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Why Is Geography Important?


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Why Is Geography Important?

  1. 1. Geography Matters By Morgan Pavitt Charley Wood and Lars Granville
  2. 2. This Is Why We Think Geography Is Important...  We think Geography is important because:
  3. 3. Types Of Geography  There are many different types of geography, the main ones are Human Geography and Physical Geography. They are equally important and here are some reasons why:
  4. 4. Physical Geography  Physical Geography is natural and happens naturally without humans doing anything to cause it like the formation of mountains and volcanoes erupting.  When these things happen they can have devastating effects. Haiti earthquake 2009 Iceland ash cloud 2010
  5. 5. Human Geography Human Geography is about us and how we cope with living and where we live, why we live there and what it is like. Favelas in Brazil New York city
  6. 6. Our world is important  Our world is facing problems which are very dangerous. Here are some of the threats faced by our planet.
  7. 7. Pollution  WE are polluting the environment and we need to change treat are world with care not despair. We are destroying the environment by creating power plants and making lots of cars which create more carbon dioxide.
  8. 8. Global Warming part 1 What is it? Global warming means that the temperature in our world is rising. Why is this bad? This is bad because the atmosphere’s made up of layers of gases called greenhouse gases. If there is too much of the greenhouse gases being made the heat on our planet will stay inside the atmosphere harming or maybe killing life on planet earth!
  9. 9. Global warming part 2  Where do the greenhouse gases come from?  Some are natural and some are produced by activities which release carbon dioxide – things like using coal and petrol and cutting down rainforests!
  10. 10. Global Warming part 3 What could happen? Sea levels would rise, destroying land. Places like Seaford could flood. There would be more droughts on land making it hard to grow crops. What can we do? We can reduce the carbon dioxide that is damaging the ‘O’ zone levels by: Recycling, having a compost heap, turn electrical equipment off when not being used and walking more than driving.
  11. 11. Our rainforests are being destroyed!  Why are they being destroyed?  Our rainforests are being destroyed to make room for cattle and to be turned into furniture and charcoal.  Sometimes it is cut down to create room to grow food like sugarcane, bananas, tea and coffee.  Oil companies look for new oil deposits and build pipelines, cutting down forests!
  12. 12. Why do we need rainforests? Rainforests are important because they provide a habitat for plants and animals! They regulate the temperature of our planet! They provide homes for many people! Rainforests are like PHARMACIES. Even though we only use 1% of all the types of amazing plants – they provide 25% of all our medicines – we would not have many of our common medicines if the rainforests disappeared! Many of our foods come from rainforests! DID YOU KNOW that over half of the planets rainwater is stored in the rainforest!
  13. 13. How can we help save the rainforests?  Recycle bottles  Do not buy products made from endangered species.  Buy nuts, cookies and cereals made from rainforest products –that way farmers have a reason to keep trees and plants and not cut them down.  Ask where beef burgers were made to make sure no rainforest was destroyed when making room for the cattle  Use less paper by using both sides!