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Cinch Presentation

  1. 1. l u F c r i C l m o H e l p s n I e t c e o i s n inch loss plan
  2. 2. F u Obesity Epidemic l l C i r c l e In 1980, 35% of Americans H o m were overweight to obese. e I n s p e 46 billion dollars, c t i o and hundreds of diets later n s
  3. 3. F u More than 65% of Americans l l C i r are overweight to obese. c l e H o m e I n s p e c t i o n s Source:
  4. 4. F u l l C Why Most Diets Fail i r c l e H o MOST DIETS ARE: m e I • Nutritionally inadequate you feel bad, sooner or later n s • Too hard to follow interferes with life p e c • Results are too slow frustration t i o • Unsafe ingredients negative side effects n s (Ephedra, Ephedra Alternatives, other stimulants) • Slow your metabolism the “yo-yo” effect
  5. 5. F u THE VICIOUS DIET CYCLE l l C i r c l e H REPEAT o m e DIET I n s p e c t i o FEAST n s RESPONSE FAMINE • Reduced metabolic rate RESPONSE • Loss of muscle • Regain weight from fat • Lose weight from lean muscle and fat FALL OFF • Reduced metabolic rate • Increase in fat storage
  6. 6. F u l l Why Works C i r c l e H o m 1. Formulated to help you get off the dreaded e diet cycle I n s p 2. Leverages 50 years of nutritional science e c leadership and innovation t i o n 3. Clinically tested leucine formula s 4. Powered by Leucine TM
  7. 7. F u l l Why Works C i r c l e H o m The Dreaded Diet Cycle e I • With most diets you lose fat and muscle n s p • Muscle loss = lower metabolism (fewer calories burned) e c t • After dieting, you can’t burn calories like you did before. i o So you gain weight back. Start next diet. The yo-yo effect. n s • In a preliminary clinical study, participants on the Cinch program retained 100% of lean muscle mass
  8. 8. F u l l Why Works C i r c l e H o 50 Years of Nutritional Science Leadership m e • Cinch is a result of years of sports and nutrition science I n expertise from Shaklee medical doctors, nutritionists, s p and scientists e c • Shaklee products have fueled 54 gold medalists t i o and 82 world class athletes to higher achievement n s • The Cinch program and products are based on more than 100 published studies and clinical papers on individual ingredients
  9. 9. F u l l Why Works C i r c l e H o m e Clinically Tested Leucine Formula I n s p • In a preliminary clinical trial, Shaklee scientists tested e c the proprietary formula enhanced with leucine t i o n • People in the program lost fat, weight, and inches s while retaining their lean muscle
  10. 10. F u SHAKLEE SCIENTIFIC TRADITION l l C i r c l Fall 2005 Pilot Study e H o Clinical Data m e I n s p e • Weight loss 15.4 lbs. c t i o n • Waist size decreased by 4.1 inches s • Hip size decreased by 2.6 inches • Fat-free mass remained unchanged – all weight loss came from fat
  11. 11. F u l l Why Works C i r c l e H o m ™ POWERED BY LEUCINE e I n s An essential amino acid used extensively by athletes p e c t i o n s As part of a macronutrient balanced program, leucine helps to: – Promote satiety – Signal the body to retain (and even build) lean muscle) – Support metabolic rate via ability to preserve muscle
  12. 12. F u l l C i r c l e INTRODUCING H o m e I n s p e c t i o n s Formulated to help break the diet cycle, so you can: Keep muscle you have. Burn fat you don’t need. Lose inches you don’t want.
  13. 13. F u l l C Say Hello to Cinch i r c l e H o m We hold the unfaltering belief that, together with us, you will succeed. e I Losing weight can be as simple as it is difficult. We get that. n s p We see the We holdthe scalegetting beliefjust scalesee the unfaltering occasional ThisLosing weight can beprogress. as an occasional as an beautiful. isn’t about measure of as that, e We believe “goal jeans” are c Not a daily measure of character. you will succeed. simple alreadyus, ThisWe about together with difficult. Not get that. measure ofis are. You as it progress. is a daily t as important as goal weight. i o We believe “goal jeans” are just ofhealthy. as goal weight. measure as important getting character. n s This isn’t about getting beautiful. You already are. This is about getting healthy.
  14. 14. F u l l C i r c l e Shake Mix 3-in-1 Boost™ H o m Three products in one: e • Balanced multivitamin/ I n multimineral formula s p • Cinch Boost™, an exclusive e c blend with EGCG to boost t i o • With proprietary Cinch Pro™ calorie burning* n protein blend enhanced with s • Helps retain normal blood Leucine sugar levels*, which may • 24 grams of protein help control food cravings • 6 grams of fiber with chromium, vanadium, • Low glycemic and banaba leaf extract • No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, • 3 great flavors treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  15. 15. F u l l C i r c Bars Energy Tea Mix l e H o m e I n s p e c • Exclusive T-Lift™ Blend • A proprietary formula t i Powered by Leucine™ o with exotic green, red, and n • 10 grams of protein white teas s • 120–130 calories per • With taurine for energy & serving well-being • No artificial colors, • Mixes perfectly with hot sweeteners, or flavors or iced water • No trans fats / low glycemic • 2 great flavors • 3 indulgent flavors
  16. 16. F u l l C i r c Getting Started. Even that’s a cinch. l e H You o save O m ver Starter Kit includes: $60* e Member Price: $189.95 Cinch™ Shake Mix canister, Cinch Shake I n Mix packets, Cinch 3-in-1 Boost™, Cinch s Bar assortment pack, Cinch Energy Tea p e Mix, Cinch Daily Journals, Cinch Success c t Guide with Cinch Coach™ Software CD, i o Cinch Shaker Cup, Cinch Pedometer, n Cinch Tape Measure s *Savings based on SRP value of items purchased separately.
  17. 17. F u THE PRICE OF Health HEALTH l l The Price of C i r c l e Big Mac Meal Starbucks Cinch Shake H Breakfast (Big Mac, Medium (Cinch Vanilla Shake, o Fries, Medium Diet m 8 oz. Nonfat Milk) (Mocha Grande, Soda) e Lemon Scone) I $2.86* n $5.11 $5.15 s p e c t i o n s Calories 850 Calories 940 Calories 270 Fat (grams) 39 Fat (grams) 50 Fat (grams) 3 *Price includes price of one serving of Cinch Shake Mix and an 8-oz. glass of nonfat milk.
  18. 18. F u l l Real People. Real Success. C i r c l e H Jane Pederson o m a total of 14 inches* and e 20 pounds healthier 14” I n s p *Results not typical. e c t i o “I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in the n past. It’s the hundreds and fifteen s that you gain back that’s the problem.” But cinch is living up to its name for her. “I’m not hungry for hours and hours, and then it’s time for another shake.” BEFORE
  19. 19. F u l l Real People. Real Success. C i r c l e H Jason Thorne o m a total of 31 inches* and e 53 pounds healthier I 31” n s p *Results not typical. e c t “Choosing Cinch is a no-brainer. i o n The science has been done, and s you know that it’s safe. I had a daughter about ten months ago and it was like, I really need to be around for my daughter. Now I feel like I will be.” BEFORE
  20. 20. F u l l Real People. Real Success. C i r c l e H Janet Lundgren o m a total of 40 inches* and 36 e pounds healthier I 40” n s p *Results not typical. e c “I really noticed the inches right t i o away. When I'd see how many n inches had gone down, especially s my abdominal area — it was fabulous. I blew my friends away. After eight to twelve weeks, they were like, “Wow, what have you been doing?” BEFORE
  21. 21. F u l l C GET STARTED WITH TODAY i r c l e JOIN US! H o 1. Become A Distributor And Save m e 2. Order Your Cinch Starter Kit I n 3. Ask How You Can Earn s p A FREE Kit e c t i o n s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  22. 22. F u l l C i r c l e H o m e I n s p e c t A plan for the rest of us i o n s