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Presentation from our Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012, held in Santa Clara, CA on Jan. 25th 2012. Theme of the event was "From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable Wisdom"

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  • Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 01 tatsuo tomita

    1. 1. Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012 Technology Innovation from Fujitsu Laboratories Tatsuo Tomita President FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD. January 25, 2012
    2. 2. Fujitsu at a Glance Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan President: Masami Yamamoto Established: June 1935 Net Sales: 4,528.4 billion yen (US$54,559 million) Net Income: 55.0 billion yen (US$663 million) R&D Expenditure: 236.2 billion yen (As 5.2% of Sales) Employees: 172,000 worldwide Principal Business Areas: Technology Solutions, Ubiquitous Solutions, Device Solutions Stock Exchange Listings: Tokyo (Code: 6702), Osaka, Nagoya, LondonNote:All yen figures have been converted to U.S. dollars for convenience only at auniform rate of US$1 = 83 yen, the approximate closing rate on March 31, 2011. 1 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    3. 3. FUJITSU’s Business Composition Device Solutions Others Technology Solutions System Platforms 1.7% Storage Server LSI Devices Electronic 13.0% Components 62.1% FY2010 23.2% Software Ubiquitous Product $54.6 B Solutions Network Solutions Net Sales Security FY 2010 Market Share (IT Services) Rank Japan World Stage #1 Fujitsu IBM FLASHWAVE Optical Transport #2 NTT-D HP PCs #3 NEC Fujitsu Services #4 Hitachi Accenture Mobile #5 IBM CSC System Phones IntegrationNote:All yen figures have been converted to U.S. dollars for convenience only at a Consultinguniform rate of US$1 = 83 yen, the approximate closing rate on March 31, 2011. Datacenters 2 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    4. 4. Global Subsidiaries: IT ServicesFS: Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC (EMEA)FTS: Fujitsu Technology Solutions (EMEA) FAI: Fujitsu America Inc (U.S.A.) - FMEX (Mexico) EMEA FUJITSU Approx. 30,000 employees Approx. 106,000 employees FS FTS FAI FCH FHK FKL FMEX The Americas FJSC FTL Approx. 8,000 employees FVL FMSFCH: Fujitsu China Holdings (China) China & APAC FPIFHK: Fujitsu Hong Kong Ltd (Hong Kong) FIPL Approx. 28,000 - FJSC (South China) employees FID FBRFTL: Fujitsu Taiwan Ltd (Taiwan) FCIPL FAPL FSBTFKL: Fujitsu Korea Ltd (S. Korea)FAPL: Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd. (ASEAN regional HQ) (Singapore) FANZ FBR: Fujitsu do Brazil (Brazil) - FSBT (Thailand), FMS (Malaysia), FID (Indonesia), FVL (Vietnam)FPI: Fujitsu Philippines Inc. (Philippines)FIPL: Fujitsu India Private Limited (India) *Only subsidiaries pertaining to IT services are shownFCIPL: Fujitsu Consulting India Private Limited (India) * Number of approximate employees are as of March 2011FANZ: Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand (Australia & New Zealand) 3 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    5. 5. FUJITSU’s Innovations Petascale computing Single-photon emission from quantum dots (Worlds fastest supercomputer) for communication wavelength band (World’s first, joint R&D with ∗ University of Tokyo) K Computer 1mm 2012 2005 Color plasma display Ladder-type SAW (World’s first) 2003 filter Color electronic High Electron paper Mobility Transistor 1992 (World’s first)(HEMT: World’s first) 1989 Relay-based mainframe 25 nm 1980 (Japan’s first) 1974 LSI-based computer (World’s fastest at the time) 1968 Palm vein authentication Establishment of (World’s first) 1954 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. *”京 (K)” is the cognomen for the next-generation supercomputer named by RIKEN. 京 4 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    6. 6. Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. : Overview Capital: 5 billion JPY R&D Budget: Approximately 35 billion JPY/420M USD annually as 15% of Fujitsu R&D Expenditure Total Employees: Japan: Approximately 1,300 Global R&D sites (U.S., Asia excluding Japan: China & Singapore, Europe): Approximately 200 Services & Solutions Research Fields Human- centric Systems Networks computing 研究領域 Devices & Materials Green ICT 5 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    7. 