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Alan burgess - List Premier

  1. 1. An Interactive & Audio/Visual FocusFor Mine Safety and Trade Training  Capacity Building & quality control;  Structured contents, concentration, focus, and active participation;  Application of new knowledge;  Real- Life learning situations;  Safe and controlled learning;  Reinforcement for long term memory;  Continuous assessment; ● Very easy to set-up and use.
  2. 2. About List Premier:List Premier is an Australian Company and a world leader in developing IndustryRecognised Training Programs presented on an Interactive Touch Board, in a classroomsituation, facilitated by a certified trainer/teacher or as a self paced learning program. ListPremier has designed programs for various Mining Groups, Education Departments,Vocational Education Organisations, and the Training Sector (VET – “education andtraining for work”) and Franchise Organisations worldwide. These programs are used in 34countries.List Premier was started 15 years ago, focusing on school based programs. The ExecutiveChairman, Prof. Dr. De Beer is considered the “father” of interactive training programspresented on interactive touch boards; the philosophy behind using modern technology,and the interactive touch board in the presentation of lessons. As such List Premier is apioneer in the field of interactive education and training.What we can do for Mining Companies:List Premier wishes to propose to take any or all existing training or education programsoffered by your mining company and convert them into fully customised interactive trainingprograms. This is guaranteed improve training performance and safety by mine workers,learners, and personnel. Alternatively if there is a need for a completely new area oftraining or education List Premier will gladly develop these in close collaboration with themining company.List Premiers training, learning, and educational programs can be used by:Mining Companies for -  Workplace health and safety - Using the interactive touch board will allow safety training to be conducted and refreshed in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises or activities. The information is always presented in a consistent, interesting and informative way that ensures the learners attention is maintained.  Technical Training - Using the interactive touch board will allow technical training to be received in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises. Complicated theory is made simple through the vast array of media offered. For example, a learner studying electronics can see the global overview, touch it in order to open it, examine a motor or part, virtually take it apart, re- assemble it, etc., all in a safe environment. This allows all individual elements to be learnt and how they incorporate into the overall structure.  Core Skills Training- Using the interactive touch board will allow initial induction and safety training to be received in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises. The program can be offered at any mine site with2
  3. 3. a guaranteed consistent quality standard, with minimal training for facilitators. This is true because the same information is made available to any trainers.  The system is compatible with any training need or requirement throughout the mining, petroleum, gas or construction industry. For example even language training can be provided to ensure communication on the work site is effective and fully understood – despite the native language of the worker. List Premier has already developed language training packages to teach English to Chinese students. In addition topics such as cultural awareness, workplace harassment, racial diversity, alcohol and drug awareness programs, etc can also be developed.  Visitor induction programs. Visitors to mine and manufacturing sites can be briefed on security, rules and regulations, mandatory safety procedures and general information, etc. in a fun, informative, and controlled environment. Visitors will be impressed to say the least.  Induction and Orientation programs for mines, factories or construction sites.  Interactive information kiosks stationed around mine sites allowing personnel or visitors to gain specific controlled information by simply touching it on the interactive touch board.  Our interactive touch board programs can also be used for such things as strategic planning, board meetings, senior management groups, key performance indicator workshops, etc.Our wide diversity of clients and programs prove that we can do anything!What makes Touch Board Training/ Education Superior toTraditional Training/ Education?List Premier can take any or all existing curricula supplied by your company and create fullyinteractive programs that are presented on an interactive touch board. The new programsprovide significant benefits including: 35 BENEFITS OF THE LIST PREMIER’S LEARNING METHODOLOGY1. The students/ trainees love this type of training – they find it easy and enjoyable.2. Retention rate (long term memory) has been seen to be as high as 94% as compared to a retention rate of 10-15% when “traditional training” is used such as simple power points.3. Traditional methods of teaching are not effective. Students fall asleep and get bored watching power point slides. Just sitting down and reading or writing is not enough to capture the attention and focus of the student. List Premier’s teaching Methodology captures the full attention and focus of every student.4. Content is understood and absorbed into long term memory.5. Communication skill is developed.3
  4. 4. 6. Enhances the self-esteem of learners.7. Enhances leadership skills.8. Verbalisation is important for the understanding of content – you can only explain something to someone if you know how it works.9. There are three stages in education: logistics (that is the actual preparation of the lesson, and that is already done by us for the teacher/ trainer); the transfer of knowledge (that is done on the interactive touch board with the teacher/ trainer navigating) and student contact (which is the interactive participation by the student).10. Programs are structured:  Lesson is stopped frequently to allow student participation.  Lots of activities and exercises – hands-on-learning.  Creativity of the students is stimulated.  Questions are used constantly.  Content structured to form short units (easy to understand and remember).11. The focal point in the class is the touch board. The trainer/teacher is free to focus on the students/ trainees.12. Knowledge enrichment takes place through the application of knowledge (application).13. We make use of Educational “zig-zagging” to focus on the screen and to feed the students/trainees with information, and continuously let them interact on the Touch Board.14. Entry points for long term memory that we make use of:  Visual – see;  Auditory – listen/ hear;  Kinaesthetic – feel and do;  Reinforcement (for long term memory) – activities and exercises;  Communication – with peers and superiors.15. This type of training builds capacity – after the initial training by List Premier the trainers can do the training themselves, they don’t need Trainers or RTO’s (Registered Training Organisations) from other organisations to do the training.16. The programs can be used over and over for as long as desired.17. The programs can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.18. Program is worker/student centred not teacher/trainer centred. This means it is designed to let the student (possible future trainer) get the biggest advantage. 19. We make use of the latest technology and methodology.4
