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Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012 Showcase List


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A list with descriptions of the tech solutions we demonstrated at our Technology Showcase on January 25th, 2012. This was part of our tech forum held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The theme this year was "From sensor networks to human networks: turning big data into actionable wisdom".

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Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012 Showcase List

  1. 1. Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable WisdomTechnology Showcase : January 25th, 2012 10:00 AM to 7:00 PMBooth Demo Title Technology Description This technology allows the simulation of energy consumption of the entire data center including the IT devices, the air handlers, power distribution and UPS, Total Data Center and external heat ejection equipment. The simulator runs roughly 100,000x 1 Energy Optimization faster than real time allowing operators to explore many operational and through Simulation provisioning strategies over many years in a matter of minutes. A mobile wearable sensor hub that connects via wired and wireless channels to a variety of healthcare and wellness sensors. The hub also houses a software platform which stores biosensor data and enables the development and visualization of real-time health metrics and health and wellness services. Real-time Mobile Bio- 2 data Tracking, Analysis, Our key advantages are: and Display · Being mobile · Extensible with any hardware health sensor · Any software health metric can be implemented on our platform · Real-time visualization of various health sensor values A brand new release of software that provides the next generation of Process Intelligence to improve business performance. BPM-A seamlessly integrates Business Process Fujitsus leading technologies for automated process mining and discovery with 3 Manager Analytics business activity monitoring and analytics. This combination provides (BPM-A) unequaled real-time visibility into end-to-end business activities to optimize business performance and agility. Rapid and efficient data extraction technologies for tens of terabytes of data Highly Parallel and Fast that are distributed among tens or hundreds of servers by specifying multiple Range Query Function ranges. The technology enables us to extract the target car locations 4 for a Distributed Data (latitude/longitude) rapidly against a stream of queries from a large number of Store clients. An advanced spatiotemporal data-processing technology that can quickly and accurately search areas in which events of interest are occurring, based on latitude and longitude positional data. This exhibit shows discovery of areas where taxis are used most, with a 60x decrease in discovery time over state-of- Spatiotemporal Data- the-art data mining techniques for positional data. Processing Technology 5 to Quickly and Precisely These advantages enable new services based on positional information, including: Search Areas of Interest - Auto fleet control - Efficient energy control - Trade-area analysis
  2. 2. Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable WisdomTechnology Showcase : January 25th, 2012 10:00 AM to 7:00 PMBooth Demo Title Technology Description A platform technology for users of information devices-including PCs, smartphones, and tablets-that automatically performs downloading, running, Location-Intelligent Auto- 6 and erasing of applications and data, in sequence, required at a particular time Access Technology and place. Prototype of the world’s first palm vein/fingerprint hybrid biometric large-scale Worlds First Palm high-precision authentication system. This exhibit shows how multiple servers, Vein/Fingerprint Hybrid employing a massively parallel search and authentication processing platform, Biometric Authentication can authenticate 1 identity out of 5 million in 2 seconds. System Frontech’s Biometric Solutions Group (BSG) develops and distribute biometric solutions based on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ authentication, a hygienic, contactless biometric system that is easy to use and just as easy to integrate into existing or new infrastructures. This robust biometric solution delivers fast, 7 convenient identification that is successfully deployed in a wide spectrum of Fujitsu Frontech: applications including healthcare patient registration, time and attendance Biometric Solutions management, physical access control, government identity management, PC Group user authentication and OEM devices. BSG provides integration, hardware and software support for the PalmSecure technology as well as enterprise solutions including our PalmEntry Access Control System. Mobile phones equipped with multiple sensors (e.g. - accelerometers, gyroscopes, digital compasses, cameras, etc.) are very ubiquitous nowadays. Fujitsus Human Centric Technology collects data from such standard built-in Human Centric sensors and detects the body movements of users by analyzing those data 8 Technology for Wellness using our state-of-the-art algorithms. Our wellness applications contribute to in Mobile Phones quality of life improvement and assist with activities of daily living, by utilizing Human Centric Technology built into our latest mobile phones. Traffic is drastically growing due to mobile terminal evolution and cloud services. It requires higher capacity in core networks including photonic networks. At the same time, the optical networks have the capability to change optical paths dynamically supported by evolution of optical devices. Dynamic Optical We are studying how to design and manage dynamic optical networks Network Design and 9 Visualization for Data efficiently: -Study control algorithms to realize dynamic photonic networks Traffic Explosion - Study design algorithms to allocate demands to optical paths and logical paths - Visualize such dynamic photonic networks
