Wtc manesar call+919958959555


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World Trade Center Manesar

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Wtc manesar call+919958959555

  2. 2. *ref disclaimer One name that accounts for 1/3rd of Global Trade The brand that accounts for USD 4 trillion world trade out of estimated total USD12 trillion *ref disclaimer
  3. 3. *ref disclaimer One brand that houses 1 Million businesses across the globe One global name present in 100 countries across 6 continents *ref disclaimer
  4. 4. *ref disclaimer One address that is shared by Fortune 500® companies When expanding to any new country Companies like Adobe, PWC, Merrill Lynch open their first office in a WTC *ref disclaimer
  5. 5. *ref disclaimer One branded complex that is a Landmark in the region it serves Zhengzhou Colombo Bahrain Panama Kuala Lumpur Athens Denver Dublin Geneva Paris Los Angeles New York *ref disclaimer
  6. 6. *ref disclaimer One Catalyst that builds communities and drives infrastructure growth Railway and Highway in Zurich; Subway Station in Boston; Monorail in Seoul; etc *ref disclaimer
  7. 7. *ref disclaimer One network that connects 330 cities across 100 countries The most powerful business enabler in the world is now in the NCR … *ref disclaimer
  8. 8. *ref disclaimer The most Progressive real estate development company in the region in partnership with
  9. 9. *ref disclaimer  Championed the philosophy of developing energy efficient buildings  Introduced innovative concepts with Mainstream Green and Code Green  Proven quality and on time delivery in record period of 36 months.  Delivered consistent high and secured returns to investors  Bringing core values of equity, ecology and identity though to ever walk of life. A development brand known for building and delivering “sustainable values”
  10. 10. *ref disclaimer  Putting the buyer in charge of designing the house that would be their home  From number of rooms to their design, from fixtures to finish, even the add-on equipment in the house – the homemaker is now truly empowered to decide on how her home would take shape And creating new benchmarks of “innovations” in group housing
  11. 11. *ref disclaimer  World’s leading authority on “Green buildings”, and pioneer of “Bioclimatic Skyscarpers”, he seeks to design low energy passive buildings with focus on better occupant comfort.  Named by the Guardian as "one of the 50 people who could save the planet“  Malaysia : Roof-Roof House / Menara Mesiniaga / DiGi Data Centre / Ganendra Art House. Singapore : National Library Singapore / Solaris India : WTC Manesar Hong Kong Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Extension / Genome Research Building Signature Architect Ken Yeang Kuwait Investment Authority's Office Menara Mesiniaga, Malaysia Waterfront Development at Macau
  12. 12. *ref disclaimer & WORLD TRADE CENTER present
  13. 13. *ref disclaimer Modular yet integrated Office, Serviced Apartments, Expo Zone, Retail Blocks and WTC Signature Club
  14. 14. *ref disclaimer
  15. 15. *ref disclaimer Recognized globally for its “sustainable design”
  16. 16. *ref disclaimer Iconic 20 storey high LEED PALTINUM rated Mainstream Green building 3.25 lakh sq.ft., with average floor plate of 16,000 sq ft State of art glazing and unique vertical landscaping The new beacon of Gurgaon- Manesar Furnished office spacesSignature Tower
  17. 17. *ref disclaimer Scalable office spaces  EDGE 1 & 2 starting from 2000sq.ft. and going up to 90,000sq.ft. contiguous floor plates  EDGE 3 : 180,000 sq.ft. independent Anchor Block  Signature Tower : Iconic 3 lakh sq.ft. tower with a 200 seat-auditorium & a 2-storey high pergola with sky-deck Flexible office spaces
  18. 18. *ref disclaimer The complex also offers fully furnished offices of differing sizes : starting from 500-700 sq.ft. compact setups for consultants & self-employed professionals, and 1000-5000 sq.ft. spacious offices with all amenities for a fully- functional organisation. Furnished office spacesFurnished office spaces
  19. 19. *ref disclaimer Other Components
  20. 20. *ref disclaimer EDGE 1 (Twin Tower) EDGE 2 (Twin Tower) EDGE 3 (Anchor Block) Phase I : Ready-for Fit-Outs. 2 lakh sq.ft. leased out
  21. 21. *ref disclaimer Entry Facade Atrium Lift Lobby
  22. 22. *ref disclaimer By April 2015 Sept. 2013 Phase II : Signature Tower
  24. 24. *ref disclaimer “ Trust of a Global Powerbrand ” SECURITY OF INVESTMENT  David Rockefeller, in 1959 creates The Lower Manhattan Association and begins to promote the idea of "World Trade And Finance Center in New York City along the East River of Manhattan.  New York and New Jersey authorize the development of World Trade Center in 1962  The first tenants move into North Tower of the WTC on Dec. 15, 1970
