What if they had<br /> a profile?<br />
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Beachy Head<br />Seven Sisters...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name: Loch Ness<br />10hrs ago...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Snowdon <br />I’m feeling on t...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name: Lee Reynolds<br />10hrs ...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name<br />Havasu<br />10hrs ag...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Dr.Blue Lagoon says: I wish pe...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />MayonVolcano is feeling hot, h...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The waves are looking big!   1...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Mount St Helens is sleeping, f...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The Needles:Lighthouse is 150 ...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Seven Sisters are fed up of be...
Q<br />River Nile<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />River Nile<br />10hrs ago<...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Statue of Liberty<br />10hrs a...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name River Nile <br />3 hours...
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Eiffel Tower<br />10hrs ago<br...
By Katie   <br />
Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The London Eye I’m spinning ar...
What are you doing?<br />
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />What happe...
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Holly Wood...
Profile<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />Home<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />HAVASU<br ...
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Iceland<br...
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Jim Mahak<...
Find People<br />Settings<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Seven Sist...
Find People<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />USA<br />I...
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />I am in No...
Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />I have the...
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Tony Cassidy- Facebook and Twitter Profiles


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Tony Cassidy

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Tony Cassidy- Facebook and Twitter Profiles

  1. 1. What if they had<br /> a profile?<br />
  2. 2. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Beachy Head<br />Seven Sisters…I love you <br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Loving the sunny weather  I am getting a tan!<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent activity- <br />Beachy Head commented on Seven Sisters wall post.<br />Information<br />Hello, I am BeachyHead, Britain’s highest chalk cliff. I live near Eastbourne in East Sussex. I’m married to one of the Seven Sisters in Seaford and I love the sun x<br />Hello neighbour. The tide is high  <br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Yes, those waves are eroding my side x<br />Seven sisters<br />Older posts<br />Birling gap <br />River Cuckmere re<br />By Ben <br />
  3. 3. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name: Loch Ness<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />The weather’s atrocious and Nessy’s not sayin much!<br />CATCH NESSY<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />Shimmering from the light!<br />I’ve lost Nessy!!!<br />I’M LOST!!!!!!!<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Lakes-a-like<br />Nessy rules<br />What’s the weather like over there……WET!!!!<br />Seven Sisters<br />Ben Nevis<br />Nessy<br />Older posts<br />By Jake <br />
  4. 4. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Snowdon <br />I’m feeling on top of the world!!! 10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I&apos;m being walked on again <br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />I&apos;m Snowdon, a mountain in North Wales. I’m 1,085 metres high. I’ve even got a nature reserve around me!!! <br />Hey Snowdon, thanks for the add how&apos;s things going over there ??<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />The Snowdon Wildlife Reserve.<br />Yeah, I know, I am fed up of seeing that train!<br />Llyn Ogwen<br />Glyders<br />Tryfan<br />Older posts<br />By Zoe <br />
  5. 5. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name: Lee Reynolds<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />The aftershocks are becoming more frequent. <br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Joined Indonesia Earthquake<br />Information<br />I work with charities around the world helping earthquake victims.<br />Join the new Indonesian Earthquake group I set up!<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Lee, I messaged you my report on the earthquake earlier. Did you get it?<br />Indonesian Earthquake 3rd January 2009<br />Michael<br />Tom<br />Older posts<br />By Lee <br />
  6. 6. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name<br />Havasu<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I am splitting my chute into 2, woo!!<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />I am located in the northwestern part of the American state of Arizona. I’m one of the best waterfalls in Havasupai and am 37 metres tall. Some Havasupai Indians have swam in me!! I am famous!!!<br />HEY SIS, YOU LOOKING BEAUTIFUL IN THE SUN!<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Tribe Falls!<br />Hey cuz, how do you do that thing with your chute??<br />Mooney<br />Beaver<br />Rock<br />Older posts<br />By Hannah P <br />
