, big bed. Ten pigs grunt. ’ . . mmm‘E§mm__fi‘5@‘a Ten pigs grunt ina big pig pen. -—'*: "?j" I I I I I I I I I I Six men, six bats and six kids. Ten frogs, ten Trucks and ten pigs. Six and ten. Six bats hang on a long, long stick.
  12. 12. @ Camping is Fun Sid is camping. Camping is fun, fun, fun! Sid has a tent. Sid's tent is big. Sid's tent is old. Sid's tent is red. Sid has a big, old, red tent. Sid is camping and the sun is hot. The sun is hot and Sid is hot. Sid is standing on a log. Sid jumps in a pond and swims. 2f . . . P Sid swims and swims and swims. Q‘. Swimming is fun, fun, fun, (I‘’‘’‘* '. but The pond is cold, cold, cold. Swimming is fun and camping is fun!
  13. 13. @_ Hit and Being! Adam is in a band. Adam is in a rock and roll band. Adam has six drums and hits his drums in his rock and roll band. Bang, bang, bang! Adam hits and bangs and bangs and hits. lt's rock and roll man! lvlack is in a band. Mack is in a jazz band. lvlack has seven drums and hits his drums in his jazz band. Bang, bang, bang! Ivlack hits and bangs and bangs and hits. lt’s jazz man! Zed is in a band. Zed is in a pop band. Zed hasten drums and hits his drums in his pop band. Bang, bang, bang! Zed hits and bangs and bangs and hits. It's pop man!
  14. 14. w The Dragon and the Rabbit Don is a dragon. Don is a big red dragon. Rod is a rabbit. Rod is a little pink rabbit. Don is Rod's best pal and Rod is Don's best pal. ié T Bang, bang, bang! “Hello Don! " '**~s. / yells Rod. But Don isn't in his den. % Rod is sad. HGHO {— Next, Rod runs up a big, long hill and yells “Hello Don! ". But Don isn't on the big hill. Rod is sad. Last, Rod jumps in a big pond and yells “Hello Don! ". “Hello Rod, I'm swimming in the big pond, ” yells Don. “Let's swim! ". Rod is glad and Don is glad.
  15. 15. A gorilla is a big animal. Gorillas can walk, gorillas can run and gorillas can jump. But, gorillas can't swim. Gorillas snack on bananas. Yum, yum, yum! 33> A crab is a little animal. Crabs can walk, crabs can run and crabs can swim. But, crabs can'tjump. Crabs snack on plants and animals. Yum, yum, yum! G ) 3) A rabbit is a little animal. Rabbits can walk, rabbits can jump and rabbits ¢ can run fast. But, rabbits can't swim. Rabbits snack on carrots. Yum, yum, yum! )3’ An anaconda is a big animal. Anacondas can't walk, anacondas can't run and anacondas can't jump. But, anacondas can swim fast. Anacondas snack on animals. Yum, yum, yum! .3. H Big and little animals. -_ f'€
  16. 16. Fun in the Mud Jim is a fat pink pig. Jim runs, jumps, hops and skips in the mud. “Stop Jim, stop! " yells his mum. But Jim can't stop. lt’s lots of fun. Jim runs and jumps and hops and skips. Jim has mud on his back and mud on his legs. Jim's a mess! Jim's mum is mad! Hank is a big hippopotamus. Hank runs, jumps, hops and skips in the mud. “Stop Hank, stop! " yells his mum. But Hank can't stop. lt’s lots of fun. Hank runs and jumps and hops and skips. Hank has mud on his back and mud on his legs. Hank's a mess! Hank's mum is mad! Jim, Hank and fun in the mud.
  17. 17. @_ The Eel and the Seal Target: ee / ea Dee is an eel. Dee is a big, long black eel. Dee swims deep in the pond. Dee swims in the green reeds and weeds, deep in the pond. Dee feeds in the green reeds and weeds deep in the pond. Dee sleeps in the green reeds and weeds, deep in the pond. Neal is a seal. Neal is a big, fat, black seal. Neal swims in the deep sea. Neal swims in the seaweed deep in the sea. I | Neal feeds in the green seaweed in the deep sea. Neal eats leaves from the green seaweed deep in the sea. Neal is a big, fat, black seal. Dee is a big, long black eel.
  18. 18. w Cash and Chuck Target: sh / ch Cash has a big green fishing ship. Cash is fishing on his big green fishing ship. Fishing is fun. Swish. ... plop! Cash wishes to get a big, fat fish. Cash sees a fish. “Gosh, it's a big fish. Gosh, it's a fat fish. " Splash! The fish jumps up and crashes back into the sea. Splash! Splash! In a flash the fish vanishes. Cash is sad. Fishing is finished! Cash is back at the beach. Cash sees his chum Chuck. “Let’s eat lunch Chuck. " Cash has a peach and Chuck has a chilli chicken sandwich. Cash and Chuck sit on a bench and eat lunch. Chomp, chomp! Crunch, crunch! Munch, munch! Lunch is finished. “See ya Cash. " “See ya Chuck. "
  19. 19. @_ Brook Target: oo / <7) Brook is a cook. Brook is a good cook. Brook cooks and cooks and cooks. What will Brook cook next? Brook looks in a cookbook. Brook looks and looks and looks. “Yes, I will cook eggs. " Brook cracks six eggs open and adds milk. The eggs cook. Pop, pop, pop! lvlmmmm. The eggs smell good! Brook is a good cook. Brook is hot. Brook runs To The po_ol. Brookjumps in The pcY>l. Splash! lt’s ccfil in the p<Y3l. Swimming in the po_ol is fun. At ncfan, Brook eats lunch. Brook sits on a stcY>l, next to the po_o| . Brook picks up a spo—on and eats the fo_od. lvlmmmm, yum! F15 I
  20. 20. @. Art, Bart and the Mouse Target: ar / ou Art is Bart's pa! and Bart is Art's pal. Art is a farm dog and Bart is a farm dog KY). Art and Bart bark and bark. ff ‘ Art and Bart bark on the farm. Art and Bart bark in the park. Art and Bart bark * - g in the barn. Art and Bart «A ‘W bark at the cars. Art and Bart M bark at The stars. Bark, bark, bark. Art and Bart rest in the house. Squeak, squeak. Art has found a mouse. “Bart, it's a mouse! " ; ,, ,,, lfi‘‘t shouts Art. 5 ~ The mouse runs round ‘3 and round and out of the house. Art and Bart run round and round and out of the house RY). Bark, bark. Art and Bart. Loud hounds!
