Fulfillment Services Advantages and Disadvantages


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Fulfillment services has been used by large companies for many years. Now small to mid sized companies are using this cost effective solution to take and fulfill orders. Fulfillment services is an effective solution to reduce costs.

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Fulfillment Services Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. 1. Why it Makes Sense to Use a Fulfillment Company Keith Milburn President Innovative Fulfillment Solutions
  2. 2. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyWhile economic indicators continue to becautiously optimistic, many businessowners are looking for ways to reduceexpenses and work more efficiently. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  3. 3. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyHowever, in a customer service-orientedbusiness environment, doing everythingyourself may not necessarily save youtime or money. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  4. 4. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyWhen your business model includesprocesses that require special equipmentand expertise, you are better off relyingon the experts to keep all facets of youroperation running smoothly. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  5. 5. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyTake, for example, Product Fulfillment. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  6. 6. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyAn experienced fulfillment providercan focus on the details involved in: • Processing orders on a daily basis; • Getting orders to your customers quickly and efficiently; and • Allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  7. 7. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment CompanyWhile you may think it is moreeconomical to handle your own fulfillmentactivities, consider putting your assetswhere they will do the most good for yourcompany. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  8. 8. Housing Your ProductLeasing space is a long-term commitment;don’t tie up capital for warehouse spacethat you need for marketing and/ormanufacturing your product. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  9. 9. Housing Your ProductAs your business grows, the amount ofwarehouse space you need will increase.However, committing to a multi-yearlease now to fill your needs two to threeyears down the road is an unreasonableexpense. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  10. 10. Equipment As your business grows, so will the need to purchase equipment like fork lifts, racking, shipping software and supplies. Obtaining these items will continue to require capital which you could instead spend on inventory and other expenses that help you grow your business. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  11. 11. Human Resources Continually hiring, training and staffing personnel to support your daily order volume is a time-consuming task. Adequately staffing for holidays, vacations and sick days will require back-up personnel who may or may not be available when you need them. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  12. 12. Human Resources In many cases, part-time personnel will not consider your needs a priority unless you commit to employing them a certain number of hours and days each month. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  13. 13. Human Resources To gain efficiencies in production, it is advisable to use personnel who are familiar with your processes and equipment. A professional fulfillment provider can provide qualified personnel year-round who are familiar with your products and procedures. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  14. 14. Go with an Expert Do you know all you need to know about the following: • Shipping options • Shipping rates • Utilization of space • Software programs • Technology • PCI compliance http://www.ifssolutions.com
  15. 15. Go with an Expert A qualified fulfillment company will pay foremost attention to all of these issues and have the ability to level the cost among several companies. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  16. 16. Go with an Expert A professional fulfillment provider will: • Provide you with the opportunity to agree to and expect certain standards of service. • Adhere to those standards 365 days a year. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  17. 17. Go with an Expert With a fulfillment agreement in place, you can advertise and assure your customers of the highest level of service and satisfaction. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  18. 18. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment Company Innovative Fulfillment Solutions (IFS) was founded in 1998. The company is centrally-located in Kansas City, Missouri – the heart of the Midwest. http://www.ifssolutions.com
  19. 19. Why it Makes Sense to Use aFulfillment Company For more information, about IFS visit www.ifssolutions.com. To learn more about how IFS can provide your company with the highest quality fulfillment services, contact Keith Milburn, at kmilburn@ifssolutions.com or 1-888-275-3000. http://www.ifssolutions.com