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Master feeder fund


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An overview of the master feeder fund hedge fund structure. Includes several diagrams outline capital and P&L flow.

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Master feeder fund

  1. 1. Master Feeder Fund by
  2. 2. What is a Master Feeder Fund?• Type of hedge fund structure• Cost effective way for a single fund to cater to both US and non US investors• Consists of a master fund and usually two feeder funds
  3. 3. Master Feeder Fund Structure Master Fund Onshore LP Offshore Feeder LTD Feeder US Investors Non US Investors
  4. 4. Capital Flow Master FundOnshore OffshoreLP Fund Ltd Fund US Non US Investor Investor
  5. 5. Capital and P&L Flows Master FundOnshore LP Offshore Feeder LTD Feeder US Investors Non US Investors
  6. 6. P&L FlowMaster • Generates P&L on the market Fund Feeder • Management and Performance fees charged Funds here • P&L finally Investor allocated to Investor
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