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Fuel right® convenience


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Convenience Store fuel stations deliver diesel fuel

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Fuel right® convenience

  1. 1. About UsEstablished mid 90’s18 years R&D Amine chemistryBob Tatnall 35 years with Dupont Research Engineer Expertise – bacterial growth & MIC#2 distillates Diesel fuel Home heating oilTreated > 2B litres
  2. 2. ULSD / BiodieselULSD BiodieselReduced lubricity Contain (FAME) Fatty Acid Methyl EstersObserving higher corrosion rates Greater water absorbencyProne to bacterial growth More prone to bacterial growthMIC Microbially influenced corrosion
  3. 3. Inconvenient Problem?Diesel prone to microbial growthPremature filter cloggingSteel tanks subject to MICTank probes malfunctioningDispenserleaks/failures/prematurereplacementCorrosion in riser pipeMeter failureAutomatic nozzle shut-off failureAnd more...
  4. 4. High Performance Diesel EnginesCommon rail systems1500 BAR pressures2 micron filtersStrict tolerancesFuel quality essential
  5. 5. Bacterial ContaminationIncreases a fuel’s corrosivenessReduces lubricity additiveeffectivenessIncreases fuel peroxide numberIncreases total acid numberReduces anti-oxidanteffectiveness
  6. 6. Bacteria – defining the problem 2. Multiply and produce 3. Develop complex1. Bacteria attach slime formers bacterial colonies to surfaces (biofilms)4. Highly developed 5. Sloughing 6. Re-attach downstream bio-film
  7. 7. CorrosionMIC Microbially influenced corrosionULSD / Biodiesel Industry evidence that corrosion is increasingPresence of water and bacteria iskey factor
  8. 8. Contaminated Fuel TanksBacterial sloughing in Bench test – clientdiesel fuel treated bottle on right with 3 drops of Fuel Right®
  9. 9. Filters / StrainersBiofilms deposit on filtersMay be transparentReduces fuel flow to pumpPremature filter cloggingAnnoys customer at pump
  10. 10. Plugged FiltersPlugged filter showing Plugged filters by transparentdegraded diesel fuel biofilm
  11. 11. What will Fuel Right® do?Dissolve sludgePrevent sludge growthRestore fuel lubricityClean injectors / pumpsClean filters & strainersReduce particulate emissionsStabilize fuel for long-termstorageProvide corrosion coating“greener” technology
  12. 12. Fuel Right versus Fuel Additives
  13. 13. Fuel Right vs Biocides
  14. 14. Fuel Right® vs Mechanical Cleaning Mechanical Cleaning Fuel Right®Mechanical filtering is temporary Dissolves existing biofilm (sludge)solution Prevents biofilm from formingTank out of service – lost revenue Provides corrosion coatingDisposal fees Easy to administerLost inventory Downstream benefits toDoes not remove bio-film customerEXPENSIVE! Economical way to maintain clear diesel More economical than mechanical cleaning service
  15. 15. Fuel Right® STOPS Corrosion!
  16. 16. The Choice is Clear!
  17. 17. Fuel Right® Versus Conventional Fuel Additives and Biocides ConventionalFeature Biocide Fuel Right® Comments Fuel AdditiveCetane Boost Detergent   Amines are powerful surfactants Amines coat water in emulsion allowing it to be safelyDispersant   passed through the systemLubricity   Amines are natural lubricantsStabilizer   Amines neutralize free floating acids in fuel Amines "melt" binding agent that holds bacteria coloniesDissolve Sludge  togetherPrevent Sludge  Amines do not allow bio-films to formKill Bacteria Clean Filters  Amines dissolve deposited (sloughed) bio-filmsClean Strainers  Amines dissolve sludge that blocks strainersPrevent Fuel Line  Fuel Right 15K includes anti-freeze ingredientsFreezing Amines leave very effective corrosion coating behind (seeCorrosion Coating  7 year test)Help prevent MIC  Amines eliminate bacterial colonies preventing MICReduce particulates  Amines clean injectors improving fuel atomization
  18. 18. PackagingTreatment ratio Bulk 1:15,000 Shock 1:6,0001.89L Case lot 6 x 1.89 litres 1.89 litres treats 28,350 litres177ml Case lot 24 x 177ml 177ml treats 2,655 litres
  19. 19. Questions?