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My students use ideas from my (Jeff Funk) class on business models to develop a business model for robotic telepresence. Globalization and the need for global communication within and between firms drives the need for effective means of communicating without travel. While telepresence offers superior quality when compared to traditional video calls, it is expensive and lacks portability. Robotic telepresence offers a cheaper and more mobile form of telepresence. This presentation analyzes the business model for one supplier of robotic telepresence, Anybot

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Biz model for portable telepresence anybot

  1. 1. MT 5016Business Model forHigh-Tech ProductsASSOC PROF Funk, Jeffrey Lee Ushashree Divakar Li Yinbei Zhou Kaijing Chang Chiew Yuen Wang QianQian Oh Chin Lock
  2. 2. Robotic Telepresence Anybots, Inc.
  3. 3. Video Introduction of Anybots Source:
  4. 4. Outline• Telepresence & Robotic Telepresence• Motivation of Telepresence & Markets• Customer needs & segments• Robotic Telepresence and Anybots QB• Value proposition• Value capture• Scope of activities• Strategic Control• Summary
  5. 5. Telepresence today Suppliers • Polycom • Cisco • Huawei • HP Features • High resolution • High fidelity • Immersive • High investment(Source: Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association)
  6. 6. Robotic Telepresence Telepresence Mobility Robotic Telepresence Source:
  7. 7. Motivation for Robotic TelepresenceGlobalization + Internet boom • Cross functional projects • Increasing companies setting up their manufacturing and R&D facilities overseas • Increasing need for collaboration and communication across geographical regions • Increasing internet connectivity
  8. 8. Telepresence Market Source: ABI ResearchResults from the latest market study by For the full year 2011, total enterpriseInternational Data Corporation (IDC) showed a videoconferencing market revenue reachedstrong fourth quarter of 2011 (4Q11), with $2.7 billion – thats an increase of 20.5 percentvideoconferencing revenue growing 19.0 over the full year 2010.percent quarter over quarter and 24.6 percentyear over year to reach $807.9 million.
  9. 9. Bloomberg Businessweeks Drake Bennet thinks there is a better, and cheaper,alternative to business travel: Telepresence robots.The worldwide market for telepresence robotics is expected to grow from $556.1million in 2010 to $13.1 billion in 2016. Robots that can be controlled from anylocation could be responsible for everything from office security and surveillance toholding remote meetings and virtual collaboration. Methods to achieve “Being there” Robotic Email, Telephone Web Video Tele- Being SMS Conference Conference, Physically Telepresence presence there! Least Effective Most Effective
  10. 10. Customer Selection is there a market ??? whom to serve and not serve ???
  11. 11. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical • Provide interface to doctors, & museum centers specialist to communicate with patients remotely. • Tele-operation.Disaster Anybots Educationrecovery QB Exploration Home care Military, Police, Security
  12. 12. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical & museum centersDisaster Anybots Educationrecovery QB • Allow education institutes to engage the best experts and educators around the world to Exploration Home care provide teaching. Military, Police, Security • Mobility will enhance classroom interaction to stimulate studies.
  13. 13. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical • Companion for elderly living alone & museum centers at home • Possibility with situation-specific intelligent – reminding (e.g. takingDisaster Anybots medication or drinking) Educationrecovery QB • Alert message when emergency detected Exploration Home care Military, Police, Security
  14. 14. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical & museum centers • Area monitoring by military, policeDisaster Anybots and securities. Educationrecovery QB • Fire detection applications • Allowing user to patrol and examine remote areas Exploration Home care Military, • Perform precision observation and Police, data collection without Security experiencing the hazard
  15. 15. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical & museum centers • Deployment in an underwaterDisaster Anybots environment in order to produce Educationrecovery QB interactive webcasts of scientific material. • Navigate to areas that are difficult and impossible to reach by human Exploration Home care e.g. natural resource exploration. Military, Police, Security
  16. 16. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / conference Medical & museum centersDisaster Anybots Educationrecovery QB • Deployment for use in disaster recovery in earthquake, nuclear disaster e.g. Fukushima Exploration Home care Military, Police, Security
  17. 17. Customer Segments Global organization Event, Hospital / • Presenting papers, attending conference Medical presentations, participating in & museum centers panel discussions, and co-chairing a technical session. • A “telepresence hall” forDisaster Anybots presentations and/or professional Educationrecovery QB networking. • Museums could arrange tele- presence visiting to examine exhibits from different angles in a Exploration Home care museum. (Australian National Military, Museum, 2012) Police, Security
  18. 18. Customer Segments • Meeting, collaboration, sales & marketing Global organization • Auditing, inspection & Event, Hospital / maintenance conference Medical & museum centers Why do we only target at global organization?Disaster Anybots Education Highrecovery QB market demand Low tech- nology Exploration Home care barrier Military, Low R&D Police, Investment Security
  19. 19. Empathy Map – Office Staff THINK AND FEEL Time wasting Stuck in traffic Hassle to travel and coordinate No break – back to back meetings Increasing backlog HEAR SEE Usage of video conference Team in different location Ready to travel for meetings when require Webcam New development of internet speed Video conference Webinar SAY AND DO? Minimal travel (esp. people with family) Silos team Avoid responsibility PAIN GAIN Missing time with family, friends More time with family, friend Long travel time Closer communication with colleagues located remotely Segregated time – lack of communication Multi-tasking
  20. 20. Anybots QB – Remote Yourself!