7. Fujitsu Group’s R&D Scheme Technology & Customer & Market Trends Partner needs Fujitsu Group Universities & Research Technology Strategy Institutes Fujitsu Task Force* & Fujitsu Fujitsu Labs. Research Investment Group Governmental Technology Companies Projects Transfer Products, Services & Solutions Customers* Technology Strategy Task Force: Internal committee that determines the R&D strategy of the Fujitsu Group 6 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    8. 8. Strategic R&D Framework Human-centric Human-centric Short Medium Long Computing Computing Term Term Term Intelligent Intelligent Core research projects focused on Society Society Core important themes for future Cloud Fusion Cloud Fusion Strategic technology of the Fujitsu Group Medium to long-termNext-Generation Next-Generation R&D technology developmentGreen DatacenterGreen Datacenter Manufacturing Manufacturing Business-driven themes Innovation Innovation Business- based on requirements Strategic from the business units Short to Medium-term R&D technology development New research areas for Exploratory future emerging technologies R&D Long-term technology development 7 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    9. 9. Open Innovation & Global Reach Fujitsu Research and Fujitsu Research andFujitsu Laboratories ofFujitsu Laboratories of Development Center Co., Ltd. Development Center Co., Ltd.Europe Ltd. (FLE)Europe Ltd. (FLE) (FRDC) - China (FRDC) - China Fujitsu Laboratories of Fujitsu Laboratories of (Estab. 2001) (Estab. 1998) America, Inc. (FLA) America, Inc. (FLA) London Fujitsu Fujitsu Sunnyvale (Estab. 1993) Beijing Laboratories Laboratories Suzhou Tokyo Ltd. Ltd. Texas Shanghai (Estab. 1968) Fujitsu Global Fujitsu Global Global Business/ Global Business/ Singapore (Estab. 2010) Affiliates Affiliates R&D Partners R&D Partners Global Human Global Human Technology Marketing Technology Marketing Resource Development Resource Development Research Institutes Universities Technische Universitaet Muenchen Massachusetts Institute of Technology 8 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    10. 10. What is happening in the world? Food Transportation Transportation People Institutions Institutions Enterprises Enterprises Energy Security Governments Environment Health Population Increasingly complex societal issues 9 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    11. 11. What is happening in Japan? Great East Japan Nuclear power TyphoonsEarthquake & Tsunami generation Building a society that is resilient to disasters 10 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    12. 12. Paradigm Shift in ICT From “Technology-Centric” to “Human-Centric” Reliable environment Human-CentricScope of ICT Usage For everyone Network-Centric Intelligent Society Cloud Computing Sensor Technology For specialists Ubiquitous Terminals Computer-Centric Networks Mobile Communications Internet PCs PC Computers Computers Creation of new value 1990 2000 2010 2020 11 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    13. 13. Paradigm Shift in EnergyEconomy: Maintaining growthEnergy: From mass consumption to sustainability GDP Energy ConsumptionIndex (1990=100) Index (1990=100) ion 400 200 Nuclear pt m n su o sc Mas 300 Thermal Great East Japan Sustainability Earthquake Energy harvesting Water 200 Energy saving Wind Solar Vibration Thermal 100 100 1990 2010 2030 Source: BP Energy Outlook 2030 12 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    14. 14. Rise in Population & Aging Societies Rise in population Aged society Healthcare networks Remote medicine Food & water security Proportion of elderly population (%) 40 JAPANGlobal population (billion) 8 30 Ultra-aged 6 society 20 CHINA 4 Aged society World 10 Aging society 2 0 0 1990 2010 2030 1990 2010 2030 Source:United Nations Population Division : 13 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    15. 15. Changes in Risks Surrounding People & Enterprises Secure and safe utilization of ICTIncrease of menaces Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods New-type influenzas Increase of security risks Information leakage by insiders External threats such as falsification of websites and computer virusesExternal requirements Reinforcement of internal controls Reinforcement of environmental regulations Changes in ICT Global support Diffusion of cloud business: from possession to use Fullness of ubiquitous environment 14 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    16. 