  3. 3. Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable WisdomTechnology Showcase : January 25th, 2012 10:00 AM to 7:00 PMBooth Demo Title Technology Description This exhibit showcases novel Java validation technology that has been developed at Fujitsu. The tool acts on unit and component level Java programs and automatically generates test sets that provide high branch coverage for the Validation as a Service: program under development. The tool is designed to run as a software service 10 Advanced Java Testing on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform where developers can submit their code and get back test vectors. Utilizing this tool will result in superior code quality and large reduction of testing costs for Java developers. The NuVola Private Cloud Platform™ solution is an appliance-based offering built with class-leading Fujitsu server and storage products, and paired with advanced software tools and utilities that transform business critical processes by leveraging private cloud computing power, security and scalability. NuVola Private Cloud Platform appliances can transform a host of functional business NuVola Private Cloud 11 Platform™ processes to improve speed, efficiency and performance. Integrating technology from key partners, each NuVola appliance is purposely built to address customer pain points for a variety of functional processes. Initially, NuVola Private Cloud Platform appliances will focus on the functional IT process areas of search, storage, multi-media transcoding and data analytics. ROR VE attributes: • Uniform interface for both physical and virtual servers • Intrinsic N+1 high availability • Automatic life-cycle (operating system, firmware) management ServerView Resource Orchestrator 12 (Virtual Edition and Cloud ROR CE attributes: • Manages multiple resource (server, network, storage) pools Edition) • Provides a self-service portal for requesting and configuring end-user resources • Real-time reporting of resource consumptions and costs The worlds first server based on a resource pooling architecture. Pooling Next Generation Server hardware resources such as CPUs and HDDs in a datacenter and connecting 13 Based on Resource them via high speed interconnects enables flexible construction of optimal Pooling Architecture server and storage configurations. Technology that can monitor, detect, and predict problems occurring in the Market Defect Detection market such as harmful rumors and product recalls by analyzing market quality 14 based on Compound information. In the demonstration, we will introduce early detection of future Data Analysis automobile recalls based on the technology with real market data.
  4. 4. Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable WisdomTechnology Showcase : January 25th, 2012 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Booth Demo Title Technology Description Twitter can be regarded as a sensor of Real-World phenomena by "sensing" what people are doing and experiencing, including natural phenomena such as "hay fever". We developed a system which collects tweets about "hay fever" Twitter as Alternative to and generates a hay fever map similar to a weather report map. Using the 15 Real World Sensors output of the system, we analyzed the comparison with actual pollen data gathered by real sensors. The result shows that Twitter can reflect natural phenomena in some particular areas. Long haul optical data communication is the backbone of the IT infrastructure. Fujitsu’s high-speed analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) Application of High- converters are a key technology enabling data rates of 100 Gigabits per second Speed CMOS 16 Converters in Optical per optical cable across town or across the country. This presentation/exhibit explains the basics of optical networking and the benefits of Fujitsu’s highly Networking integrated transceiver technology. Fujitsu’s Omniview software solution is based on Emerald-L (CortexA9 + 360° Wrap-Around OpenGL ES 2.0 GDC) SOC. It merges video inputs from four cameras mounted 17 Video Imaging on each side of the car and projects them on a 3D object to give a 360 surround Technology view on the display. The “K computer”, developed by Fujitsu and RIKEN, has reached 10.51 petaflops and is currently ranked the world’s fastest supercomputer. This world- class supercomputer will tackle unsolved challenges that traverse the microscopic realm of nanoscale technology to the universe beyond. The balance between power consumption, reliability and application performance efficiency is the key issues for the system with a huge number of 18 K computer cores. Fujitsu’s technologies archive this balance, such as high reliable and low power consumption new CPU SPARC64™ VIIIfx processor, highly reliable and scalable new six-dimensional mesh-torus topology interconnect called “Tofu”, and Integrated Multi-core Parallel ArChiTecture which realize highly efficient hybrid programming environment. The bear cub social robot will offer a new paradigm in computing by replacing traditional keyboard-based PCs and mobile devices with a human-centric interface that is simple, life-like in behavior, and more Socially-interactive people-friendly with its expressive nonverbal interaction.Lobby teddy bear robot prototype It aims to comfort the elderly, keep children happy, and support families by providing care, education, healing, and information relevant to users’ daily lives as if it were their friendly companion.