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Citihot 3 oct2012


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Published in: Technology
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Citihot 3 oct2012

  1. 1. Client : Fujitsu Country : Hong KongPublication : Citihot Page : ITDate : October3, 2012 Journalist : N/AURL : N/AHeadline : Fujitsu Cloud Solution Bolsters Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Universitys Administrative Information SystemFull Text:Fujitsu Cloud Solution Bolsters Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Universitys Administrative InformationSystemMoving to the cloud slashes server setup time by 80% in peak traffic periodsHong Kong, October 3, 2012 – Fujitsu today announced that Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (1)(APU ) has recently deployed Cloud Ready Blocks, Fujitsus integrated private-cloud package, to addan on-campus private cloud to its existing administrative information system for managing courseregistration, processing grades, and performing other administrative tasks.With this upgrade, APU has the flexibility to allocate servers in response to peak demand, therebyincreasing system performance and dramatically slashing the time needed to set up a server fortemporary use down from one week to one day.In addition, APU has deployed RapidWeb+, Fujitsus web-system development solution that makes itpossible to quickly set up applications needed for administrative tasks such as classroommanagement and facility reservations. APU looks forward to increasing workplace efficiency with thenew environment.BackgroundAt the beginning and end of each semester, APUs administrative system handles functions that tendto produce temporary bursts of activity requiring enormous amounts of data to be processed, such asnew-student registration, online class registration, and processing academic-performance grades. Theextra servers required to support this activity are brought online only as needed. APU, where roughlyhalf of the 5,700-member student body is from abroad, has switched over entirely to a semester (2)system , resulting in peak periods now coming twice a year. The workload associated with the morefrequent setup of temporary servers and test environments was becoming an issue for the university.Also, to make the day-to-day tasks of classroom management and facility reservation more efficient,and to provide a higher level of service to students and their parents, the university needed anenvironment with the flexibility to add new systems, improve functionality, and increase performance.Figure 1: System Overview - Features and Results1. Private cloud environment enables a more robust, more efficient system platform(a) By using a private cloud, the temporary servers that are used during peak periods can be efficiently allocated to those areas with the highest utilization in order to increase performance.(b) Cloud Ready Blocks, Fujitsus integrated private-cloud package, enables flexible up-scaling and down-scaling of ICT resources to handle rapid allocation of and changes in temporary servers, as well as updated or modified task requirements. The package uses a portal menu where users can request and change ICT resources by entering a usage scenario and its requirements, enabling new servers to be set up in one day, a task which had previously taken a week (five days).2. Provides platform for developing administrative applicationsThe Fujitsu RapidWeb+ web-system development solution has been deployed in the newly builtprivate-cloud environment, facilitating the rapid addition of new features. This automatically generatesweb screens to ensure the quick completion of administrative tasks that had typically been handledusing manual input spreadsheet software, such as classroom management tasks or facilityreservations. This can also automatically create links with other departments and compile statistics.Furthermore, since this development platform is built on top of the administrative-information system
  2. 2. platform, it can access important data, such as the personal information of students, as well as theuniversitys on-campus authentication system.3. Rapid private-cloud constructionThis system uses Cloud Ready Blocks, Fujitsus integrated private-cloud package, which makes itpossible to build private cloud environments quickly and efficiently. Simply by following aquestion-and-answer process, Cloud Ready Blocks assembles tested elements into an optimalconfiguration. After that, the necessary hardware and devices with pre-loaded software are shippeddirectly to the customer, significantly reducing the time from shipment to full operation. In this case, thetime from initial design to full operations took only two months.Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX150 S8 and TX200 S7 are generally available from August 2012. They are soldvia direct sales or channel partners; pricing and specifications vary according to country.Future PlansWith a firm understanding of its ICT needs, APU aims to accelerate the cycle of understanding,planning, building, operating, testing, and delivering timely services in response to user needs, as wellas further enhancing the efficiency of its administrative work.Fujitsu will continue to leverage its experience in supporting more universities with ICT, and to helpAPU create more value through the use of ICT in order to develop international talent.Glossary and Notes1 APU:Please see Semester system:A system where the school year is divided into two terms, with all courses being completed over thecourse of a single term. - Ends –About FujitsuFujitsu is a leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT)-based businesssolutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 170,000 employees supporting customers inover 100 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highlyreliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver addedvalue to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidatedrevenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$55 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. For moreinformation, please see: Fujitsu Hong KongFujitsu Hong Kong is a leading ICT solutions and services provider that creates value for customersthrough highly reliable and environmentally friendly ICT offerings. With 50 years of experience and aspart of the Fujitsu Group – a global family of ICT infrastructure experts – the company has beenleveraging innovation and technology in its flexible response to the unique needs of each customer. Asthe hub and gateway for customers exploring business opportunities in and out of China and the AsiaPacific region, Fujitsu Hong Kong is also committed to develop long-term partnership with customers.Our major customers include the Government of HKSAR, Cathay Pacific Airways, PCCW, KGI AsiaLimited, CITIC Securities International, Modern Terminals Limited, Octopus, One Media Group andmore. For more information, please visit other company or product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks oftheir respective owners. Information provided in this press release is accurate at time of publicationand is subject to change without advance notice.
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