The four biggest benefits of using a fulfillment services


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The four biggest benefits of using a fulfillment services

  1. 1. The Four Biggest Benefits of Using a Fulfillment Services Provider Innovative Fulfillment Solutions LLC 4346 Belgium Blvd Kansas City, MO 64150-1704 1-888-275-3000 816-587-5880
  2. 2. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsWhen an e-commerce company firstlaunches, it is often easier for ownersand/or company executives to plan to doeverything in-house.
  3. 3. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsAfter all, it helps keep costs down, itallows you to keep your fingers on everypart of the business and - typically - yourinitial fulfillment requirements areminimal…
  4. 4. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsA small storage area for your inventory, afew boxes and some packagingmaterials, a workspace for yourpick/pack/ ship process and a computerto process your orders.
  5. 5. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsBut as the company grows - and as thedemands of your business require you todevote more time to businessdevelopment and an aggressive salesand marketing effort - it can often makesense to consider outsourcing thefulfillment part of your organizationalprocesses.
  6. 6. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsFollowing are:Four of the biggest benefits tooutsourcing your fulfillment operation to athird-party services provider:
  7. 7. # 1 Turn your fixed costs intovariable costs
  8. 8. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsAs your volume grows, and you needmore space to ensure adequate inventoryof your product line, do you really want tosign a long-term lease for a warehouse-size space, incurring the rent that accrueseach month, regardless of your volume?
  9. 9. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsIn addition, you would need to hireemployees to manage your in-housefulfillment process, paying them whetheryou have orders to fill or not. And dontforget that eventually youll need thingslike racking, a forklift, dock-high freightdoors, scales and the other requirementsof operating a real shipping operation.
  10. 10. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsIn addition to all of that, youll also befaced with the cost of utilities, insurance,Workmans Compensation, employeebenefits and payroll taxes, just to name afew.
  11. 11. #2 Concentrate on growing yourbusiness
  12. 12. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsWhats the best use of your time? Werewilling to bet that its not hiring andmanaging a warehouse staff, packingboxes or manning the phones.
  13. 13. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsBy outsourcing your fulfillment needs -along with other "back end" issues ofyour operation such as staffing a CallCenter, managing your database,monitoring your inventory and trackingyour shipments - to a qualified serviceprovider, you can spend the bulk of yourtime growing your business.
  14. 14. #3 Accommodate rapid growthand/or seasonal spikes
  15. 15. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsIf your business is planning for rapidgrowth, expecting significant mediacoverage, or dealing with seasonal spikes- like a major push at the holidays - theonus for keeping up with your ordervolume will be on your fulfillment serviceprovider, not you.
  16. 16. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsAnd if youve chosen a professionalfulfillment services company - with anexperienced team that knows how toramp up for a growing business or aseasonal surge - that company will beable to plan for and accommodate yourbusiness needs.
  17. 17. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsPlus, their ability to adjust their staffinglevels at various times is likely going tobe much greater than yours. After all,fulfillment is what that company doesday-in, day-out, for 12 months a year
  18. 18. #4 Flatten your learning curveby turning to professionals
  19. 19. Innovative Fulfillment SolutionsAs with all true professionals, a qualityfulfillment services provider hasexperience in all of the many variablesthat take place in an operation and canreact much more quickly - and moreknowledgeably - to the constant demandsof growing your business.
  20. 20. SUMMARYAs you contemplate starting orgrowing your business, consider thatthe fulfillment portion is often the"customer satisfaction" element thatcan mean the difference between one-time purchasers and long-term, loyalcustomers.
  21. 21. SUMMARYCustomer satisfaction can ultimatelydetermine the success or failure ofyour business.
  22. 22. SUMMARYTurning this important element of yourbusiness over to the experts will allowyou to transform fixed costs intovariable costs commensurate withyour volume, and enable you to focusyour efforts where they need to be…on growing your business.
  23. 23. Innovative Fulfillment Solutions For more information about IFS, visit To learn more about how IFS can provide your company with the highest quality fulfillment services: Contact Keith Milburn, at or Call 1-888-275-3000.
  24. 24. Innovative Fulfillment Solutions