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Connect to the next generation of revenue – today


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“Print is only one component in today’s complex communications channel, where value is derived from combining media options.” - InfoTrends

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Connect to the next generation of revenue – today

  1. 1. Fuji  Xerox  Co.,  Ltd. Peter  Brittliff Group  Manager  -­ Software  Solutions Marketing Fuji  Xerox  Confidential Not  for  Distribution Connect  to  the  next  generation   of  revenue  – today. ©  2014   Fuji  Xerox  Co.,  Ltd.  All  rights  reserved.
  2. 2. By  2019  CMO’s  predict: “Digital  Marketing  will  account   for  more  than  75%  of  the   marketing  budget.” “Campaigns  will  unfold  in  real   time,  depending  upon  the   individual  needs  and  intents   of  each  customer  across  every   device  and  channel” Source:  Accenture  Interactive  – 2014  CMO  Insights
  3. 3. What’s   fuelling  the   growth of   integrated   marketing?
  4. 4. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Long ago… People danced at concerts Now they video, click, share & tweet! 1990s 2010s
  5. 5. 16 MILLION Australians Active Online AlwaysOn
  6. 6. Technology… 1 BILLION SMARTPHONES AlwaysConnected
  7. 7. Our children have never lived in a world without mobile devices.
  8. 8. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution We have entered a new era…
  9. 9. Consumershave a greaterrange of CHOICE
  10. 10. The POWER has shifted
  11. 11. The  buying  process  has  changed
  12. 12. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution 80%   of  all  media         accessed  digitally   by  2020 *Source:  Caslon  &  Company Changing  Landscape,  Expanding  Opportunity 11 Combining  digital  printing   and  digital  marketing   technologies  makes  for  a   winning  strategy
  13. 13. “Print  is  only  one  component  in  today’s  complex   communications  channel,  where  value  is  derived   from  combining  media  options.” InfoTrends
  14. 14. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Low High Multichannel Transaction     Publishing Promotional     Photo Signage     Labels    Packaging     Textiles Data Content Analytics Processing Integration Engines Ink/Toner Substrates Bindery/Finishing Logistics/Sourcing Critical  Strengths  and  Differentiators Strategic  Opportunities  for  Graphic   Communications Digital Print 13
  15. 15. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Expand  Beyond  Print— Capture  the  Potential  of  Digital Print • Direct  mail • Printed   personalised/one-­to-­ one  messaging • Full  color  printing Mobile • Mobile  marketing Online/Web • Data  management and  analytics • Content  management • Document  management • Social  media • Website  development  and  maintenance • Website  marketing • e-­mail  marketing • Online  personalised/one-­to-­one  messaging Integrate Support
  16. 16. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.3 3.3 3.4 3.4 1 2 3 4 5 Website  design Web  hosting Multi-­channel  integrated  marketing Mobile  marketing Materials  warehousing Strategic  marketing  services e-­Mail  messaging Graphic  design Mailing  and  fulfillment The  Value  of  Value-­Added  Services Extremely important Not  important   at  all How  important  is  it  for  a  print  services  vendor  to  offer  the  following  ancillary  services?  (Means) The  Future N=  896 Source:  Understanding  Vertical  Markets:  Enterprise  Communications  Requirements;;  InfoTrends December  2012 15
  17. 17. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Why  is  Integrated  Marketing  for  You? • Elevate  your  conversation  from  printing  to   executive  officers • Generate  more  revenue  from  sources  in   addition  to  print • Become  strategically  relevant  to  your  end   customers • Offer  data  and  facts  to  enable  customers  to   optimize  their  communication  vehicles • Access  to  marketing  programs  that  may  not  have   been  attainable  in  the  past   • Change  the  conversation!
  18. 18. Recommendations  and  Tips
  19. 19. Solve  your   customer’s  problem.Tip # 1 18
  20. 20. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution What  is  your  customer’s  business  problem? Become  strategically  relevant • You  are  not  selling  a  print  job  but  rather  selling  a  process  for: –Improving  loyalty  and  retention –Increasing  response  rates –Improving  their  bottom  line • Develop  a  total  communication  strategy  for  your  clients –Integrate  print  and  digital –Monitor  and  track  results –Suggest  changes –Provide  a  marketing  service 19
  21. 21. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Reasons  for  Blending  Media  Channels 14.8% 15.6% 20.4% 21.2% 25.7% 26.2% 29.4% 31.5% 32.0% 33.9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Create  buzz Competitors  are  doing  it Expand  my  brand  beyond  products  featured  in  a  printed piece Experimentation  with  emerging  technology Add  interactivity  to  traditional  media Capture  information Integrate  social  media   Boost  response  rates Reach  a  target  demographic Reach  a  broader  audience Three  Responses  Permitted   N=  378 Source:  Understanding  Vertical  Markets:  Enterprise  Communications  Requirements;;  InfoTrends December  2012 What  are  your  company’s  top  reasons  for  blending  print  and  digital  channels?  (Top  10) 20
  22. 22. Identify  the  top   markets. Tip # 2 21
  23. 23. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Targeting  your  Customers 22 Identify  the  top  industries  for  digital  publishing Start  with  your  current  clients Top  Vertical  Markets • Healthcare • Automotive • Financial  Services • Telecommunications • Education • Manufacturing • Insurance • Government • Retail • Hospitality
