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Enterprise & Transcoimmunication


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GAIA Program

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Enterprise & Transcoimmunication

  1. 1. Introduction Communication: internal and external “Platon: never discouraged anyone who is making progress”
  2. 2. Chapter 1The objectives of this first chapter can be summarized as thefollowing:• Identify key process to behave as a development tool.• Train the skills and tools for behavior change.• Adapting to the reality of team management• Develop codes of communication skills for team management.• To promote the development of people as efficiency forobtaining results. Train leaders from the best leader
  3. 3. Chapter 1An interview with Shimon PeresSeptember 2012Shimon PeresPresident of Israel• Download full interview transcript (PDF–520 KB)Polish-born Shimon Peres is one of modern Israel’s defining figures. He is the ninth president of Israel, aposition he has held since his election in 2007, and has served twice as Israel’s prime minister.Peres immigrated with his family in 1934 from what was then Poland to what was then Palestine. He joined theHaganah defense force in 1947. After the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948, Peres, then just 24, wasappointed head of the Israeli navy by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. In the years since, Peres has held nearlyevery major cabinet position, including deputy prime minister, minister of defense, and foreign minister. He hasserved as head of Israel’s Labor party many times and over the course of his career has been a member of manydifferent political parties and coalitions. (see in class) 8 QUALITIESTRY TO DEFINE 8 CHARACTERISTICS OF A LEADER …(Jay A. Conger, social scientist): listen, build trust and inspire,not conformists, are visionaries, take risks and sacrifice, are creative, not criticize others, speak of us- not me
  4. 4. Chapter 1 IL POSTINO[Activity: video "Twelve Angry Men", pointing out the mostrepresentative features to identify each character. Also you cansee also the functioning of the groups: roles, leadership,groupthink] (see after class)--Great communication gurus have always stressed theimportance of different intelligences to improve communication. (see in class)
  5. 5. Chapter 1 And please, try to define talent…. All of us have some talent….try to find it out…
  6. 6. Chapter 1
  7. 7. Chapter 1
  8. 8. Chapter 1There are a lot of examples there are many innate talents andmany also "learned" continuously exercised and as attitudesand passion of the world .....
  9. 9. Chapter 1 Rudy Patch Case Study: "The Squirrels"]  Video from various parts of the film (see after class) Recommended view these instructions. --Attention to the first part up to 3.07 minutes .. Thing about it --Now look up to 5.04 minutes ... reflect and see how they have performed with the patient and remember .. squirrels ... --See now up to 6.34 and see the attitude of the head of the center ... --See now up to 10.36 and reflect and compare with the first sequence ... --See now up to 13.23 and draw your conclusions ... and then all the way Observe the three strategies: - Deny the evidence. If a person has a fear .. not underestimate let alone, do not deny. - Accept the evidence and deny the danger. Upon acceptance of the evidence, not deny the danger that person feels .... - Make him feel stronger than squirrels ... its smart to remove that fear. Never underestimate others squirrels .. Help them to overcome ... "ALL WE HAVE squirrels " ....
  10. 10. Chapter 2The communication style is the presentation letter, is the look immediatelyperceived by the other.--Depending on the style, we transmitt some or other impressions (security,aggressiveness, sincerity, honesty, efficiency, stability, etc..) According to theactual projected image, the other will react in one way or another.--In a company we can figure out whos who in the company. The formalstructure does not always match the actual structure as people who occupymanagerial responsibilities, may, have a crucial influence on the life of theorganization-Verbal and not verbal communication…..-Horizontal, downward an upward communication-empathize, to take the place of another.. And what else ???
  11. 11. Chapter 2What else ???? (see in class) INCH_BY_INCH
  12. 12. Chapter 2Here are some selected post on coaching and leadership (see after class)TITLE: Coaching for Leadership in Times Liquids Ther Are the values The language of leadership Coaching and Leadership: writing the misssion Leadership H2O Training Leaders from Corporate Universities Passion and devotion your coach Leadership: How to transmit
  13. 13. Chapter 2Networking in the company
  14. 14. Chapter 2Networking in the company: there are a lot of barriers
  15. 15. Chapter 2Networking in the company: there are a lot of barriers
  16. 16. Chapter 2How to vinculate and motivate employees in a company….the emotionalsalary…Worker satisfaction…--The emotional salary could be defined as the ability to make people feel wellpaid for their efforts, with more than money Contributions made are based on three factors: the sum of the persons natural talents and acquired talents in the workplace, multiplied by a third factor, more importantly attitudes. There are normal people with good attitudes who excel in their work and people who waste their enormous potential with poor attitudes. The key that distinguishes the two types of partner are the attitudes
  17. 17. Chapter 2A combination of emotional inteligence and attitude. I would like you to see apiece of film "Life is Beautiful“ (see in class)
  18. 18. Chapter 2“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expected to change,the realist adjusts the sails”
  19. 19. Chapter 3The objective is to demonstrate the radicalchange that has brought social networking anddigital marketing in external communication inbusiness. Students will learn how to achieve thisgoal dominating the major social networks fromthe point of view of marketing andcommunication.--There are numerous social media marketingtools but not all are suitable for all areas ofmarketing sectors and what are the mostappropriate for each industry, market andcompany?
  20. 20. Chapter 3 (see in class)3 millions of impacts in 3 hours--We are witnessing a new form of communication of business and a new way ofdoing marketing: online marketing, viral marketing and marketing mix, newconcepts but are radically changed business communication, the communicationstep 2.0
  21. 21. Chapter 3 The Obama brand in social networks 67% of the proceeds from Obama was online 7,000,000 friends on Facebook follow their agenda 3,000,000 friends follow him on Twitter
  22. 22. Chapter 3 In July 2005, Jeff Jarvis writes in his blog his problems with the after- sales department of Dell. Dell belittles and ignores the customers anger turned out to be an influential blogger. The case gets even BusinessWeek with consequent damage to the brand
  23. 23. Chapter 3Different social network depending on the objetive.. Twitter, facebookExample…. after class)--A total of 23 video-linked offer experience in the old plan books "Choose YourOwn Adventure" - closely related to target youth seeking to find on weekendsand holidays, but not ceasing to teach in passing in all viral hotel features .It really worked: only 2000 people finished the "game" but more than 175,000participated in it, what you put on the map a small hotel with a campaignsemidesconocido by owner (I had class in the senior management programValencia) successfully surpassed their best expectations
  24. 24. Chapter 3 (see inclass)For the opening of the new IKEA Malmö store, we created a Facebook campaign. The mission was to create somethingengaging that would have the potential of spreading by itself beyond the borders of the Malmö region. But at the same timestaying relevant and focusing on IKEAs offer, their products. Without messing around.
  25. 25. EndTHANK YOU VERY MUCH FORYOUR ATTENTIONEINSTEIN” TEXT Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing toany person, to any nation.For all crises bring progress. Creativity is born from anguish, just like the day is born form the dark night. It’sin crisis that inventive is born, as well as discoveries, and big strategies. Who overcomes crisis, overcomeshimself, without getting overcome. Who blames his failure to a crisis neglects his own talent, and is morerespectful to problems than to solutions. Incompetence is the true crisis.The greatest inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness with which they attempt to find thesolutions to their problems. There’s no challengewithout a crisis. Without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony. There’s no merit without crisis.It’s in the crisis where we can show thevery best in us. Without a crisis, any wind becomes a tender touch. To speak about a crisis is to promote it.Not to speak about it is to exaltconformism. Let us work hard instead. Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents thetragedy of not being willing to overcome it.