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Urban Geographies


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Urban Geographies

  1. 1. What processes help establish an urban area? How does land use change within Brighton? How has Brighton changed over time? What are the factors responsible for causing change in Brighton? How is the built environment connected to the growth of Brighton as a resort and centre for consumption?
  2. 2. The North Laine : Growth determined Cultural by the field system Gay Quarter Chain store Brighton retail Grand 19th century expansion The Lanes : The original Tudor fishing town Tourist/Expensive The Royal Retail Pavilion and Continued growth the of the city fashionable area
  3. 3. Think about the physical setting...
  4. 4. Tourist/Expensive Retail
  5. 5. ‘The Bohemian Quarter’ Growth determined by the field system
  6. 6. The Fashionable Area
  7. 7. Wealth
  8. 8. ‘Pink Pound’- high levels of income and evidence of both gentrification and cultural landscapes. The high concentration of gay people in Brighton might be unusual, but is not unique. E.g. Canal Street area of central Manchester and parts of Soho in London.
  9. 9. Chain store retail