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Paddington migration


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Paddington migration

  1. 1. Task Use the inside of your outline and show with pictures or words, all of the things that make up your identity. Think about events, experiences, relationships, preferences, abilities, likes etc.
  2. 2. -What makes us who we are? -Can you embrace different perspectives? -What are the harmful effects of stigma? -Can you reflect on assumptions about migration? Keywords Migration, Stigma
  3. 3. Task -Work in pairs and label yourselves A and B. -Person A asks Person B ‘What do you think makes me who I am?’ -Person A- record ideas from your partner around the edge of your outline. -Swap roles.
  4. 4. Task Stay in your pairs. Reflect on the first activities. -How did the way your partner see you differ from the way you see yourself? -How did the way you see your partner differ from how they see themselves? -Why might there be differences?
  5. 5. Treating individuals or groups differently due to negative and often unfair beliefs and attitudes about them. -Can you think of examples of types of Stigma?
  6. 6. -Fear of the unknown -Misinformation or misunderstanding about a particular issue, often from the media -Prejudice from peers or family members -Uncertainty about how to communicate (i.e. because of language barriers or cultural barriers) -Difference (perhaps from the dominant norm) Challenge: What are the harmful effects of stigma?
  7. 7. What is migration? Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. There are many different types. See if you can define the following: Voluntary Forced Permanent Temporary
  8. 8. Look at these headlines. What do they suggest about migrants? How might they lead to stigma? Daily Express The Sun Daily Express Daily Mail Daily Express Daily Mail
  9. 9. What makes you feel welcome? (Think about moving to a different place, changing schools or going to a different place on holiday)
  10. 10. Watch the following clips of Paddington. See if you can identify examples of stigma, discrimination, migration, welcome, unwelcome in the movie. Ideas should be both positive and negative.
  11. 11. -Although he seeks refuge from an earthquake, Paddington would not qualify as a refugee under the terms of the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Refugee status can only be claimed by those fleeing persecution for certain specified reasons and natural disasters are not among them. (Earthquake clip from 5 min until 7 min 15 Sec).
  12. 12. -Seeking a new home, his own in Peru being devastated by an earthquake, Paddington stows away to London. He deliberately avoids the authorities. -This makes him in formal terms an illegal entrant and as such commits a criminal offence punishable by up to 6 months in prison. If or when detected by the authorities it is more likely he would be removed back to Peru. To avoid that fate he would have to make out a legal basis to stay. (Migration 8 min until 11 min 20)
  13. 13. From the very start of the film, Paddington's adventures mirror those of others who undertake long and dangerous trips in search of a better life. His passage here also underlines another point - if migrants are prepared to come to the UK despite the associated dangers, it must be a good place to live. Guardian The Daily Mail
  14. 14. -Mr and Mrs Brown could face prosecution for harbouring an illegal immigrant, in which the maximum sentence is 14 years in prison. (Browns and Paddington- 12 min 40 sec- 14 min 43 sec)
  15. 15. Paddington wants to fit in but Mr. Brown (the father) is sceptical and does not trust Paddington’s plea to find the explorer. (19 min 50 sec- 25 min 40 sec) -Nicole Kidman plays an evil taxidermist and wants to stuff the bear. The neighbour hates illegal immigrants and fears that more bears will arrive. from The Guardian (1. 47 min until 47 min 54 sec) (2. 53 min 44 sec until 54 min 56 sec)
  16. 16. Like many others in his position, Paddington tries to get on with his life. The film only captures his first days in the United Kingdom, so we never find out how he gets on. Paddington misses home (55 min until 57 min 25 sec). His home is hunted. His presence is tracked through video cameras and intelligence from members of the public. (58 min until 1 hr 5 min and 10 sec). Paddington
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