Biz model for eye tracking tech


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These slides summarize a business model for eye-tracking technology, as part of a course on business models taught by Jeff Funk.

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Biz model for eye tracking tech

  1. 1. MT4002Business Model for Eye-Tracking Technology from Eye-Com Aakaash Singh Chan Ying Tung Muhammad Nur Hakim B Jufri Tan Kai Qi Wang Jue
  2. 2. Outline• Introduction – Eye-tracking – Changes In Its Industry – The EC7T™ System• Customer Selection, Value Proposition And Value Capture – Fatigue Detection – Assistive Technology – Medical and Research Tool – Gaming Industry• Recommendation – Needs And Specification – Value Capture – Scope of Activities – Strategic Control – Value Network
  3. 3. IntroductionWhat is eye tracking?Detects eye movement by identifying the pupilregion and tracking its motion to determineprecisely where the user is looking.
  4. 4. Changes in the Eye-tracking Industry Increased Generated greatInitial experiments sophistication and interests in thewith infrared sensor accessibility of eye commercial sector; to track eye tracking technologies many applicationsmovement in 1999 in recent years are explored
  5. 5. Prominent Areas of Research Advertising/ Packaging Assistive Communication Automotive Design
  6. 6. Eye-Com: The EC7T™ System• Uses microcameras and eye tracking software to monitor – Eyelid and pupil activity – Head movement• Wearable and integrated frame
  7. 7. The EC7T™ System Applications• Fatigue Detection• Assistive Technology• Gaming Industry• Medical and Research Tool• Many more…
  8. 8. Fatigue Detection
  9. 9. Driver Fatigue• Two out of every five drivers self-reported falling asleep while driving in the past 12 months. (NHTSA)• Estimate that 56,000 sleep related road crashes annually in the USA, resulting in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities• 30% - 40% of heavy trucks accidents are caused by driver sleepiness.• In 2002 alone the Total Cost of Fatigue-Related Crashes exceeded $2.3 billion
  10. 10. How does it work?• Monitor driver’s pupil size and blink patterns.• As driver becomes sleepy, blink patterns change• Alarm is triggered v=zovmcCR_fI8&feature=player_e mbedded# (0:29 to 1:19)
  11. 11. Customer SelectionCar/truck driversIndividual driver Air traffic controllersOther shift workers Emergency medical responders Security personnel
  12. 12. Value Proposition• Prevent hazardous working conditions from : – Sleep deprivation – Long shift hours• Ensure safety for: – Companies and organizations whose business involve long working hours – Individual drivers who want a safe trip
  13. 13. Strategy Canvas Eye-Com Competitors Lexus LS-series: Mercedes-Benz : EC7T™ System Driver Monitoring Attention Assist System System (AAS)• Wearable eye frame • Accuracy is affected by • Monitor drivers’ different head position steering behavior• Highly accurate • Integrated & built-in • Integrated & built-in• Modular system system
  14. 14. Strategy Canvas EC7T™ System Lexus : Driver Monitoring SystemSensitivity and Modularity Level of comfort Price Mercedes-Benz : Accuracy Attention Assist System (AAS)
  15. 15. Value Capture• Business-to-Business contract with related companies for products and servicing – Trucking companies – Airports (Air-traffic control) – Others• Business-to-Customer
  16. 16. Assistive Technology
  17. 17. Introduction• 1.9% of the U.S. population;5,596,000 people, reported some form of paralysis• In many cases, the eyes remain unaffected by paralysis. (WAIMR).
  18. 18. Customer Selection• Those who suffer from paralysis have difficulties: – Controlling the computer – Speaking• They must also have the wants to overcome communication challenges.
  19. 19. Value PropositionEnables the physically challenged to:• Use computer with greater sensitivity & accuracy• Overcome communication challenge• Improve their quality of life
  20. 20. Strategy Canvas• Computer control – hands-free• Competitors: Accupoint and Eye-Max VS VSAccupoint Eye-Com Eye-Max
  21. 21. Strategy CanvasKey Dimensions of performance:• Brand – Strong brand demonstrates benefits of reliability• Sensitivity and accuracy• Level of comfort / Ease of use – Important to assess the users physical and psychological comfort with a device (Scherer, 2002)
  22. 22. Strategy Canvas Eye Com Dynavox (Eye Max) Accupoint Brand New company 20 years 15 years Sensitivity Eye movement Eye movement Head movement Close proximity of Must position < 43cm Unit is attached to Accuracy device and pupil away the forehead Unit attach to theLevel of comfort Wearable glasses No unit attached forehead
  23. 23. Strategy Canvas
  24. 24. Value CaptureEye-Com’s revenue : Hospitals and Medical Rehabilitation clinics equipment institutions for retailers the disabled
  25. 25. Medical And Research Tools
  26. 26. How does it work? 1. Changes In Pupil Position 2. Pupil Diameter 3. Eyelid ClosureSynchronizing with other devices can provide more comprehensive research data 1. EEG – brain waves Biometric 2. ECG – electrical activity of the heart devices 3. Pulse Oximeter – oxygen saturation in blood
  27. 27. How does it work?ECG EEG
  28. 28. Customer Selection1. Hospitals“ Coronary heart disease is top killer in high income countries and Alzheimer and other related diseases is ranked 7th. Together, they make up 1.5 million deaths in 2002. ” -World Health Organisation2. Research Centers & Pharmaceutical Companies
  29. 29. Innovative Gaming
  30. 30. How does it work? Consoles and controllersEye-Com More interactive Computer and devices
  31. 31. How does it work?
  32. 32. Customer Selection FirstUnarticulated Casual time Gamers GamersCustomer Needs Hardcore Women Articulated Gamers Gamers Served Unserved Customer Types
  33. 33. Recommendations
  34. 34. Eye-Com’s Current Strategy“The EC7T is still under development at this time. Our first commercial product for the assistive technology market should be released at the beginning of next year. At this time, we have not set a price point yet.” -Eye-Com
  35. 35. Our Recommendations Focus on Fatigue Detection Less competitive First mover market advantage Introduce Assistive Technology After accumulating sufficient capitals andpersonnel for sales, marketing and servicing
  36. 36. Customer Needs and Relative Importance ImportanceS.No Needs (1-5) 1 The system has to be accurate and reliable 5 2 The system should be light-weight 5 3 The system should be easy to use 5 4 The system should be sensitive to movement 5 5 The system should look fashionable 3 6 The system should be sturdy 4 7 The system should be reasonably comfortable 5 8 The system should be easily cleanable 3 9 The system should be able to connect to a PC easily 5 10 The system should be versatile and compatible with other head 4 mounted devices 11 The system should be safe and non-hazardous to the eye 5
  37. 37. Metrics and Needs Metric Unit 1 2,7,5 Weight grams 2 1,4 Micro-camera Resolution frames/second 3 1,6 Mean time before failure days 4 1,3,7,11 Viewing Angle degrees 5 2,6 Bending Strength KPa 6 5 Visually Appeal subj 7 10 Connectivity subj 8 11 Light Intensity candela
  38. 38. Value Capture $$ •EC7T™ System Sales •Service, Maintenance &Training
  39. 39. Scope of Activities Software (Software codes, Disintegration algorithms Manufacturing ofIntegration development) Components Vertical Vertical (Micro-cameras, LEDs, sensors ) Sales and Marketing Assembly of Components
  40. 40. Strategic Control Control Key ComplimentaryPatents Customers Resources Assets
  41. 41. Strategic ControlPatents• Hardware• Software ─ Shield their source code from competitors• Integrated technology
  42. 42. Strategic ControlControl Key Resource• Focus on research• Making key materials needed for the production scarce – Negotiate with suppliers to be the exclusive users of the materials
  43. 43. Strategic ControlComplementary Assets• Sales and Servicing – Assistive technology • Highly trained sales force • Speak to doctors to become Eye-Com’s opinion leaders – Fatigue detection • Training sessions for trucking companies • Software upgrade
  44. 44. Strategic ControlCustomer Feedback Loop• Collect and analyse user data to better meet customer needs through system improvement – Aesthetic appeal of the eye frame – Preference for user interface (assistive technology)• Customer satisfaction will retain customers and build up bigger customer base
  45. 45. Value NetworkResearch Fatigue Tools Detection Eye-ComGaming Assistive Technology
  46. 46. Suggestions for the Future Lie Military Operation Manydetectors Usage of mobile more….. phones
  47. 47. THANK YOU Q&A