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Geosquishing- Updated version


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Geosquishing- Updated version

  1. 1. Summer 2009<br />Geosquishing Competition<br />The Geography Department are running another competition this summer...Geosquishing! <br />Geosquishing is the act of squishing large objects between one or both hands! <br />You will need to photograph a famous or infamous location which you find on your travels this summer and GeoSquish it! <br />
  2. 2. PRIZE!<br />Have your image printed<br />on to an item of your choice!<br />Mug, Mouse Mat or Purse!<br />
  3. 3. You can either hand in your photographs to your Geography teacher or email them to: <br /><br />DEADLINE: Friday September 18th2009<br />3 categories: Upper School/Lower School/Staff<br />Look out for updates and a selection of the best images on the Geography blog ,VLE and also the Geosquishing website!<br /><br />