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Professional development lesson: making labels


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Use Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft word's label wizard, and Avery 5160 labels to automate your Art Exhibit Labeling.
Perfect for YOUTH ART MONTH!

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Professional development lesson: making labels

  1. 1. Professional Development Lesson Tricia Fuglestad Title: Art Exhibit Labels from a Database Subject Area/ Content: Professional Development for Art Teachers Target Population: K-University teachers Objectives and Standards: Teachers will learn to populate labels automatically from a list or database of student names. Materials: Sheets of Avery 5160 labels (30 labels per sheet) Artwork selected for display with names of artist, school, and grade level Microsoft Word Access to a printer that allows you to load your own paper Time Required: This depends on how quickly you input data. Setting up labels and printing is very fast. Scope and Sequence: 1. Open an excel spreadsheet. Designate a column as “Name”, “School” and “Grade” and begin to fill in the names of your artists, school they attend, and their grade. 2. Save it where you can find it. 3. Open Word. Go to File>New from template>Labels> 4. Select Single Label, the number of rows, and click “mail merge”
  2. 2. 5. Under Get List>choose Open Data Source> and navigate to your excel spreadsheet 6. Insert merge fields from your spreadsheet that you want to populate the labels. If you want each item on it’s own row hit the return key after each. 7. Your labels will be made for you ready to merge your data based on the fields you chose. If you’re not sure the fields will look right you can preview.
  3. 3. 8. You can preview your labels by revealing the preview results in the Manager window 9. Click the <<ABC>> to see what the labels will look like populated. 10. Load the printer with your Avery 5160 labels. Pay attention to which side up your printer requires the paper to print on the label side. Print. 11. You can save this word doc of labels. You can print on normal paper and use it as a checklist to help you keep track of the artwork, students, or other notes. 12. Extension: Use this technique to print certificates for your students acknowledging their accomplishments. You can merge data in form letters as well so you can send a note home with each student inviting them to attend the art exhibit. Assessment: Were participants able to successfully merge data from the spreadsheet to the labels? Will this be a time saver for you in the future?