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Hurricane sandy


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Here is the presentation from the lesson about Storm Sandy

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Hurricane sandy

  1. 1. Geography in the news!Source:
  2. 2. All Students: Will be able to describe the causes andconsequences of Hurricane Sandy.Most Students: will be able to write an effective paragraph, givinga well justified opinion as to which place the hurricane has causedmost problems for.Some Students: will be able to contribute additional knowledgeabout Hurricane Sandy.
  3. 3. Analysing Photographs1. Work in groups of 4.2. You each have a different photograph.3. You have 30 seconds to look at your photograph.4. On the back of the image write down one word thatcomes to mind about the photograph.5. Pass the photograph to the next person and repeat theactivity. Do not look at the word that the last person wrote.6. When the activity is finished you will be able to share yourthoughts about each photograph.
  4. 4. did the storm happen? did it happen?did it occur? impacts did the storm have?was involved?did people respond?
  5. 5. Watch the clip and see how many facts you can write down about the storm.
  6. 6. Source: BBC news
  7. 7. We will go through the animation together showing how hurricanes form,fill out the notes on your sheet from the whiteboard screen.
  8. 8. Why was it a hurricane in Haiti but a storm in New York?
  9. 9. Find out the effects…In your group, read the newspaper article and write down as bullet pointson your A3 sheet all the main effects in the area you are researching. Beready to feedback to the class.
  10. 10. Write 3 paragraphs1. Write a paragraph in your book outlining the effects of the hurricane inHaiti2. Write a paragraph in your book outlining the effects of the storm inNew York.3. Write a paragraph which explains in your opinion which place thehurricane has caused most problems for and why. REMEMBER!!! 1. Try to use synonyms for the word Hurricane e.g. The natural disaster, The colossal storm. 2. Use opening sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. 3. Remember to use capital letters for the start of place names.
  11. 11. -After we peer assessed your work in class, you are going to rewriteyour 3 paragraphs using your best presentation skills and includeinformation from the lesson. You can also add images, maps anddiagrams to inform and improve your writing.Your work may go on display!