  21. 21. Anybots QB’s specifications & features Cost & Country of • USD 9,700 Origin • United States Human- • It looks vaguely like Wall-E, the Resemblance robot imp from 2008 Pixar film Quotient Mobility • Runs on Segway-style wheels • The QB has a video camera for Interaction Ability eyes • Since it is essentially roaming Cognitive Ability videoconference center, it‟s your brain in a robot‟s body Creepy-Robot • A laser pointer in its right eye, designed for pointing at things in Factor the office Source:
  22. 22. Value Proposition what to offer and how to differentiate ???
  23. 23. Business Meeting & Office communicationLow setup cost & High usage rateMove beyond the meeting room• Videoconference / Telepresence is confined to structured environment like conference room.• People prefer to talk and interact in non- structured environments, anywhere.
  24. 24. Strategy Canvas (against Technologies / Solutions)
  25. 25. Product inspection & Factory auditMany factories need consistent inspection.Limitation of CCTV• Limited to the fixed viewpoint• More CCTV camera requires if more area need to be coveredAnybots enable companies to conductinspection remotely from HQ and make morefrequent inspections.
  26. 26. Competitive Products
  27. 27. Strategy Canvas (against Competitors)
  28. 28. Value Capture $$$$$ / Margin ….
  29. 29. Value Capture
  30. 30. Revenue stream
  31. 31. Revenue stream
  32. 32. Revenue stream
  33. 33. Revenue stream
  34. 34. Revenue stream
  35. 35. Scope of Activities What to do and Who I want to „marry‟?
  36. 36. Value chain Firm infrastructure activitiesSupport Research, development and designactivities Human resource management Primary Purchasing, Dealer activities inventory Market- Outbound support Manufac- and holding, ing & logistics materials turing Sales customer handling service (Source: Prof Funk‟s lecture)
  37. 37. Research & Development Balance Computer control vision Path Video / Planning / Sensor Audio Networking / Motion Communic Control ation
  38. 38. Design• In-house designing• human like design vs. minimal design• Customize appearance design for customers• Communication interface via ROS applications
  39. 39. ManufacturingPartnership with U.S based OEM manufacturer (E System)• Built to the professional quality needed for business communications• Better protect intellectual property compared to oversea manufacturing• Benefit greatly from time-to-market• Reduce capital outlay compared to in-house manufacturing
  40. 40. Marketing and Sales• Invite selected organizations to be beta testers (e.g. Carnegie Mellon University, NASA)• Grant distributor rights to RoboMatrix to introduce Anybots’ QB telepresence robot rental service to the Japanese and Taiwanese markets. RoboMatrix is a division of Innovation Matrix, Inc., a leading distributor of robotic, motion control, and automated systems.
  41. 41. Vertical (Dis)integration Chain Anybots Partners R&D Design Manufacturing Sales Marketing Maintenance
  42. 42. Strategic Control I want to survive and make the most profits!
  43. 43. Strategic Control Protection against ( ) imitation Create scale or network effectsHave bettercomplementaryassets Cross the chasm Control industry architecture
  44. 44. Patent Protection3 utility patents (20y), 2 design patents (14y) granted! Temporary Monopoly, Prevent Imitation However, should prosecute patents in other key markets other than USA
  45. 45. Maximizing Profits as the innovatorComponents (e.g. cams, screens, mechanical parts, battery) are standard and easy to acquireAs early stage company, does not control many complementary assets.However …. Key design elements are protected by Patents • Software for remotely controlling the robot, • Software for balancing the robot, • Design of the robot. Control the platform and interface • Suppliers supply „cheap‟ standard components • IP control  need for integration ensures that the integral design reaps more profits! • Control the industry architecture
  46. 46. Control of Industry Architecture Platform, Integral Design IPR + Control Platform API Integration Interface Application Developers Robotic Sensors Mechanical Makers Modules Makers OEM Manufacturers Service Providers VAR Distributors Retail Customers
  47. 47. Network Effects – Open API, 3P developers Telepresence market shows :- Usage increases with more units deployed (Metcalfe’s Law) (source: cisco) • Core platform protected against imitation • Open the interface (standard API) for 3P app developers • Create network effects – open innovation to tap innovative complementary apps on QB platform
  48. 48. Options available to AnybotsGo to the leaders (e.g. Cisco, iRobot, Toyota, Polycom)• Leverage on the IP protection to negotiate licenses with good royalties• Work with the leaders to access their complementary assets to scale, cross the chasmGo by themselves• Enforce patent infringement aggressively• Build complementary assets (marketing, sales) and outsource manufacturing• Once market is big enough, pursue licensing or strategic buy-out
  49. 49. Value Costumer CostumerKey partners Key activities proposition relationships segments Key resources Channels In ConclusionCost structure Revenue streams
  50. 50. Test drive Test Drive
  51. 51. Thank you