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Oracle Enterprise Manager SOA Management Pack

  1. 1. Oracle SOA Management Pack & Oracle Enterprise ManagerFumiko YamashitaSafe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Thedevelopment, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  2. 2. Agenda• Oracle SOA Management Solutions • Benefits• Customer References2
  3. 3. Oracle SOA Management Solutions Completes the SOA Management Solution 2 3 Helps to manage new SOA application Helps to develop new SOA applications by projects through dev/test/prod envs supporting business & IT communications SOA Governance Business Process Management1 Operational monitoring of SOA Mgmt Pack EE Oracle the production SOA WebLogic Mgmt Pack EE Enterprise applications Manager Oracle SOA Suite WebLogic Mgmt Pack EE WebLogic WebLogic Mgmt Pack for Non Oracle Middleware
  4. 4. SOA/WL Server Mgt Pk EE Packaging WebLogic Server SOA Management Pack Management Pack Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition • Service Level Management • Business Transaction (Active Testing) Management (AmberPoint) • Business Transaction • SOA Performance Management (AmberPoint) Management (CAMM) • Configuration Management • Configuration and of WebLogic Provisioning of SOA Suite • J2EE Performance Management (CAMM) For Oracle SOA solutions • JVM Diagnostics (AD4J) $25K/Proc (SOA Suite, BPEL PM, • Provisioning of WebLogic OSB, BPM, WLI) domains/clusters/servers • Patch Automation for iAS • Coherence Management Solution BenefitsFor Oracle WebLogic/iAS & J2EE non-SOA Minimize Downtime +custom apps Lower IT costs +$12K/Proc (WebLogic SE, WebLogic EE, Meet SLA on PerformanceWebLogic Suite, iAS EE)
  5. 5. Old & New SOA Mgt Pk Comparison This is only for a reference. I’m still in a process to refine it to make it more accurate. Mgt Pk SOA Config WLS Provis Mgt DiagComponents Features (Plus) for Mgt Pk Mgt Pk Mgt Pk *1 Pk *1 Pk SOA *1 EE EEWLS Monitoring • OEM management to list & monitor all App Servers O • Targets: Java EE & Web Services (on WLS & iAS)SOA Monitoring • SOA management to monitor SOA components O O • Targets: SOA Suite, BPEL, OSB, WLI, & AIABTM • Business Transaction Management (J2EE O O &WS/SOA)App Dependency & • Automatic modeling and discovery, contextual O OPerformance visibility into Java EE and Web Service metrics, (SOA) (J2EE/(CAMM) transaction tracing (part of OEM Grid Control) WS)Web Services Mgt • Integrated Web Services testing & security policies OConfiguration • Configuration Change Console O OManagement • Application Configuration Console OProvisioning • Provisioning, cloning, security management O OPatch Automation • Automatic patch management (only with iAS 10gR2 O O now, planned to be available for WLS in H1CY2011)Coherence Mgt Pk • Mgmt Pack for Oracle Coherence (since Apr 2010) OSL Mgmt Pk • Service Level Management (since Apr 2010) ODiagnostics Pack • OEM, JVM Diagnostics (formerly AD4J) & O Ofor Oracle MW JRockit Mission Control (since Apr 2010)System Monitoring • Managing host machines and OSs (included in Diag O OPlug-in for Hosts Pk for Oracle MW) *:1: no longer available in the price list
  6. 6. Questions to You• How are you monitoring your SOA applications?• What is the uptime percentage of your applications & SLAs? Are you meeting the SLAs required by business?• How are you identifying the actual cause of the failed transactions?• What is the cost to the business by experiencing the downtime?SOA Governance:• How are you managing the SOA development lifecycle?BPM:• How do you manage the communications between IT and business in the SOA application projects?