  7. 7. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Dr.Blue Lagoon says: I wish people would stop skinny dipping in me!<br />1 minute ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Too many people splashing around.<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />I just hurled some water 70 ft high. You should have seen their faces lol<br />I am a large geothermal spa located in the south west of Iceland. I have an average temperature of 40 degrees and people are forever taking their clothes off to bathe in me! <br />I’m fed up of being dormant. I fancy some action!<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />I love Iceland<br />Fans of the Blue Lagoon.<br /> I am flying to the Westmann Islands for some peace and quiet. Catch ya later ;)<br />Geysir<br />Eldfell <br />Mr. Puffin<br />Older posts<br />By Dale M <br />
  8. 8. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />MayonVolcano is feeling hot, hot, hot!<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Mayon Volcano is thinking it’s time for a pyroclastic flow. <br />Share<br />View photos<br />Donate now!<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Mayon uploaded a photo- <br />‘’My photo when I erupted September 1984’’<br />Information<br />I am an active stratovolcano in the Philippines. Renowned as the &quot;Perfect Cone&quot; because of my almost perfectly conical shape . <br />Thanks, my owners will be rich! x<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />You should see my rice yields this year! <br />Save the earth!<br />Banaue<br />Manila <br />Bora<br />Older posts<br />By Catherine <br />
  9. 9. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The waves are looking big! 10hrs ago<br />Name: Seven Sisters<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I wish all those people would stop photographing me!!!<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />I hate waves hitting me- it hurts!<br /> I get so sad when a chunk of me falls off. <br /> I argue a lot with my seventh sister! <br />Hi Seven Sisters! How are you?<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Sussex Wildlife, <br />Cuckmere canoeing<br />Hey Seven Sisters! Have you been having anymore photo shoots?  <br />River Cuckmere<br />Beachy Head<br />Coastguard Cottages<br />Older posts<br />By Sophie <br />
  10. 10. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Mount St Helens is sleeping, for now!<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Scientists think they can monitor me, but I have a trick up my sleeve!<br />Ads<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Mount St Helens released some gas emissions. <br />Information<br />I&apos;m located in the US state of Washington. I erupted in 1980 and killed 57 people! <br />It’s about time we displayed some action! <br />cool<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />We are volcanoes<br />That’s nice<br />Can’t wait!!!!! <br />Snow<br />Lava<br />Pyroclastic flow<br />Older posts<br />By Ahmad <br />
  11. 11. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The Needles:Lighthouse is 150 tomorrow!<br />Moments ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Come and see my dazzling sandy cliffs! <br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Information<br />We are a row of stacks of chalk. We are located in the Isle of Wight, near to Alum Bay. <br />Lost a chunk of chalk yesterday :( How are you????<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Tourism on the Isle of Wight<br />:O Just Lost Nessy!! Haven’t seen him anywhere have you?? <br />Spins and Needles<br />Seven Sisters<br />Alum Bay<br />Loch Ness<br />Older posts<br />By Jon <br />
  12. 12. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Seven Sisters are fed up of being single! <br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I’m getting so cross with teens carving messages on me!!<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Commented on Beachy Heads status, “Loving the sun” So true! The 5th sister: Love Him <br />Information<br />Hi. We are the Seven Sisters. We’re all single except for one! The 5th one; she&apos;s married to BeachyHead. We live in Seaford. We erode up to 30-40 centre meters each year, ouch!<br />It’s about time you sisters had a good night out! Fancy a drink? <br />Groups<br />Friends<br />I’m terribly sorry! They just love my meanders <br />Cuckmere<br />Golden Galleon<br />Beachy Head<br />Older posts<br />By Maddy<br />
  13. 13. Q<br />River Nile<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />River Nile<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I hate those boat tours…more pollution! <br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />BBC filming a documentary on me I get really fed up with people filming about me.<br />Information<br />I am about 6,670 km in length and I am the longest river in Africa and in the world. <br />Lovely scenery Nile loving it <br />Groups<br />Friends<br />I wish I was as big as you.<br />Thames<br />Sphinx<br />Beyonce<br />Older posts<br />By Naomi. <br />
  14. 14. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Statue of Liberty<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />I&apos;m getting bored  <br />Share<br />View photos<br />Recent Activity<br />Statue of Liberty is now friends with the River Nile<br />View videos<br />Hi everyone. I am the Statue of Liberty. Everyone loves to look at ME!!!<br />Hi statue of liberty  I&apos;m getting really really dizzy.<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Hey how are you? People should be more careful when they step on me <br />Eiffel tower<br />London eye<br />River Nile<br />Older posts<br />By Katie <br />
  15. 15. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Name River Nile <br />3 hours ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Is getting spic and span for the next cruisers on my waters ;)<br />Share<br />View photos<br />Nile Cruises<br />View videos<br />Information<br />Recent Activity- Recently joined group ‘parasites stops invading our waters!<br />Hi I’m the River Nile. I’m situated in Egypt. I’m around 65 million years old and hold the record for the longest river in the world. <br />Is glad that summer time is around again! <br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Is watching the moonlight gleam on its waters <br />Wonders of the world!<br />River Amazon<br />Great Pyramids<br />Sphinx<br />Older posts<br />By Lauren <br />