  24. 24. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Benefits  of  a  Target   Market  Approach • You  get  more  attention  in  your  market   space. • You  are  viewed  as  an  expert  within  the   segment. • You  can  market  more  effectively to  a   targeted  client  and  prospect  base. • Your  selling  process  becomes  more   productive. • You  can  develop  “business  acumen.”
  25. 25. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Four  Guiding  Rules  to  Get  Customers 24 1. Know  your  customers. 2. Sell  more  to  your  customers. 3. Target  prospects  like  your high-­value  customers. 4. Be  smart  when  prospecting outside  your  comfort  zone.
  26. 26. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Communications  Spending  Distribution N  =  1,026   Corporate  Enterprises   Source:   Understanding   Vertical  Markets:  Enterprise  Communications  Requirements;;   InfoTrends December  2012 Proj.  Annual   Growth  Rate 8.8% -­2.1% 1.5% 4.9% -­6.2% Key  Findings • Mobile  fastest   growing  channel,   followed  by   online/Web • Spending   on  print   is  the  highest,  but   this  is  a  declining   channel • Print  remains  the   largest,  but  by  a   small  margin How  is/will  your  company’s  total  communications  spending  (be)  distributed  among   the  following  categories?   25
  27. 27. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Share  of  Communications  Spend   by  Channel • Online/Web  is  emerging  as  the  leading  channel,  surpassing  print   within  certain  verticals • Overall,  there  is  little  variation  in  channel  share  by  vertical Share  of  Communications  Spend  by  Channel  in  2  years Total Education Financial Healthcare Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Retail   Utilities Print 30% 29% 30% 34% 25% 31% 30% 32% 28% Video 17% 17% 17% 16% 15% 19% 16% 16% 20% Audio 11% 12% 11% 12% 11% 11% 11% 9% 13% Online 28% 29% 28% 25% 33% 27% 27% 29% 23% Mobile 12% 12% 13% 10% 12% 10% 14% 12% 14% Other 3% 2% 2% 4% 3% 3% 1% 2% 2% 26
  28. 28. Educate  your   Customers. Tip # 3 27
  29. 29. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Education  is  Key  to  Success Educate  and  demonstrate  your  offerings • Customers  may  not  know  the  value  of   integrating  print  and  digital • Articulate  your  skill  sets  and  knowledge  of   digital  publishing • Remember  to  focus  on  what  is  important  for   your  customers • Produce  your  own  integrated  campaigns   with  digital  and  print • Publish  case  studies  and  business  results 28
  30. 30. Fuji  Xerox  Internal  Use  Only Disclosed  to  : Protected  until  : Author  :   Prepared  on  :   All-­FX January  10,  20XX Dept.  &  Name January  10,  20XX What  Can  It  Do  For   Your  Customers? • Extend  their  reach  to  a  broader  audience  by  utilizing       e-­channels • Deliver  a  dynamic,  interactive  experience  for  readers • Enhance  speed,  timeliness,  and  value   of  communications • Track  and  analyze  communications  usage  to  improve   content  and  gain  revenue  opportunities • Easily  integrate  print/e-­delivery  via   a  single  source:  you
  31. 31. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution 13.7% 16.2% 16.5% 19.1% 19.3% 20.9% 21.7% 25.4% 25.9% 36.4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Gaining  access  to  internal  data  difficult Data  integrity/reliability  is  lacking Limited  data  available   Cross-­channel  integration Finding  adequate  sources  for  acquiring external  data   Managing  communications  assets   Regulatory  compliance Mining  and  analyzing  data Identifying  the  primary  response  drivers  to  a campaign Tracking  responses Data  Challenges Three  Responses  Permitted   Key  Findings • Measurement  a  challenge   in  demonstrating  the  value   in  personalized  campaigns • Lack  of  ability  to  identify   the  contribution  made  by   each  channel  in  campaign • Mining  and  analyzing  data   challenge  in  execution What  are  your  company’s  top  data-­related  challenges  when  executing  a  personalized   communication/marketing  campaign?  (Top  10) N=  1,020 Source:  Understanding  Vertical  Markets:  Enterprise  Communications  Requirements;;  InfoTrends December  2012 30
  32. 32. 31 Lead  customers  by   example.   Walk  the  Walk. Tip # 4
  33. 33. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Self  Promotion  – Leading  by  example • Position  your  company  as   Communications  Company  versus   print  provider • Demonstrate  knowledge  of  integrated   print  and  digital  campaigns • Work  with  marketing  executives  in  your   customers  organizations • Publish  your  company  publications   digitally  – integrate  with  print  – publicize  results • Become  media  agnostic  with  print   mildly  preferred 32
  34. 34. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Guidelines  For  Multimedia  Synergy 33 Speak  with  one  voice. Choose  the  right  media  for  the   target  audience. Have  a  compelling  offer  and   memorable  message.
  35. 35. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Recommendations:  Print  Service  Providers • Expand  your  service  offerings  to   include  integrated  marketing. • Target  integrated  marketing   services  at  vertical  markets. • Demonstrate  results.   • Build  or  enhance  customer   partnership  relationships.   • Develop  customer-­focused   strategies. 34
  36. 36. Fuji  Xerox  Confidential   Not  for  Distribution Thank  you Peter Brittliff Fuji Xerox Australia Group Marketing Manager - Software @brittliff
  37. 37. Xerox,  Xerox  and  Design,   as  well   as  Fuji  Xerox  and   Design   are  registered   trademarks   or  trademarks  of    Xerox  Corporation   in  Japan and/or   other  countries   and  are  used   under   license.