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  1. 1. Maria Teresa Vargas Ríos Calle Moldes No. 620 (Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia) Phone: (591) (3) 339 5133 of E-mail: Website: Education  M.S., Forestry, Yale University, New Haven, CT – 2004  M.S., International Relations and Sustainable Development, National University of Costa Rica, Heredia, Costa Rica – 1999  B.A., Sociology and Communication, Evangelical University, Santa Cruz, Bolivia – 1989 Languajes Native: Spanish Advanced: English, Portuguese Experience 1999 – Present Executive Director Fundación Natura Bolivia – Santa Cruz, Bolivia Founded, organized and directed environment and development NGO. Developed organization, defined vision, policies and objectives, organized administrative structure, selected and hired personnel, wrote proposals and administered a $3M budget (major funders: UK Department for International Development, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research—CGIAR). Developed 3 payments-for-environmental-services systems between communities that share watersheds in Amboró National Park buffer zone. Published initiative results
  2. 2.  Curriculum Vitae – Maria Teresa Vargas Ríos as ―Selling two environmental services: payments for bird habitat and watershed protection in Bolivia‖ (Ecological Economics, in press), and Fair Deals for Watershed Services in Bolivia (Natural Resource Issues # 7, International Institute for Environment and Development). 2001 – 2002 Researcher Centre for International Forestry Research – Bogor, Indonesia Co-authored (with Arnoldo Contreras, World Bank) “Social, environmental, and economic impact of forest policy reforms in Bolivia”: coordinated logistics, arranged interviews, organized data collection and wrote sections of an analysis of the impact of the Bolivian forestry law on economic and ecological sustainability and local communities. Authored “Advances and Problems with Bolivia’s Amazonian Forestry Regimen”: planned and developed investigation, conducted interviews, organized meetings to discuss results. Co-authored (with Cesar Sabogal) “The legal basis for forest management in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil”: developed investigation, identified the management practices and businesses to evaluate, elaborated and applied questionnaires, coded and tabulated data and drafted principal results. Co- authored (with Marco Boscolo, Harvard University) “Incentives for the Bolivian Forest Sector”: coordinated logistics, undertook interviews, prepared forest industry sector profile, identified and developed incentives. 2000 – 2001 Researcher, Analysis of the Santa Cruz-Puerto Suarez Corridor Bank Information Centre – Washington DC Led social and environmental impact assessment of the Santa Cruz-Puerto Suárez Bolivian export corridor, and assessed effectiveness of participation of local communities in the Inter-American Development Bank’s newly-designed participatory decision-making process. 1996 – 1997 Bolivia Coordinator, Hidrovia Project Rios Vivos (“Living Rivers”) – Campo Grande, Brazil Led 8-month investigation to compile basic information about the Plata basin component of the Hidrovía project. Wrote funding proposal (for $140 000), managed project, led team of four consultants, organized analysis, coordinated with team leaders from Paraguay and Brazil, and wrote final report to Rios Vivos coalition and Netherlands government.  Page 2 |
  3. 3.  Resume: Maria Teresa Vargas Ríos 1995 – 1996 Executive Director Ecological Association of the East (ASEO)– Santa Cruz, Bolivia Executive Director of environmental activist NGO. Managed 26 local staff and international consultants (annual office budget of $50 000), raised and managed $300 000 in project funds (from organizations such as HIVOS and DANIDA), supervised projects including investigations of environmental damage, environmental education, participatory resource management, social and environmental impact assessments, and encouraging civil society participation in the environment. 1995 – 1995 Analyst, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment of Oil Sector SEBPRO – Santa Cruz, Bolivia Led field analyses and wrote reports on the potential social and environmental impact of proposed Chevron and Maxxus hydrocarbon exploitation projects in Guarani and in Chapare Provinces. 1993 – 1994 Director, NGO Capacity Building Ecological Association of the East (ASEO) – Santa Cruz, Bolivia Organized, raised funds for, and led 12-month, $25 000, project to build capacity and increase effectiveness of nine grassroots environmental NGOs in lowland Bolivia. Of the NGOs the project assisted, five are now fully and successfully functioning, and engaging municipal governments. 1992 – 1997 Journalist, for various media including: The daily “El Deber” and TV channels 11, 13 – Santa Cruz, Bolivia Wrote 95 press articles on diverse themes, many on environmental and natural resource issues, including 5 papers on the urban environment and 4 papers on gender and the environment. Presented television news and investigated national and international news stories for the local media. Also worked as consultant for ―Radio as an instrument of communication for participatory processes of sustainable development in Amazonia‖. Selected Publications 2009, co-author with Edil Osinaga. Who owns the forest in Bolivia, FAO, Rome in press.  Page 3 |
  4. 4.  Curriculum Vitae – Maria Teresa Vargas Ríos 2007, co-author with Asquith N.M. & S. Wunder. Selling two environmental services: payments for bird habitat and watershed protection Bolivia. Ecological Economics 65: 675-684. 2007, co-author with Asquith, N.M. Fair Deals for Watershed Services in Bolivia. Natural Resource Issues Series Number 7, IIED, London. 2005, author, Decentralization and local governance in Bolivia: a literature review, IIED, London. 2002, co-author with Asquith N.M. & J. Smith. Can forest carbon projects improve rural livelihoods? Analysis of the Noel Kempff Mercado Climate Action Project, Bolivia. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 7: 323-337. 2002. author, Advances and Problems with Bolivia’s Amazon Forestry Regime. CIFOR 2001, co-author with Contreras A. Social, environmental, and economic impact of forest policy reforms in Bolivia. CIFOR/Forest Trends. 2001, co-author with Boscolo, M. Incentives for the Bolivian Forest Sector. CIFOR  Page 4 |