  25. 25. *ref disclaimer “I suspect that many corporations have begun to understand that they have an important role to play in the lives of their communities.” David Rockefeller American Philanthropist and a Real Estate Mogul David Rockefeller, the current patriarch of The Rockefeller Family, is an acknowledged name in the field of construction and real estate projects in the U.S. during the 20th century. Rockefeller Tower 30 Rockefeller Tower River Side Church “ A Legacy of Trust ” SECURITY OF INVESTMENT
  26. 26. *ref disclaimer “The WTCGP has been instrumental in helping DUNMORE find international opportunities to support our global goals.” JOHN JORDON Vice President Sales DUNMORE Corporation “ With WTC San Diego trade research team added new member firms and today we have over 40+ offices throughout Asia.” STEVE AUSTIN Resident, Integra International “The WTC of Greater Philadelphia, provides resources and international reach far beyond what any small business could develop alone.” LORRAINE H. KELLER, Ph.D., CEO.,Technical Vision Inc. “Transforming Trade” SECURITY OF INVESTMENT
  27. 27. *ref disclaimer Delivered in record time, WTC Manesar has not only been awarded as the World’s Best Office Development, it is also and India’s first LEED Platinum rated Mainstream Green building “ Delivered to International Standards ” SECURITY OF INVESTMENT
  28. 28. *ref disclaimer WTC delivers 18% Higher Rental & 33% Higher Occupancy than the market on an average. An investment that makes a measureable difference “ Higher Occupancy. Longer Leases. Higher Rents. ” HIGH RETURNS
  29. 29. *ref disclaimer “ Attractive Investment ” WTC Manesar protects its investors from short-term vagaries of market by giving upto 12% assured returns till possession And a minimum of pre-lease commitment charges of Rs. 70/- per sq ft per month – for another 1.5 years! A SAFE INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE NEEDS TO BE BUILT ON A SOLID FOUNDATION TODAY HIGH RETURNS
  30. 30. *ref disclaimer “ Catalysts to Regional Growth ” WTCs are high profile developments that convey a premier international business address and are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy CAPITAL APPRECIATION
  31. 31. *ref disclaimer WTC Manesar is a LEED PLATINUM rated Mainstream Green office Complex designed to consume up to 30% lesser energy, resulting in higher financial & environmental benefits to the owners, and health benefits to its occupants “ Mainstream Green For Long Term Asset Value” CAPITAL APPRECIATION
  32. 32. *ref disclaimer Signature Club at WTC, Manesar  offers investors a Unique opportunity to own much more than just a real estate property.  Join the league of world leaders who are helping define the future of the world through business  Enjoy a host of membership services at WTC Clubs across the world having reciprocal service agreements with WTC Manesar WHO Silokhra Family Spire World -Lineage -FDI -Heritage -Global Reach -Society -Exper se+ “ Exclusive Membership to Global Investors’ Club ” PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP
  33. 33. *ref disclaimer “ Creating Landmarks of Prosperity ” WTCs serve as ● Landmarks in the region that they serve. ● Exclusive symbols of International Connectedness and Competitiveness PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP
  34. 34. *ref disclaimer “Transformational Impact” PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP Dubai Present DayDubai in 1979 The city’s first landmark in 1979.The DWTC has acted as a platform for business growth
  35. 35. *ref disclaimer “ Driving a nation’s economy!”” PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP The DWTC Recognized on 100 Dirham notes
  36. 36. *ref disclaimer “experience the power of a global network” Now in NCR
  37. 37. *ref disclaimer Manesar
  38. 38. *ref disclaimer “India: Urban Hotspots Drive Growth” “NCR: The New Capital of Commerce ” 30% of India is urbanized 53 million-plus cities in 2011 which eventually would exceed 80 by 2030 3 megacities with populations in excess of 10 Mn
  39. 39. *ref disclaimer “ NCR : the emerging economic hub ” 50% urbanised NCR contributes to 80% of the region’s GDP This is where the Jobs are!  Gurgaon/Manesar  CBD Noida + Greater Noida + Yamuna Expressway  Faridabad.
  40. 40. *ref disclaimer …And this is where the land value escalation rates are the highest! The Radial Corridors guide the development pattern and the land value within NCR “ Manesar : the next MEGACITY ”
  41. 41. *ref disclaimer
  42. 42. *ref disclaimer
  43. 43. *ref disclaimer
  44. 44. *ref disclaimer
  45. 45. *ref disclaimer M A N E S A R : A C o m p l e t e E c o - s y s t e m
  46. 46. *ref disclaimer