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Hybrid digital broadcasting methods


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Hybrid TV approaches including Governments face on Smart TV Software services, TV markets, scenario design in living room and 2 case studies

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Hybrid digital broadcasting methods

  1. 1. Hybrid DigitalBroadcasting methods數位匯流之智慧聯網的實踐方案 2011/12/16 Chen Jing-Fung @ CSRSR, NCU
  2. 2. Outline• Governments face on Smart TV Software services – Television Revolution – The schedule about Analog TV switch-off• TV markets – Global Subscribers & Operators – Online Video Service Approaches – SW & HW on TV Markets Map• Scenario in living room – Some Hybrid features on TV – Existing TV services• Case study – III hybrid TV services – 2nd screen application
  3. 3. Governments face on Smart TV Software services 國家投入2009-2015 CAGR=102% – 三網融合政策+數位電視 國有化目標確立 – 網路視訊內容提供須具營運牌 照業者 • 杭州華數(Wasu)、上海 文廣互動電視 (SiTV+BesTV)、CNTV&南 走向Multi-platform 方傳媒集團 • 2009-2015 CAGR=45% – 2009 • Yahoo! TV Widget與國際電 視大廠合作 (SONY, Samsung, 邁向廣播&寬頻匯流 LG, VIZIO) • 聯網電視3C通路上架率3成2009-2015 CAGR=54% 共同標準 • 電視營運商推跨PC、TV、手– 2009 德法HBB TV標準 • 機數位電視服務 2009-2015 CAGR=8% 化 廣電整合電視設備 • Cable業者展開TV – 2007 acTVila成立(SONY, Sharp, Everywhere服務 商之聯網電視模式 Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi合資)提供開 – 2010 放硬體標準 • 歐洲PSB+終端設備製 – 2009 OESF成立 推廣與交流Android 手 • Samsung 推出聯網電視應用 造商+中介軟體廠商 機以外EM開發 商店(TV apps) – 電視品牌、終端設備或電信服務與手 • Youtube leanback功能簡化 機應用極廣電標準皆具影響力 (預期 之客廳使用方式 2011年中 停止所有類比TV訊號發送) • 早開始 成長趨緩
  4. 4. Television Revolution TV 1.0 TV 2.0 TV 3.0Broadcast TV Connected TV Smart TVOne-way Receiver TV link to Internet Video TV link to Services & Devices VHS TV via Internet Intelligent TVBroadcasting Catching, Surfing, Sharing, SocialWatching Playing Interlink Internet TV Connected TV 第一階段 Smart TV 第二階段 Smart TV TV apps電視機大廠開發自 電視機大廠+Yahoo合 Samsung電視app商 OTT store 店,Google TV streaming己的上網軟體&操 作內建Yahoo Widget Android 軟體商店與 more作介面 + 3rdParty軟體 - 開發商合作上網套件 Sony+羅技多家廠商 Social 2009 合作共推產品 Net VOIP Multi- devices ~2008 2010 2011~ 封閉 開放 互連
  5. 5. The schedule about Analog TV switch-off • Timetable of major countries stop sending analog broadcast signals Poland Romania Stop schedule: 2015 Stop schedule: 2012 System: DVB-T System: DVB-T Russia Subscribers: 9.52M Subscribers: 4.71M Stop schedule: 2015 Korea System: DVB-T Stop schedule: 2012USA French, English, Germany Subscribers: 7.15M System: DVB-SStop schedule: 2009 China JapanSystem: ATSC Stop schedule: 2015 Stop schedule: 2011 Stop schedule: 2011, 2012 System: DTMB System: ISDB-T System: DVB-T Subscribers: 194.73M Mexico Taiwan Stop schedule: 2022 India Stop schedule: 2012 System: ATSC Stop schedule: 2017 System: DVB-T Subscribers: 4.76 M System: DVB-T Subscribers: 43.74MBrazilStop schedule: 2016System: ISDB-TSubscribers: 6.97 M Australia Ref:MIC(2011/10)+ Argentina Stop schedule: 2013 本專案整理 Stop schedule: 2019 System: DVB-T System: ISDB-T Subscribers: 2.51M Subscribers: 5.32 M 數位訊號的轉換記事
  6. 6. Market: Global Subscribers & Operators 西歐 東歐 中歐+非洲 北美 拉美 亞洲2011 2011 Ref:MIC(2011/10)+ 本專案整理 2011 2010 BskyB 2011
  7. 7. Market: Online Video Service Approaches 免費 付費 服務方式可藉由網路串流服務特性,展現其樣貌
  8. 8. Understand customers preferences• 影視觀看需求為使用者的大宗需求
  9. 9. Market – SW & HW on TV Markets Map 大圖:毛利率70% ↑ Video Content 中圖:毛利率30%~69% Operator : 服HD SD Provider: 營收 小圖:毛利率29%↓ 務營收
  10. 10. Smart TV Software – App market Panasonic VIESA SONY TOSHIBA TV apps Samsung LG Apps • Apple、Google、Samsung電視軟體(TV app)市集競爭激烈,螢幕越大網路黏著 度(sticky)越高 [Gtk NIS調查] • 支援周邊設備數量眾多(百萬) • 習慣付費使用者日增
  11. 11. What’s good scenario in living room Satellite Cable Terrestrial InternetRef: avac
  12. 12. TV Scenario in living room 10-foot UI renderer ~ 3m ~ 60 cm 2-feet UI renderer (資料來源:UPnP論壇, 資策會整理)
  13. 13. Some Hybrid features on TV Mobile Industry Touch, Content Mobile Mobile gesture, Provider Operators Manufacturers management Movie & TV Industry EcosystemTTV, different Content TV TV/STB SmartPTS, Provider Operators ManufacturersABC,CBS, Generalized Hollywood Samsung allshareNHK… DLNA Entertai Connect nment Video, Radio, Photo, File, TV content, Game … Multi-device, sharing apps game, app store Pioneer PAIS D-Link miiiCASA