  7. 7. Business Transaction Management Overview 7
  8. 8. Business Transactions Overview• Key business transaction examples: – Financial industry – online banking/insurance, fund trading – Telecom – mobile services, order management, customer self- service – Health care – medical claims – Utilities – bill payments, service provisioning – Government – e-Government, inter-department integration – Logistics – supply-chain management, fleet management• Impact of Transaction Failures – Loss of revenue (millions/day) – Customer churn (to competitors) – High business costs – call centre, manual fix of transactions – Low customer/user satisfaction
  9. 9. User View of Transaction Problem Package Applications CRM ERP Microsoft Billing .NET DatabaseMainframe SOA Java Applications Reject: B2B Inconsistent Integration backend responsesMobile This is the fifth Services time today! Call Centre Internet Distributed IT Services Environment Partners Consumer Channels Business
  10. 10. Traditional Application Management ApproachBusiness Demand Traditional IT ResponseMy orders were The application wasrejected, why? up 99% of time. How many orders Our database is did we complete? handling 1,000 transactions/second My order is stuck, Our servers are up. what’s going on? We will look into it.
  11. 11. Needed: Real-time Visibility of Transactions Manage Transactions from Business/User Perspective Package Applications CRM ERP Microsoft Billing .NET DatabaseMainframe SOA Account: 123 Java Action: Debit Applications B2B Integration Account: 123 Order: New Application service Mobile Account: 123 Issue Services Debit Success Account: 123 Order: New Account: 123 Call Centre Internet Order Rejected service Distributed IT Services Account: 123 Environment Order Rejected Partners Consumer Channels Business
  12. 12. Business Transaction ApproachBusiness Demand New IT Response My orders were There was an rejected, why? application issue. We have fixed your order. How many orders Business We completed Transaction did we complete? 250,000 orders Management successfullyMy order is timeout, There is an issue with what’s going on? a supplier’s app. It has been escalated.
  13. 13. Benefits of Oracle Business Transaction Management End-to-End, Application Level View Process Engine Service Bus• Always On, Real-time tracking of each • Focus on most critical transaction business transactions real-• Follows transactions across Web, time Integration/Backend, Database • Find out exactly why it failed • App Servers, Applications, ESBs, by step-by-step tracing BPMs, Etc. • Business-level monitoring (not• Collects payload content – the business the sessions but orders and value flowing through the application customers)• Provides this without modifying • Predict SLA violations, meet application and messages complex SLAs • Non-invasive; doesn’t break applications
  14. 14. Supports Heterogeneous IT Environments Customers Employees Partners Web WebLogic Application BTM Custom Applications SOA/Integration BTM BTM Package MainframeApplications ERP HCM CRM Industries Database
  15. 15. Three Takeaways Application Management should be Business and User 1 oriented. 2 Focus on Key Business Transactions aligns IT with Business to increase revenue and save costs Oracle BTM can manage Business Transactions for your 3 heterogeneous IT environments effectively15
  16. 16. BTM to SOA Governance (Oracle Enterprise Repository & Oracle Service Registry)16
  17. 17. AmberPoint Opens Door for SOA Governance Opportunity Design Time Run Time Policies Service Policies Oracle Oracle Enterprise Enterprise Repository/Registry Manager Oracle SOA Suite/OSB •Unregistered Services •Runtime metrics (e.g. response time, errors) •Automatic Service Registration •Update of Service runtime metrics to OER/OSR for closed-loop GovernanceDesign Time Run Time GovernanceGovernance Upsell Opportunity
  18. 18. Governance and EM Packs for J2EE/SOA Customers - Benefits WLS/SOA SOA Governance Mgt Packs Design Time Runtime• Lower Oracle BPM Suite • SLA’s on uptime development • SLA’s on costs Oracle SOA Suite performance• Achieves high • Low costs of IT IT/Business agility operations (SOA)• Minimize disruption of Oracle WebLogic changes
  19. 19. Closed Loop Service Lifecycle Service Implementation and Service Design & AnalysisArchitect Configuration Service Bus Harvest • • Target WSDL Service • XSDs Metadata • Code SOA Designers OER • Proxy and Developers Single View of Assets Business Owners Validation Mediation Proxy Pipeline Approve Runtime Metrics OSR OSR OSR Auto Deployment Publish Service Monitoring & Discover Service Test, Staging & Management Metrics via UDDI Production IT • JMX Integration Staging Operations • SNMP Testing Production • ReportingEM Packs for SOA/J2EE Policy Enforcement
  20. 20. BTM to Business Process Management20
  21. 21. BPM & SOA & SOA Mgt Solution – Across Apps, Functions and People SOA Management Organizational Units Order Management Process Customer Sales and Production Manufacturing Inventory & Finance & HR Relationship Marketing Planning Logistics Management Product ConfigurationProcesses Order Management Warranty & Returns Management Customer Relationship Sales and Production Inventory & Management Marketing Planning Manufacturing Logistics Finance & HR CRM SFA Product product SCM product DB LMS B2B ERP CRM SFA Product product SCM product DB LMS B2B ERP Inv Inv ERP MES ERP MES MGMT MGMT Enterprise Infrastructure Services Enterprise Infrastructure Services (Portal, SOA, IDRS, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations) (Portal, SOA, IDRS, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations) Real-World Business Processes span BPM models, simulates, executes, manages, organizations, systems, and applications. monitors, & optimizes those Business Processes.
