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Shape the future


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Shape the future

  1. 1. Shape the FutureAn OverviewSince their launch in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have encouraged countriesto work towards meeting the needs of the world’s poorest people. The target date for meeting thegoals is 2015. After 2015 a new set of goals or an entirely different way of looking at developmentwill be needed.David Cameron is co-chair of the United Nations High Level Panel that has been tasked with makingrecommendations on new development goals.The competition gives you the chance to: Find out about the first set of goals Evaluate their success Discuss and submit your own proposals for new goals Present your project as a five minute PowerPoint with no more than 15 slides. You could include a short film (no larger than 5mb).You will be judged on: Your knowledge of the current MDGs and the progress that has been made since 2000 Explanations of the challenges that should be incorporated into new global targets Use of relevant evidence and research Demonstration of critical thinking (questions, evidence, drawing on a wide range of views, thinking laterally about the purpose of the goals) A clearly communicated set of concise recommendationsIf the MDGs were achieved then: More children would go to school worldwide Few people will die from treatable diseases Girls will have the same opportunities as boysThe MDGs were: 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Develop a global partnership for developmentWhen created these goals were thought to be achievable but challenging. The goals were designedfor individual governments to achieve- except the 8th goal where all countries needed to worktogether. Progress against each target has been measured each year.
  2. 2. 1. What 8 goals would you set? Brainstorm and keep these.2. Watch the Comic Relief video- add any new ideas.3. Watch the Change the world in eight steps Oxfam video and note progress towards the first 8 MDGs.4. Look at the Millennium Development Goals progress report by the United Nations and add more detail about progress to each goal- 3 facts with evidence for each goal.5. Watch the Experts Inspire video series- are there any new ideas you have for new goals? Add them to your brainstorm and give your reasons- again back up with evidence (Oxfam website).6. Find the Restless Development Toolkit and use to add to your list of ideas or add more evidence.7. Collect views from Ada Model, our partner school in Ethiopia.8. Now decide on your new 8 goals-are they universal? Who will be responsible for ensuring they are met?9. You could conduct a school survey to find out the views of all students in your class/year.10. How do you think your goals should be promoted? Add some more information here: