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My students use ideas from my (Jeff Funk) class on business models to analyze the business model for Sony's AtracTable. This new type of display enables new forms of computer interaction in retail outlets such as self-checkout or information access, in malls such as information access, and in restaurants (games and information access). these slides analyze the customer selection, value proposition, value capture, and other aspects of a business model for Sony's AtracTable.

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Biz Model for AtracTable

  1. 1. SONY AtracTableMT4002: Technology Management Strategy Group members: Cheng Jee Fong, Maple Hon Singya (Han Xinya) Khairul Azhar Bin Rosawi Tan Shi Yang, Gerald Tan Yong Guan
  2. 2. TAB ONE TAB TWO TAB THREE TAB FOUR • ApplicationActivities Scope of 1 – Advertising SWOT Analysis • ApplicationAtracTable Introduction2 –AtracTable BusinessDisintegration Future VerticalofNetwork Model to Retail • ApplicationControl Check Out Competitor 3 – Self Strategic Overview
  3. 3. Key Features of Technology• Smart AR – Ability to operate without physical barcode• Camera – 3D Capabilities – Able to recognize users’ physical attributes
  4. 4. Application 1ADVERTISING
  5. 5. Old Technology – Bus Stop Advertisement New Technology – AtracTable
  6. 6. Technology ComparisonConventional Methods AtracTable
  7. 7. Customer Selection
  8. 8. Wants• Unique and effective advertising medium Value Proposition• Build Strong Brand Identity• Interactive Display• Social Media
  9. 9. Application 2RETAIL SHOPS
  10. 10. Old Technology – Retail Staff New Technology – AtracTable
  11. 11. Technology ComparisonConventional Methods AtracTable
  12. 12. Customer Selection
  13. 13. Wants• Be able to engage and manage crowds efficiently Value Proposition• Improved customers’ experiences• Potential links with a company’s and customers’ social media
  14. 14. Application 3SELF CHECK-OUT
  15. 15. Old Technology – Self Checkout Machines New Technology – AtracTable
  16. 16. Technology ComparisonConventional Methods AtracTable
  17. 17. Customer Selection
  18. 18. Wants• Shorter queue times Value Proposition• Efficient Checkout System
  19. 19. Other Applications• Information Boards at Mall, Transportation• Products Showcase at Trade Fairs• Borrowing Books at Library
  20. 20. Method of Value Capture Suppliers Programmers + data exposure money money Software service product Marketing Retail Sony Agencies + + reputatio Pay/sa reputation Less Money / Contract n le Basis experience money experience money Consumers orproduct service Customers of Retail
  21. 21. Competitor OverviewSamsung SUR 40• Technology bought from Microsoft• PixelSense Technology• 50-points of simultaneous interaction• Operates on Bing
  22. 22. Competitor OverviewDimension of SONY AtracTable Samsung SUR 40Performance
  23. 23. Strategy Canvas ~ AtracTableHigh AtracTable SUR 40Low Price Object Image User Customizability recognition Quality Experience
  24. 24. Scope of ActivitiesIn House Outsource
  25. 25. POSITIVE NEGATIVEINTERNAL FACTORS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES •High overhead cost • Economy of scale in R&D •Niche market – only targeting • High barrier to entry – patent business our own unique technology SWOT AnalysisEXTERNAL FACTORS •Changing consumer purchasing behavior •Emergence/Evolution of touch •Technological advancement screen user interfaces in everyday life OPPORTUNITIES THREATS
  26. 26. Strategic ControlProtection of Patent (In-House Technology)• Hardware – SONY ISSXCD-V60 Lenses Increase• Software barrier of entry – Smart AR Technology – 3D Technology – Software Recognition
  27. 27. Entering the consumer electronic marketGOING FURTHER
  28. 28. Possible Future Effects• Diffuse into the consumer market• Large majority of market• No longer rely on production• More range of products available
  29. 29. Imagine …AtracTable in our daily lives …
  30. 30. Value PropositionStrengthens the bond of a family under the theme “Sharing is Caring” . Members can share information, pictures, videos and even handwritten messages to their love ones.
  31. 31. Business Network Model Less money Money Software Companies Sony E-Store SDK Maintenance Treatment Contract less moneyPatients Healthcare Sony Consumers Money Money Product Product Less money Money Money Property Apps Developers House Money Home Owners Maintenance
  32. 32. Thank You!