  22. 22. Business Process Management Benefits SOA Management & BPM together• Business people can change the BP themselves  Agile & flexible, no need to wait for IT to change the BP when the actual BP frequently changes, quickly launch new business tactics, outgun the competition, attach new opportunities quicker• Helps communicate between IT and business by providing a single tool to document/build BPs  Less documentation work for IT technical staff  Fewer undocumented & unmeasured processes  Less redundant work > saves time and money• Higher visibility, robust system with solid integration based on BPM/SOA and greater SOA manageability  Higher customer satisfaction (fewer response time, less complex/more coordinated customer services, meet SLAs)  Higher accountability of human/IT assets
  23. 23. Business Process Lifecycle Business Analysts Process Implementer Process Modeling, Simulation BPEL Process Development and Documentation and Systems Integration Oracle SOA DB Suite Use Cases 1.0 Get the stuff 2.0 Build the picture Apps 3.0 BAM Consoles Business Requirements Business Systems 1.1 Process Diagram Owners 2.1 Launch screen 3.1 Monitoring screen Process Process Server andProcess Management Historical & Trend Participants Monitoring Repositoryand Real-Time BAM Analysis Tools
  24. 24. Agenda• Oracle SOA Management Solutions • Benefits• Customer References24
  25. 25. Logitech – SOA Mgt Pk for SOA Customer • Monitor the integrated SOA environment • Monitoring individual services within E-Business Suite andChallenge • Ensure the service quality of business services • Monitor BPEL PM, Processes, SOA infrastructureSolution • Local and remote monitoring of BPEL partner links andApproach application web services • Real time service level monitoring and service dashboards • Lower cost of managing complex SOA infrastructure • Learn application availability and performance problems before they impact the business Benefit • Improved service levels of the business services
  26. 26. Wipro – SOA Mgt Pk for SOA Customer • No single dashboard view of distributed and heterogeneous service landscapeChallenge • Service performance & availability degradation issues always a surprise. Team was reacting to problemsSolution • Oracle Enterprise Manager SOA Management PackApproach • Manage the QoS of the Services, Application Server Container and the Hardware infrastructure • Allow definition of SLAs for availability & response time Benefit etc. Notify predefined set of users of violations • Periodic capture & reporting of service QoS to the SOA Governance body. In future, upload reports to Repository
  27. 27. Zurich Financial Services/Farmers Ins. (U.S.)- SOA Governance for SOA Implementation Business Challenges• Need for faster time to market in a highly competitive industry• Need to standardize on core processes globally for greater productivity & efficiency IT Challenges• Lack of software reuse• Significant risk associated with change• Keeping IT projects and capabilities in alignment with business strategies Oracle SOA Governance Benefits Enabled governance throughout the lifecycle, driving re-use for: • Standardization and risk reduction through better alignment between business and IT • Development cost savings • Faster time-to-market
  28. 28. British Petroleum – BPM for SOA Suite Opportunities & Challenges Process Automation• Third largest global energy company• Automate and process accounts payable for over 30,000 non-recurring transactions• 2,500 AP approvers in numerous time zones provide user support and handle exceptions for over 10,000 vendors• Streamline the hodgepodge of invoicing systems and approval processes Solution• Oracle BPM Suite to streamline client accounts payable interaction and approval process• Automatically assigns invoice to appropriate approvers and enables e-mail approval notification Results• Increased turnaround, data accuracy and consistency, audit trails and quality assurance• Cost per transaction reduced by 80%, realized ROI of 300% over two years• Maximized cash flow and reduced personnel costs• Eliminated data re-entry and reduced processing bottlenecks