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We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Introduction is the smartest platform to invest in Mutual Funds and more. We also enable investing in Equities, Bonds, New Fund Offers, Corporate deposits and many more. As of 23rd Feb 2013 we have around 26000 investors who are leveraging the extensive benefits of the FundsIndia Platform.
Our goal is to empower and enrich Indian investors. To achieve this goal, we will build a platform that makes available in one-place all the education, research, tools, support, advice in an economical package that enables individual investors have a well-planned financial future.The pillars of our operating philosophy are Trust, Investor-friendliness, Innovation and Independence.

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  1. 1. FUNDSINDIA.COM The Smartest Way to Invest in Mutual Funds & More for FREE!
  2. 2. WHAT IS FUNDSINDIA.COM? FundsIndia is Indias first online-only investment service platform. We provide cost-effective financial products with value- added services that are beneficial to the customer. Our strengths - great products, innovative ideas and reliable service. Currently, over 20,000 investors are transacting in investments through!
  3. 3. VISION AND MISSION was launched in the year 2008 by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.Vision:To enable every Indian investor to have a well-planned financial future.Mission:Our goal is to empower and enrich Indian investors. To achieve thisgoal, we intend to build and maintain a platform that makes availablein one-place all the education, research, tools, support, and advice inan economical package that will enable individual investors to have awell-planned financial future.
  4. 4. OPERATIONAL PILLARS Trust Investor-friendliness Innovation Independence
  5. 5. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chandrasekar started his career at Microstrategy in USA, and moved on to work for Morgan Stanley, and CIBC before starting his own retirement solutions company called ExpertPlan. He returned to India in 2003 and started an off-shore software solutions firm, Arrowpoint Technologies, which specializes in financial applications for clients across the globe.C.R. Chandrasekar and CEO Srikanth started his career with IBM global services in USA, and moved on to a start-up online brokerage platform called Foliofn. After Foliofn, Srikanth worked in Fannie Mae, the largest firm in the secondary mortgage market in USA, where he worked in securitization and capital markets areas. Both, Srikanth and Chandrasekar, have more than two decades of experience in the industry and have successfully taken new, innovativeSrikanth Meenakshi ideas and products to the market. Founder and COO
  6. 6. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Parag has spent most of his 18 year career as a venture investor in India. He has invested in 26 companies, resulting in 14 exits including three IPOs to date. Parag has served as a Director/Observer on the Board of 17/25 companies that he has invested in. Parag Dhol Director Ashu has a wide range of experience at global enterprises that spans business operations in the U.S. and India, from product conceptualization to customer acquisition, with particular focus on digital media and internet. Ashu is a TiE Charter Member and has served on the board of several internet/technology/consumer businesses. Ashu Garg Director
  7. 7. PRODUCTS Mutual Funds EquitiesSystematic Investment Plans Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) National Pension System Initial Public Offers (IPOs)Corporate Deposits / Bonds Exchange Traded Funds Financial Planning Insurance
  9. 9. WHY FUNDSINDIA.COM? Aggregation across AMCs and single point of service FundsIndia aggregates all your investments online, in one place, and provides a single point for all your transaction and servicing needs. Advisory services FundsIndia’s advisors are always available to you, to choose the right scheme and portfolio for your investment goals/needs. On-demand portfolio design and review FundsIndia’s automated portfolio design and review services, X-ray reports, fund analyses, and recommendations keep your portfolio in a state of constant good health. Value-added services Flexible SIP options, value-averaging investments, ready-to-go portfolios, triggers, and many more value-adds in our platform make a significant difference in your returns.
  10. 10. WHY FUNDSINDIA.COM? Aggregation across products Not just mutual funds, but all your investments – stocks, deposits, NPS, and so on – will be available to you on one platform for effective monitoring of your entire financial health. Aggregation of family accounts All your family’s investments can be maintained and tracked in one place, under one user ID with FundsIndia. Multi-platform access Web, mobile, telephone, SMS – your multi fund house portfolio is never too far away from you. Dedicated MF Research Team FundsIndia’s dedicated MF research team keeps a watch on the mutual fund market and industry and updates investors with timely recommendations.All this is provided FREE without any account or transaction charges along with great customer support and service!
  11. 11. VALUE-ADDED SERVICESUnique Online PlatformWith FundsIndia’s online investment platform, no longer does one need tomaintain physical copies of statements. All your investments will be available toyou on your online FundsIndia account!Better methods for Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)FundsIndia offers several convenient SIP options like single mandates for SIPs,Alert SIPs, Flexi SIPs, and so on, that ensure the highest returns against theamount invested.Value-averaging Investment PlansFundsIndia is the first financial services firm to offer value-averaging investmentplans across equity funds in the country. This method promises better returnsthan SIPs at the same risk level!Trigger-based investingWith your FundsIndia account, you will be able to setup investment triggers basedon Sensex, portfolio returns (gain/loss), or a particular NAV value. Trigger actionsinclude investments, redemption (partial or full), or switching investments.
  12. 12. VALUE-ADDED SERVICESFree advisory servicesAt FundsIndia, we provide free phone appointments with our financial advisors toanswer your investment queries.Minor accountsFundsIndia supports minor accounts for investments in mutual funds. Also, all yourfamily’s investments can be maintained and tracked in one place, under one user ID.PortfoliosAt FundsIndia, you can group your various schemes/holdings into Portfolios. You canmove different investments in these portfolios, track their value separately, set amonetary goal and a time frame for each portfolio, and, at the click of a button, seewhere the portfolio is currently, with respect to your goal.Financial PlanningWith FundsIndia, you can get access to prudent and personalized financial planningstraight from the experts!Dedicated MF Research TeamFundsIndia’s dedicated MF research team keeps a watch on the mutual fund marketand industry and updates investors with timely recommendations.
  13. 13. HOW CAN YOU JOIN FUNDSINDIA.COM?What are you waiting for? Log on and register with FundsIndia today! Click here to know more:
  14. 14. CONTACT US Email : Phone – 07667 166 166 Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., H.M Center, Second Floor, 29, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034 Follow FundsIndia on