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The Wadhwa Group - Ferrari Launch


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Launch of Ferrari Showroom in BKC, Mumbai

Published in: Automotive
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The Wadhwa Group - Ferrari Launch

  1. 1. Brand The Wadhwa Group Web : Ferrari India Launch
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE “Create a social media campaign and capitalize on national and global visibility with Ferrari Launch.”
  3. 3. CHALLENGE Break Clutter • Cover the Ferrari launch event amidst the auto-media clutter Regional to Global • Bring a regional (Mumbai) event on to a Global scale Engagement and Visibility • Be visible on a global platform • Engage with users across channels
  4. 4. SOLUTION #ItalianIconAtPlatina , #FerrariAtPlatina A Social Media campaign creating buzz about the upcoming launch of an Italian luxury automobile icon at Platina, BKC – The Wadhwa Group’s Flagship property. Teaser | Contest | Launch
  5. 5. Teaser An international standard creative teaser series to invoke the excitement amongst the audience CAMPAIGN
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN The Contest A Social Media contest of 8 questions before the launch based on the Automotive legend and the answers pointing towards one name : Ferrari! But no direct mention of the brand by us!
  7. 7. CAMPAIGN THE QUESTIONS (8 in total)
  8. 8. LAUNCH All events on the launch were pushed on social media live across the day.
  9. 9. LAUNCH Live Event Coverage
  10. 10. LAUNCH Live Event Coverage Celebrity Coverage & RT
  11. 11. Audience response
  12. 12. RESULTS 4.7 lakh People reached 29,500+ Engagement actions received across social media Social Media – Over All
  13. 13. RESULTS 8375 post likes 1161 Comments 692 Shares 2.13 lakh People reached
  14. 14. RESULTS 1.19 Lakh Impressions 1600+ Retweets 5100+ Replies 1500+ Likes 10x Increase in twitter followers
  15. 15. RESULTS 1.38 Lakh Reach 1.41 Lakh Impressions 11000+ Likes 35% Increase in Followers
  16. 16. THANK YOU