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Slides and notes


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Published in: Education
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Slides and notes

  1. 1. Rick- When we practice the rules and safety drills, Mrs. Fuglestad would ask a questionin a pre-recorded video and give us choices to pick for the answers. They would makenoises if right or wrong. Each person had a chance to play.Pierce-we used technology to make a puzzle game of the Old Guitarist to help us get toknow the painting for our collage art project.Colin-we used Wordfoto app to make our regular painting into something new with ourart statements.
  2. 2. Marco-I did the origami day last year and used the iPevo camera so that people couldsee what I was doing. The ipevo camera makes little things big on the screen. We madeninja stars.Bridget-we had to pose in front of the green screen, printed the picture, and used it tomake a silhouette in our monochromatic landscape. We also traced the ridges of theappalachian mountains on the interactive board.Klaudia-last year we made little creature animation on the ipads and we used an appcalled DOINK to help us move the little monster across the screen. We each a d adifferent monster and the app developers of Doink thought they were very creative.
  3. 3. Sammi F.-the class interviewed each other about their favorite project that year andwhy. They used digital cameras to record it for their digital portfolios.Will H.- first we painted santa (in the style of Andy Warhol) and used the percolator appto make them more cool with the camera on ipods. It was a very fun project.Ava-we used technology for the figure-ground illusion by practicing it from photos on theinteractive whiteboard. We drew our practice vases before we made them in paint onpaper.
  4. 4. Wes-We practiced our leaves on the iPads so we could do a really good job on ourpaintings.Lidia- we used Animation-ish to draw something growing picture by picture using thedrawing tablet on laptops.Logan-We recorded our voices and made our Lorax drawing talk with the iPevo cameraand photo booth. This became on class Lorax story video.
  5. 5. Nic- we stood in front to the green screen and posed for a picture in a super hero pose.These were made into silhouettes in the computer, printed, and collaged into ourartwork.Nicolette-In second grade we painted a tree silhouette then used the percolator app tochange it. Then we tried it again in the iPad using layers.Michael S-Mrs. Fuglestad made a video that showed us different hair styles and ahandout to help us draw hats. She also used the interactive whiteboard demonstratehow to outline. This helps our art work turn out good. So good, that one of my friendsportraits was on a 30ft screen in New York City.
  6. 6. Hannah-in this project Mrs. Fuglestad made an animation that showed us how theshapes can come together and overlap to make a landscape. Then we drew andpainted ours.Cate-In first grade we used a custom photo booth effect to help celebrate president’sday.We put our face up to the iSight camera and it looked like we were a Million Bucks!Alya-In 1st grade we made a Pablo Picasso collage of different colored face parts. Mrs.Fuglestad made a slide show of each step to guide us through the process. One firstgrader had hers shown in an art exhibit.
  7. 7. Sarah-We made rules for the art room like, “don’t scribble on the table” based on achildren’s book. We painted a pigeon and put a photo of it into our book cover design.Alexandra G-we made a visual texture video as we were learning about visual texturefor our Wild Things. We went in front of the green screen and danced to the visualtexture song.Jack B.- we took a picture of ourselves and glued it onto a piece of art we made bymixing the three primary colors. Then we tried to make an abstract design on theinteractive whiteboard with an app that makes a splat of paint when you touch it.
  8. 8. Kaitlyn-We practiced on the interactive board and played games to learn color mixing aswe made our pumpkin patch paintings.Eric P.- in kindergarten we put clay together to make a snowman and use the ipevocamera to make it look really big so we can see how to paint it better.Alex C.- when we were kindergarteners we made self-portraits. Mrs. Fuglestad drew iton the board while we drew it on the paper. We also played a game to help us putthings in the right place.