  14. 14. Other TV application‘face match” feature embedded in Hulusolution HCI Roommate III puts Android powered TVs in hospitals (22- ~ 42-inch LCD HDTV built-in whiteboard)
  15. 15. Hybrid Internet Broadcast TVB’cast media Internet• Channel I, II, …, N B’cast 2 wayInternet TV/Video Clip VoD • Youtube, Hulu, …TV Widget Gallery• Voting service Cable, Satellite,• Recipe service Terrestrial … broadcasting (DVB- Widget S, C, T)Internet service • Info.: Player info. & statistics Personalization club details STB Internet • Fan club: Facebook, social TV, Forum • Comm.: chatting room, VOIP • TV shopping: Food, Ingredients … Server site (ref:III) Client site
  16. 16. Hybrid TV – customer-oriented design 電視台示範展示調查分析反饋  參與電視台舉辦焦點座談會, 簡介展示HIB-TV典型應用。 國際標準彙整  彙整與分析聯網電視台焦點  納入同時期歐洲HBB TV – EBU 座談會之問卷,了解電視台互動應用示範展示介面 requirements(2010/01)之混合式 對於互動技術服務平台的實 聯網需求設計原則。 際商業需求。 與台視共同合作。  比較本計畫架構的HIB-TV整合技 術規畫建議的應用程序(API)之技 術發展特徵與由法國、德國、義 大利等國的商業電視台和公共廣 電,透過歐洲廣播聯盟(EBU)共 同制定的HBBTV標準(ETST TS 102 796 , 2010/06) 示範展示系統架構建議規格書 (ref:III)
  17. 17. Dual (2nd) screen application• The type of “second screen” apps an amazing opportunity for programme makers to create truly new & innovative cross-media social and interactive experience – Programme discovery apps • The programme guide / EPG use one time – Check-in app • But you only return to websites – Second screen advertising apps • Ads app can run on TV screen and your table – Social chat apps • Let you interect with friends during a programme via Facebook & Twitter – Programme-specific apps • Create new cross-media social and interactive experience • Ex. III solution has a “i” on TV show – Remote control app • Old plastic TV remote controls with a smartphone Ref: EBU
  18. 18. 構想• 架構數種多媒體設備間與使用者間建立良 好互動
  19. 19. The Environment where the user watches TV TV ↔ Social network Group Individual Family Publish his/her (age, willingness, feeling on social show preferences, STB network as & time)facebook, LinkedIN, Privacy: low twitter… Friends (age diversity is small, same interest…) 20%-50% Internet Privacy: middle users have a Strangers profile on social Ex. Watch World networls Cup Privacy: high Ref: NoTube
  20. 20. Arbitron’s PPM Outside the US Analog Encoder Digital Encoder SDI Encoder Base Station Householdrun Hub Portable People Meter test PPM (Portable People Meter)
  21. 21. Comparison - Television Ratings System Similar system • Existing systems 1. Nielsen in USA 2. Civolution in France TARiS 5000 Portable People Machine AimView AlliO Aprico PeopleMeter Meter (PPM)Company TNS Arbitron (license Cognovision TruMedia Philips by TNS)Technology Analyzing the 1. cover the Use a camera to watch User create signal(GPRS) is intersection of what consumers are a profile that sent to TV set media watching is used to 2. Identify where keep track voices come from?Drawback Can’t detect Just monitor its Audience may undesirable “log in” which users owned radio to be monitored frequently are watching station privacy problem Limit.. (for one person) No real-time statistics 21
  22. 22. Media CRM methodology• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Old PPM: No direct ties btw the professional media market & the media customers – 2nd Screen provides a chance to directly interact with a TV show • EPG + user profile can be combined together Ref: vrtmedialab
  23. 23. VRT-medialab Collecting and enriching the consumer data Ref: EBU
  24. 24. VRT-medialab - User interfaceScreenshot of MediaSquare Front End Data Store Architecture My Generation – ipad App Ref: vrtmedialab
  25. 25. Summary• Government strategy -> TV markets -> Scenario design -> case study (III hybrid TV & another 2nd screen application)• User behavior becomes more and more important field – III living lab runs a field try at 民生社區
  26. 26. reference• Summary the challenges of social TV, – social-tv• Hybrid + Interactive TV designs, –• CE HTML structure – vkevent, – application.html• Hybrid TV can produce diversity services, –• Introduce W3C Widget on Hybrid TV App platform, –• Create a good scenario – Agile (step by step) – Choose your tool, How to write, gather ideas, estimate the approach, catalog of story smells, planning an iteration• Blog –