  16. 16. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />Eiffel Tower<br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />I love watching all these people climbing my stairs!<br />Ads<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Recent Activity<br />Eiffel tower is now playing Farmville.<br />Information<br />I&apos;m the tallest building in Paris. I&apos;m 1,063 ft tall, the same height as 81 story building. I weigh 10,000 tons. <br />Just had loads of people taking photos of me.<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />It’s Nearly 12 .<br />London Eye<br />Big Ben<br />Statue of Liberty.<br />Older posts<br />By Abbi<br />
  17. 17. By Katie <br />
  18. 18. Q<br />Search<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Inbox<br />Friends<br />Settings<br />Logout<br />The London Eye I’m spinning around! <br />10hrs ago<br />Info<br />Photos<br />Boxes<br />Wall<br />Ads<br />Starting To Get Dizzy From All This Spinning :S<br />Share<br />View photos<br />View videos<br />Information<br />I Spend Most Of My Time Spinning Around For The Enjoyment Of Humans, Done 9 years of it, I JUST WISH I COULD GO FASTER!<br />Recent Activity<br />The London Eye Is Now Playing Farmville.<br />The London Eye Just had loads of fun taking new pictures!<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />The London Eye Has Just Leveled Up In Texas Poker!<br />Statue Of Liberty<br />Eiffel Tower<br />Big Ben<br />Older posts<br />By Dan <br />
  19. 19. What are you doing?<br />
  20. 20. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />What happened to the American dream??? <br />Sergio<br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />Just had to send 200 dollars home to Alamos today. Really need a job.<br />@Sergio<br /> Direct Messages<br />On the look out for a new job. Any ideas?<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />Just dropped a tray of dishes and got fired. <br />RSS Feed<br />Working long hours in the restaurant tonight  <br />By Tristan<br />More<br />
  21. 21. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Holly Wood<br />I’m a very rich city, many celebrities live and record films in me. Basically i’mfamous!<br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />My nickname Tinseltownrefers to the glittering, superficial nature of me and the movie industry. <br />@Hollywood<br /> Direct Messages<br />My climate is subtropical, I face mild wet winters and warm to hot summers. <br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />I’m located in the west-northwest of America.<br />RSS Feed<br />I’m famous. I can be located inside Los Angeles which is inside the state of California.<br />By Maddy<br />More<br />
  22. 22. Profile<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />Home<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />HAVASU<br />I have gorgeous blue and green waters.<br />100<br />100<br />89<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />I am a waterfall in the heart of the Grand Canyon.<br />@HAVASU<br /> Direct Messages<br />Havasupai Indians live nearby!<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />Lots and lots of people come and visit and photograph me.<br />RSS Feed<br />I am 37 metres tall, and can split my chute into 2!<br />By Hannah<br />More<br />
  23. 23. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Iceland<br />Surrounded by sea<br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />I am a European country<br />@Iceland<br /> Direct Messages<br />I am located in the northern hemisphere<br />Favourites<br />Mexico<br />Q<br />You can find me on a plate boundary<br />RSS Feed<br />I’m an island<br />By Jon<br />More<br />
  24. 24. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Jim Mahak<br />In the middle of North America and South America<br />100<br />100<br />89<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />They recently had an outbreak of swine flu.<br />@Jim Mahak<br /> Direct Messages<br />Just under USA<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />The country is in the southern hemisphere<br />RSS Feed<br />I come from a country<br />By Jake<br />More<br />
  25. 25. Find People<br />Settings<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />Seven Sisters<br />I’m made of chalk<br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />I am located on the south east coastline<br />@sevensisters<br /> Direct Messages<br />I have six sisters<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />Me and my sisters stretch from Seaford to Eastbourne<br />RSS Feed<br />We have a famous country park named after us<br />By Sophie<br />More<br />
  26. 26. Find People<br />Home<br />Profile<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />USA<br />I have 52 states.<br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />My president is Barack Obama. <br />@USA<br /> Direct Messages<br />Washington D.C. is my capital city. <br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />I am a very diverse country. There are lots of different cultures here. <br />RSS Feed<br />I am super powerful! <br />By Nick<br />More<br />
  27. 27. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />I am in North America<br />Canada <br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />My capital city is Toronto<br />@Canada<br /> Direct Messages<br />USA is next to me<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />Niagara Falls is so cool!<br />RSS Feed<br />I am largest country in North America<br />By Andrej<br />More<br />
  28. 28. Home<br />Profile<br />Find People<br />Settings<br />Help<br />Sign out<br />What are you doing?<br />140<br />I have the statue, Christ the Redeemer.<br />Brazil <br />100<br />89<br />100<br />Following<br />Followers<br />Tweets<br />Update<br />Home<br />Home<br />My capital is Brasilia.<br />@Brazil<br /> Direct Messages<br />I am the largest country in South America.<br />Favourites<br />Search<br />Q<br />My most populated city is Sao Paulo.<br />RSS Feed<br />I am located in South America.<br />By Lee<br />More<br />