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Dr ice


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Published in: Education, Technology

Dr ice

  1. 1. Session Objective: to outline the key concepts of Dr Ice
  2. 2. DR ICE Deepening Thinking Role modelling Impact on learning Challenge Engagement
  3. 3. Deepening Thinking  Students should be required to develop their ideas and to go beyond the surface.  Questioning can be used to extend thinking.  A big question at the start of the lesson that’s revisited at the end  A hook
  4. 4. The Hook
  5. 5. Role Modelling  Pre planned  Provide examples at different target levels  Model thinking  Peer role model/Peer assessment  Teacher and student lead demonstrations  Visualizer
  6. 6. Impact on Learning  Do the activities that you have planned match the success criteria set?  Do your activities link directly to what is to follow?  Provide a space in the lesson to practise skills.  Provide reflection time and allow students to set their own targets
  7. 7. Challenge  Are all students suitably challenged?  Does everyone have to have the same starting point?  Students are achieving at or above their target grade  Differentiation by outcome/resource/task  Differentiated activities for all
  8. 8. Engagement  Are all students engaged?  Silence does not always mean engagement  Are you activities interesting, innovative, thought provoking, exciting. Avoid –  lengthy question and answer sessions  Single students reading work to class  Long teacher led exposition