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Business Development Next Generation


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- Top 5 challenges in the market
- What resources do we have?
- Why business development? Where is the value?
- What have we done for our customers?
- Summary

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Business Development Next Generation

  1. 1. Business Development Next Generation Iris Stewart , Customer Business Development Manager National Sales – Graphic Communications March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only1
  2. 2. Who Am I? Iris Stewart – Customer Business Development Manager • 5 years at Fuji Xerox • Over 2 years in current role – Customer Business Development Manager & Manager of 1:1 Ignite Program Australia • 3 Years Senior Account Manager – Graphic Communications • Previous Experience • 2 years Business Development Manager – ABNote Australia • 2 years Sales – Accounts & Communications – Altshuls • 4 years – Marketing Communications Manager – ANZ Bank March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only2
  3. 3. Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ & Twitter March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only3
  4. 4. Oxford Dictionary Business work, line of work, line, occupation, profession, career, employment, job, position, pursuit, vocation, calling, field, sphere, walk of life, trade, craft Development evolution, growth, maturing, expansion, enlargement, spread, build out, progress, success, blossoming, blooming, burgeoning, headway March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only4 Profession Evolution in the pursuit of expansion, calling on progress to create a new walk of life
  5. 5. Top 5 of the challenges in the Market 1) Marketing – how do you get your name and offerings out to customers and potential customers 2) Sales - how to project, measure and track sales revenue and profit 3) Proposition – what is your unique message to customers, what do you offer better than the competition 4) Social Media – how to use it to promote and sell products and services 5) Sales skills of employees – how to educate and train your sales force March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only5
  6. 6. What resources do we have? March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only6 Business Development Financial Marketing Custom Consulting Profit Accelerator Lean Processes Sales
  7. 7. Why BD? Where is the value?
  8. 8. We need to understand the present and the future March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only8 Current state of the GC companies world wide Timeline – 2015 to the Future Expert! Has earned a green card in the business Virtual employee for the customer Trusted Advisor Max 5 accounts Knows the business of the customer Key Account Management Account Plan 100-300 accounts Account Management Many accounts to visit *Speed No time to spend quality time with the customer Sales
  9. 9. Strategy + Success = Making Better Choices March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only9 $$ INVOICE No Vision, Strategy, Focus, Market Understanding, Weak Adaption of Transformation IT driven, Marketing, Sales, Focus, Niche Player
  10. 10. Cash flow based on product types March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only10 Logistic Products Strategic Products Commodity Products Lever Products Logistic Risk Financial Risk 80% are active in this area
  11. 11. What have Fuji Xerox done for our customers? • Enabled customers self learning through our Profit Accelerator tools • Lunch / Breakfast and learn sessions • Customer consulting in Business Planning, Marketing Strategies and Sales Management Planning • Sales & Product training to address end customer needs • 1:1 Ignite Program to guide and assist in delivering 1 to 1 cross channel communications • Lean Manufacturing audits to help reduce business costs March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only11
  12. 12. Summary • Fuji Xerox Customer Business Development Consulting Services are here to help you grow your business, reduce costs, produce more work, focus on what matters most to you, delighting your customers. March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only12
  13. 13. Questions? March 23, 2015 Fuji Xerox Internal Use Only13
  14. 14. Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries and are used under license.