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技術同人誌再販Night★#3 での登壇資料になります。
10/8に技術書典5にて販売した「iOSアプリ開発 UI実装であると嬉しいレシピブック」の作成に関するお話とこれからのロードマップに関してお話しました。

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  1. 1. “Road map from the writing of Books” about iOS UI Tips & Techniques. Fumiya Sakai (Just1factory) 2018/12/04 Technical Dojinshi Reprint Night #3 @ Impress R&D
  2. 2. Self-introduction ・Fumiya Sakai ・Mobile App Engineer Accounts: ・Twitter: ・Facebook: ・Github: ・Qiita: Speaker: ・Born on September 21, 1984 History: Web Designer 2008 ~ 2010 Web Engineer 2012 ~ 2016 App Engineer 2017 ~ Present
  3. 3. Thank you for everyone who is interested in my book! It is a form to introduce points and ideas based on experiences cultivated in development about iOS Apps as "expressions that can be done with a little ingenuity and ideas". Sample Repository: Currently selling e-book version (Japanese only). ¥1,000 This book is introducing iOS UI Tips & Techniques through some samples. Summary:
  4. 4. Motivations I was so hard to find information about how to make iOS App UI. Problem: 1. Lack of understanding (ex. UIKit / Lifecycles / Delegate) 2. Excessive dependence of UI Libraries 3. Too many elements in a Storyboard 4. Not proper bridging of UI Elements I try to introduce UI implementation techniques on Qiita and Github through iOS App samples. Try: To solve these problems, I want to stock techniques about UI implementations as my ideas.
  5. 5. Inspired I am helped by many tips about UI and kindness of engineers. For Example: ex.) Medium articles / Pinterest ideas / Github repositories / Engineer blogs. Besides this:
  6. 6. Schedule of making Draft I had to make draft in 50 days, so schedule is important. 2018/08/01: Approved Before writing 1. Setup Re:View for Typesetting 2. Decide Title & Configuration Plan 2018/08/04: Developing & Writing Sample developing (~ 8 / 31) 1. Make 4 Pattern Samples 2. Make Code commentary & details 2018/09/14: Check & Xcode Version Up Addition for Xcode 10 1. Make illustrations for book 2. Design Front Page & Promotion tools 2018/09/25: Draft Submission to printing shop 1. Buy fixtures of event 2. Update information for event
  7. 7. Digest of Samples < Chapter1 > Usage of ContainerView & Sliding side menu sample. 1. How to use ContainerView Parent-child Relationships about ViewController files & Storyboards. 2. Side Menu in iOS Apps Practice for making side menu without 3rd party libraries. It only uses ContainerView.
  8. 8. Digest of Samples < Chapter2 > Usage of CustomTransition & Like Dribbble sample. 1. How to use CustomTransiton 2. Animations with UIScrollView CustomTransiton can modify animation to move next or previous screen. This sample contains animations linking UIScrollViewDelegate and AutoLayout.
  9. 9. Digest of Samples < Chapter3 > Usage of GestureRecognizer & Like Tinder sample. 1. Linking gesture of your finger 2. Techniques for sticking to details Select and swipe card actions using GestureRecognizer and animations. Practice for making card motions like Tinder without 3rd party libraries.
  10. 10. Digest of Samples < Chapter4 > Making form UI to input information user selected. 1. A small scheme for UI elements 2. Techniques for user friendly. I manage as part to prevent Storyboard from becoming complicated. Practice for making easy to understand and useful form ideas.
  11. 11. Load map of future Serialize as“UI Recipe Book”. I want to pursue UI Implementations to fit the functions in iOS Apps. This is only beginning for me. I have to continue making more efforts. 1st 2nd 3rd 4rd
  12. 12. Rewarding of iOS App UI Implementation A important role to complement the function and design. Between Engineer & Designer : I want to solve the assignment using iOS Apps. Even though the means is different, both the engineer and the designer have the same feeling. Another mission for me : To extract the power of design to the Max !! Slides URL:
  13. 13. Thank you for listening ! I hope to attend next event of 2019/04