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Service Design Conference - Side Effects Workshop


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Service Design Conference - Side Effects Workshop

  1. 1. Service Side - effects: How services can transform people’s behaviours in the long term?
  2. 2. If I wouldn’t have gone to MoMa in 2008, I wouldn’t be here today
  3. 3. My personal / professional scenario in 2008
  4. 4. My expectations before the exhibition
  5. 5. Short term effects
  6. 6. Short term effects Accessories for Lonely Men: collection of eight fictional products designed to alleviate loneliness after the departure or loss of a woman. The objects propose that most forms of human intimacy are crude enough in their physicality that they can be replicated with electronic objects, and are meant to question what we think we miss in a relationship; the individual or the generic traces they leave behind.
  7. 7. CRITICAL DESIGN Design uses speculative design proposals to challenge narrow assumptions, preconceptions and givens about the role products play in everyday life. It is more of an attitude than anything else, a position rather than a method. What is it for? Mainly to make us think. But also raising awareness, exposing assumptions, provoking action, sparking debate, even entertaining in an intellectual sort of way, like literature or film. One of critical Design's roles is to question the limited range of emotional and psychological experiences offered through designed products Effects keep on over time
  8. 8. CRITICAL RESEARCH: Types of design research: pattern seeking: research try to understand patterns and then design products critical research: designers make artifacts and place them in the world to create a response research on design: research about design to understand its values, methods and approaches research through design: use methods from design practice to explore multidimensional or wicked problems Jodi Forlizzi Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (CS 547): Spring 2010 Stanford University Effects keep on over time
  9. 9. Long Term effects.. new mindset
  10. 10. Long Term effects.. searching
  11. 11. Long Term effects.. making decisions
  12. 12. Can we design long term effects?
  13. 13. LEARNINGS - There are services (conferences/exhibitions/courses) whose impact is harder to measure: beyond people registration and evaluation forms - Turning “intangible effects” into tangible effects in the long term can be designed (turning short term curiosity into long term decisions). CHALLENGE How can we expand and measure the effects of a service (conference like) in the long term?
  14. 14. Design Challenge Challenge: How can we expand and measure the effects of a service (conference like) in the long term? Outcome: How To measure SDN effects ? How to expand SDN influence? Illustrate an image that represents the answer. Process: These are the elements that will help you to answer that question: - Conference Expectations - Short term effects - How you imagine yourself in 6 months - How this conference could play a role in your professional / personal life in 6 months? Example with MoMa: from Artistic curator - towards Personal curator