  5. 5. 20. Interactive training on the touch board is the future of teaching/training.21. Very simple to use and setup the software and hardware.22. No special software required, only free Macro Media Flash download to run List Premier’s Programs.23. The Program is easy to use and to navigate by anyone, even someone with very little computer skills.24. The program is curriculum based. The exact information you want is there.25. The quality and standards are controlled – all the relevant information is on the disc (trainer/teacher can’t forget). The quality is controlled since all the information is there. Even if the trainer is not of the highest standard, navigating the software and participating in the activities will ensure all the required information is still covered, presented, and taught to the worker/ student.26. The minimum training is required for the trainers/facilitator.27. The trainer/teacher can provide additional content.28. The trainer/ teacher can share his/her experience.29. It is easier for the trainer/teacher to stop and help trainees/students/workers who experience problems or who don’t understand the work.30. The programs can be tailored to the client’s needs.31. Can be done in any written and spoken language.32. Client can select characters used as presenters.33. Client can request accent of narrator.34. Client input and feedback is encouraged at all stages.35. The current, and especially the next generation of students, personnel, and workers are growing up with computers, e- books, ipads, 3G smart phones, video games, etc. Technology is a part of their life and unless material is presented to them in familiar forms they will fail to learn from traditional teaching methods. Power point presentations are not modern, they are out dated. Students fall asleep while the trainer talks, and talks, and talks.Capacity building is also important to List Premier. Clients using our programs are able todo the teaching/training themselves after an initial training conducted by List Premier. It isimportant to empower the clients for which these programs are intended, without the fearthat the quality and standards will be compromised. This fact makes our programsextremely desirable in the export market. List Premier delivers education and trainingprograms to various countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, UK, USA,Indonesia, and Latin America.List Premier has already developed an exciting and extensive range of Training Softwarefor the Mining Industry, the VET sector and school-based training:5
  6. 6. 1. Mining Industry: List Premier has developed a wide variety of Health and Safetytopics due to the high levels of risk that workers are exposed to on a daily basis. Theseprograms are aimed at effective induction and on-going training – the corner stone inmanaging health and safety risks in the Mining Industry! List Premier’s most recentprogram is the Underground Coal Mine Safety Program developed in co-operation withSimtars (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station) and the Federal Government ofAustralia. This program was developed for the training of mine workers in China. The mostup to date and latest Industry Information was used to develop an informative, theory andpractical experience based curriculum, exceeding all mining and industry requirements.Since using the program (for less than a year) the Chinese Mine Managers have alreadyseen the number of accidents and incidents drop by more than 55%. List Premier iscurrently in the process of developing three new curriculum-based mining and skillsprograms.2. VET Sector: List Premier has developed a Trade Program for electricians. This fouryear program is also accredited by MERSETA in South Africa. The target population forthis program is school leavers and first time Apprentices or Technical Students.Undertaking work with electricity can be extremely dangerous and students need to besuitably trained. The importance of Safety Principles is incorporated throughout theprogram. Trainers and students are reminded to STOP and think before undertaking anytask that carries risk. Thousands of previous, current and future students in countries suchas South Africa, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Botswana, Chile and Perualready benefited and will benefit from this training.3. School based: List Premier is a world leader in the development of interactiveeducational programs for Kindergartens and Primary Schools including InteractiveGrammar, Child and Language, and Visual Sciences programs. These programs are alsoavailable for 3G mobiles, over the internet, and tablets.List Premier has won several export awards namely: Regional Export Award in Education(2007), Japan/Queensland Export Excellence Award (2008), Information andCommunication Technology (2011, Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards – List Premierwas also nominated in three other categories namely: Regional Exporter, Emerging Exportand Education and Training). List Premier was also a finalist in the 2011 National ExportAwards.Professor DeBeer is an internationally renowned expert in teaching and training; he isrecognised for elevating performance standards for learners of all ages. In recognition ofhis ground breaking work Prof. Dr. DeBeer was recently awarded a position as an HonoraryProfessor at the North China Institute for Science and Technology (NCIST). As the largestRegistered Training Organization (RTO) in China (incorporating the National SafetyTraining Centre for Coal Mines and the Chinese Information Centre for Coal OccupationalSafety and Health), the NCIST is highly regarded as a leader in Mine Safety Training. ProfDeBeer is only the second non-Chinese recipient of such an award by this prestigiousUniversity.6
  7. 7. Some Past Clients Include:  Samancor Chrome: Khuphuka Training and Development- Full 4 year certificate program for fully qualified electrician.  Zhangjiakou Mining Groups Xuandong No. 2 coal mine- Underground Coal Mine Safety Training Program.  Metals & Mining Training Interventions Pty Ltd- Full 4 year VET program.  North China Institute of Science and Technology- Underground Coal Mine Safety Training Program.  Promethean- Skills Trade Programs in dealing with Transformers and Basics of Capacitors.  BrainMaps- English Grammar and English Science Programs.  PT Offistarindo Adhiprima- distribution of English grammar and science programs all over Indonesia.  Please see a list of customer references at the end.Awards:List Premier has won several export awards namely: Regional Export Award in Education(2007), Japan/Queensland Export Excellence Award (2008), Information andCommunication Technology (2011, Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards – List Premierwas also nominated in three other categories namely: Regional Exporter, Emerging Exportand Education and Training). List Premier was also a finalist in the National Export Awards.Contact Us Now:Executive Chairman Prof. Dr. Johann De BeerPostal Address PO Box 7196, Redland Bay, Qld, 4165Studio 65 Sanctuary Drive, Mount Cotton, 4165, QldTel: 07 3829 9699Fax: 07 3829 9677International Sales Executive - Alan BurgessInternational - +372 5411 4812In Australia - +61 435 426 220Email :
  8. 8. WebsitesSchool programs: www.listpremier.comTrade Programs: Programs: www.visualsafetytraining.comCustomer References:8
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