16. Fujitsu’s Vision Enabling a Human-Centric Intelligent Society Environment Energy Health Safety Security Business Food Efficiencies Real world Various Kinds of Information from Human Awareness and Sensing Devices New New Services Big data Services & & Solutions Solutions Cloud Fusion Real-world value creation through human-centric ICT 15 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    17. 17. Technology Value Chain Value creation Solutions Systems Networks Servers Web Devices Photonic PCs services IC Tag Mobile Materials HEMT Wireless phones Security GaN ITS Environment Universities Governmental Partners projects 16 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    18. 18. Recent R&D Activities: Focusing on big dataLarge-Scale Biometrics AuthenticationMultimodal biometric authentication technology combines palm vein patternwith fingerprint data from three fingers.Spatiotemporal Data ProcessingEnabling technologies for real-time spatial information service in big data eraMarket Defect Detection based on Compound Data AnalysisAutomobile Defect Monitoring and Recall ForecastAdvancing Extraction Techniques for Distributed DataRapid and efficient data extraction from tens of tera bytes of datadistributed among hundreds of servers by specifying multiple rangesNext-Generation Server PlatformEnabling new IT infrastructure of cloud and datacenterby proprietary resource pool architectureLocation-Intelligent Auto-Access Technology for Information DevicesDeliver’ application and executes it automatically,then delete it from the desktop by user’s location and timeHigh-Performance ComputingFrom the birth of a star to a nano-sized worldReaching to materialize the aspirations of humankind 17 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    19. 19. Technology Innovation To enable a resilient “human-centric intelligent society” Innovative technologies harness collective intelligence and create new valuein our lives, in a “human-centric intelligent society” 18 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    20. 20. 19 19 Copyright FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD. 2011 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD
    21. 21. Cautionary StatementThese presentation materials may contain forward-looking statements that are based on management’s current viewsand assumptions and involve unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance, or eventsto differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements. Words such as “anticipates”, “believes”,“expects”, “estimates”, “intends”, “plans”, “projects”, and similar expressions which indicate future events and trendsidentify forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ materially from those projected or implied in the forward-looking statements due to, without limitation, the following factors: • general economic and market conditions in the major geographic markets for Fujitsu’s services and products, which are the United States, EU, Japan and elsewhere in Asia, particularly as such conditions may affect customer spending; • rapid technological change, fluctuations in customer demand and intensifying price competition in the IT, telecommunications, and microelectronics markets in which Fujitsu competes; • Fujitsu’s ability to dispose of non-core businesses and related assets through strategic alliances and sales on commercially reasonable terms, and the effect of realization of losses which may result from such transactions; • uncertainty as to Fujitsu’s access to, or protection for, certain intellectual property rights; • uncertainty as to the performance of Fujitsu’s strategic business partners; • declines in the market prices of Japanese and foreign equity securities held by Fujitsu which could cause Fujitsu to recognize significant losses in the value of its holdings and require Fujitsu to make significant additional contributions to its pension funds in order to make up shortfalls in minimum reserve requirements resulting from such declines; • poor operating results, inability to access financing on commercially reasonable terms, insolvency or bankruptcy of Fujitsu’s customers, any of which factors could adversely affect of preclude these customers’ ability to timely pay accounts receivables owed to Fujitsu; and • fluctuations in rates of exchange for the yen and other currencies in which Fujitsu makes significant sales or in which Fujitsu’s assets and liabilities are denominated, particularly between the yen and the British pound and U.S. dollar, respectively. 20 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD. Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD