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  1. 1. Do You Know The Key To Attracting Women Without Having To "Run Game"?I’ve been getting a whole bunch of emails like these, so I’m going to saveyou guys a whole bunch of time and just go ahead and answer them all atthe same time.– Question #1 –Hey there,I am recently getting back into the dating world after about a 5 year break,and I have to tell you, it’s not going too well.I didn’t really even know where to begin, so I asked some buddies of minewho seem to be pretty good with women, and they all tell me that the bar iswhere it’s at – that that’s where all the beautiful women are.So, I’ve been going to the bar about three times a week trying to get phonenumbers and it hasn’t really been working out for me. Sure, I get a couple ofphone numbers every once in a while, but I’ve got to be honest – I hategoing to the bar.I’m just not the kind of person who likes being in a really crowded place, hasto wait around for the bar tender, and I’m not that much of a drinker.But I want to be able to meet women!Is there some way that I can condition myself to enjoy being in bars so thatI don’t feel all weird being there in the first place? I feel like that wouldreally help my chances with the women there.-JSB– Question #2 –Hey dude,I recently attended a boot camp run by one of the top guys in PUA. It was areally cool experience, and I feel like I learned a lot, but I’ve been having areally hard time applying all that stuff on my own.For example, while I was there I learned an opener and our instructorshowed us all how it was done. I watched him approach a girl, use thisroutine, and have her all over him in no time. I decided to try it out, andover the next few days, time and time again I would get shot down.
  2. 2. So, I decided maybe it was because I was approaching straight 10s, and Ineeded to take a step back. I started approaching girls who were lessattractive and still had exactly the same amount of success, which wasbasically none.This was so frustrating, since I saw someone use this exact same routineright in front of my eyes!What am I doing wrong? Any advice?Thanks,AJ---> MY COMMENTSIt’s always fascinating for me to read these kinds of questions, because theanswer to both emails seems so obvious.And I always wonder: why these guys just don’t get it?!It’s easy to forget that I was there, too.I had those same kinds of questions and wrote those same kinds ofquestions because I needed HELP.No DUH they don’t get it! I didn’t get it either!But enough about that.These guys both wrote me about what seems like very different situations.But they aren’t. They are the SAME.While the challenges they are facing seem different on the surface, there is acore element that neither of these guys are addressing.If they understood this one basic principle, they wouldn’t keep runningtheir heads against the wall, time and time again.They don’t understand how to BE THEMSELVES and do it in such a way thatthey attracts beautiful women.So let’s talk about it!Here are some of my key ideas:1. Women have a much better sense of who is BEING HIMSELF andwho isn’t than men do.
  3. 3. 2. Women are immensely attracted to guys who are BEINGTHEMSELVES.3. You can’t BE YOURSELF if you are in an environment that makesyou uncomfortable4. You can’t BE YOURSELF when you feel like you have to use pick-uplines to attract a beautiful woman.If these guys just understood these principles, they wouldnt even be doingthings like going to venues that they feel uncomfortable with or trying to runpick-up lines that arent in touch with their personalities.Instead, they would be going places that they genuinely enjoyed being atAND meeting women and establishing meaningful connections and causingwomen to be IMMENSELY attracted to them simply because they are havingfun doing what they love to do.For more of my key ideas plus $57 worth of FREE dating and seductionmaterial, just fill in your email below.