  21. 21. w Birds and Hcfises rm Target: ir / <7 Irwin is a big black bird. Irvin is a fat red bird. Irwin and Irvin can sing. Chirp, chirp. InNin is at the park. Irvin is at the park too. ch. / (L First, Irwin and Irvin jump in the dirt. Next, InNin and Irvin run in the dirt. Last, In/ vin and Irvin twirl and swirl in /1 the dirt. It's lots of fun. Chirp, chirp. I or Nin5r is a big black ho_rse. Amcfi is a big black hcfise Tc? ) “Good mcfining Nincfiz" “Good mo—rning Am<Tr. " It's a hot m<Trning. It's a hot, hot m<Trning. Ki l Crash! Bang! “Look AmcTr, it's a st<Trm! " Am<Tr and Nin5r run fo_r the barn. The h<Trses get out of the stdrm. / / / I T — —§ Standing in the barn. ..what a boring mdrningl G 3.3 17
  22. 22. w Roy and Howard's Toys Target: oy / ow Roy is a big boy. Roy has a lot of toys. Roy has a lot of Toy trucks. Roy enjoys his toy trucks. Roy has red toy trucks. Roy has green Vroom! Vroom! Beep! Beep! Honk! Honk! Look out, it's a convoy! Roy enjoys his toys. Howard is a short boy. Howard has a lot of toy animals. Howard has a toy cow. lvlo_o m<f>! Howard has a toy owl. H<Y)t hcY3t! Howard has a big toy dog. Howl howl! Growl growl! Bow wow! Howard has a toy H cat TO—O. lvleow meow! Wow, Howard enjoys his toys to_o. J1 toy trucks. Roy has black toy trucks TCYD.
  23. 23. w Joan’s Boat Target: oa / oTv Joan has a boat. Joan's boat is an old boat. Joan is floating off the coast in the old boat. Splash, splash, splash! The old boat groans and groans. Creak, creak, creak! Joan sees a cockroach @ S on the boat. “Eeeeek! A cockroach! " M Joan jumps off The boat. Splash! Joan is soaking. “lt's cold! " moans Joan. E‘: / Joan gets back on the boat. Joan rfis and ro7vs. It's a stfim. / a / ’ - - / W / The wind bk? /s and bloVvs. The 1 ' snfi bl<W/ s and bIo7/s. Joan is cold. Honk, honk! It's a big yellcW/ ship blfiing its horn. “Help, help! " shouts Joan. Joan gets on the big yellfi ship. It's warm on the big yellfi ship. 19
  24. 24. @ Crayons and Paints Target: ay / ai It's Sunday today. Sunday is a holiday. Jay plays on Sundays. Today Jay will play and stay at his pal's house. Jay has a lot of crayons. Jay has red crayons, green crayons, pink crayons, brown crayons, yellfi crayons and gray crayons. Jay colors on Sundays. Jay colors dogs, fish and crayfish. Coloring is fun! Aikin is Jay's pal. Aikin plays and paints on Sundays. Aikin has a lot of paints. Aikin has red paints, green paints, pink paints, brown paints, yell<Wv paints and gray paints. Aikin is pointing a girl sitting in the rain waiting for a train. Aikin is painting a big rainbfi TE). Crayons and paints. Lots of fun!
  25. 25. > - T. A ’ ; »«. .,: ;:}L ,4, T /1 1 T, W I. 4/ ( (J V Ni ii ‘>3.} 5' ‘ , 4,30 _ ‘f : ‘ Tr‘ T—); / L ’/ r é , , B < V J v “pf ‘L —. _ _ _T I " "W i i T T T i I / 4
  26. 26. Fun Phonics Readers is a series of graded readers designed To act as companion readers for The popular Finding Out series of children's English Text books. Fun, stimulating and enjoyable stories are complemented by clear and exciting illustrations to support the reader. In Book I of Fun Phonics Readers, stories I ~ I2 contain vowel and consonant targets from units I ~ 6 of Finding Out 1. Stories I3 ~ 20 contain special combinations (such as sh, ch, ee, ea etc. ) from units I I ~ T5 of Finding Out 1, promoting and reinforcing reading and pronunciation skills in students. 0 Written as companion readers for The Finding Out series of Texts O Vocabulary, language and phonics Targets from The corresponding Finding Out text repeated and recycled to aid students’ understanding and reinforce language learnt 0 Fun and enjoyable stories full of natural, useful language O Phonically irregular words color—coded for easy reading and pronunciation 0 Clear and exciting illustrations To support the reader 0 For Teaching Tips videos on how to make readers fun, visit our Youtube Channe www. youTube. com/ funphonicsreaders Website: Facebook: Free Support Materials: Copyright © 2009 aire english school. All ri , ‘ r' I No part of this publication may be reproduc the written permission of the author. / Written by Greg Crawford Cover illustration and concept by Atsunori lnoue & Akane Hatozaki