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  1. 1. ORANGE 2 Harvard Negotiation Styles RELATIONSHIP and COMUNICATION The 6 principles of Harvard Negotiation Metholodogy PRESENTATION VIDEO 3 Guadalupe de la Mata
  2. 2. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS6. Relationship: Separate the People from the Problem “A basic fact about negotiation, easy to forget in corporate and international business transactions, is that you are dealing not with abstract representatives of the „other side,‟ but with human beings”. Getting to Yes Book, page 18-19 Negotiations always have two components. First, you have the substance of the negotiation- in essence, what you‟re trying to resolve. As importantly, negotiations also address the long term relationship of the person with whom you are negotiating. Guadalupe de la Mata 2
  3. 3. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS6. Relationship: Separate the People from the Problem  Ex., a salesperson wants not only to make the sale but to keep the customer for a long period of time.  The reality is that, in most cases, it‟s more important to maintain the long term relationship than to “win” the negotiation  The „people‟ and the „problem‟ often become entangled to the point where we are treating them as one. Guadalupe de la Mata 3
  4. 4. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS6. Relationship: To find your way through the jungle of people problems, it is useful to think in terms of three basic categories: Perception, Emotion, and Communication. Guadalupe de la Mata 4
  5. 5. Perceptions• The ability to see the situation as the other side sees it, as difficult as it may be, is one of the most important skills a negotiator can possess.• It is not enough to know that they see things differently.• If you want to influence them, you also need to understand empathetically the power of their point of view and to feel the emotional force with which they believe in it.• It is not enough to study them like beetles under a microscope; you need to know what it feels like to be a beetle. To accomplish this task you should be prepared to withhold judgment for a while as you "try on" their views. They may well believe that their views are "right" as strongly as you believe yours are. You may see on the table a glass half full of cool water. Guadalupe de la Mata 5
  6. 6. Second source of people problems: EmotionsNegotiation can be a frustrating process.People often react with fear or anger when they feel that their interests are threatened.The first step in dealing with emotions is to acknowledge them, and to try to understandtheir source.The parties must acknowledge the fact that certain emotions are present, even when theydont see those feelings as reasonable.Dismissing anothers feelings as unreasonable is likely to provoke an even more intenseemotional response. The parties must allow the other side to express their emotions.They must not react emotionally to emotional outbursts. Symbolic gestures such asapologies or an expression of sympathy can help to defuse strong emotions Guadalupe de la Mata 6
  7. 7. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS Third source of people problems: Comunication ¿Am I ready to listen and talk in an efficient way? Both side communication ACTIVE LISTENING: In a respective way, clarifying ambiguities and making sure you have understand. SPEAK WITH INTENT: Clearly and with the objective of making yourself understood and with a purpose linked to your interests. Guadalupe de la Mata 7
  8. 8. Preparare for good Comunication SPEAK WITH INTENT ACTIVE LISTENING• Question my supposions and • Make sure you understand identify what I should be what they say listening to • Refrasing• How can I better explain my • Prepare to deal with difficult perspective? emotions: be ready to give• How can they understand it? the other side the• Find other ways to refrase it opportunity to let off steam when needed, listen and be patient Guadalupe de la Mata 8
  9. 9. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTSListening is the most powerful negotiatingskill• It begins with effective communication… understanding your preferred method and learning the method of the other party.• Communicate with them in a way that will be most effective with their style• This helps to eliminate the possibility of misunderstanding, as we communicate in many ways Guadalupe de la Mata 9
  10. 10. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTSListening is your most powerful negotiating toolBut before you can listen, you have to be skilled at asking questions:Three critical questioning skills1. Know where your questions are going2. Ask for permission to ask questions3. State why you want to ask questions Guadalupe de la Mata 10
  11. 11. Active listening example• VIDEO: 5cftT1Mg&feature=channel• Coment in the wall Guadalupe de la Mata 11
  12. 12. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTSSummary Relationship  Disentangle the people and the problem  Ask yourself: ¿Am I ready to deal with the relationship?  Use people techniques for people problems  Acknowledge your emotions and theirs without blame  Listen actively  Put yourself in their shoes  Turn a face-to face confrontation into a side by side problem solving  Your are both sitting at the same side of the table  dealing with the problem jointly  Be unconditionally constructive Guadalupe de la Mata 12
  13. 13. COMMITMENT
  14. 14. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS6. Commitments Think carefully about the kind of commitments you should be prepared to make. Are you capable of honoring them? How broad should commitments be? When will each party be expected to make good on their promises Guadalupe de la Mata 14
  15. 15. INTERESTS: OPTIONS ALTERNATIVES CRITERIA COMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENTS7. Commitments preparationOne way to build trust is to create a commitment structure that can beimplemented in stages.Parties may be more willing to make a deal with an opponent whenthere is an opportunity to demonstrate that each side is honoringtheir commitments along the way.Once trust is broken, how can parties recover?Gestures are one way through which a party who has lost integritywith another party due to past bad-faith actions may begin tocompensate for earlier grievances. Guadalupe de la Mata 15
  18. 18. MEASURING SUCCESS BATNA Satisfy interests The BEST of various options The results are considered legitimate The compromises are clear and operative Comunication is efective Improves the working Guadalupe de la Mata relationship 18