Is a mule a mashup?


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This slideshow was created as a teaching tool for visitors to our annual art exhibit for young people which features the work of artist, Nicolas Lampert. He creates hybrid machine animal & insect collages. It loops continuously in the activity area for the next 6 weeks, and I embedded it in my blog here:

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  • Is a mule a mashup?

    1. Is a Mule a mashup? [ slideshow is reloading ]
    2. Part 1: vocabulary No more talking!
    3. collage what’s a ?
    4. Two artists, George Braque and Pablo Picasso, created the word collage in the early 20 th century when the collage technique started to become a distinctive part of what’s now called the Modern Art movement (approximately 1850–1950). Pablo Picasso George Braque Dude. I totally made it up. Don’t fall asleep... there’s more to learn on the next slide! 1881-1973 1882-1963 I made it up!
    5. Tuvimos gusto de hacer collage. Oui, nous appréciions de fabriquer collage! Bull Skull, Fruit & Pitcher 1939 Oil on canvas Picasso and Braque liked making collage. They also liked to make paintings that looked like collage or had elements of collage in them (like adding real sand to a painting). The Bowl of Grapes 1926 Oil, pebbles and sand on linen
    6. The word collage comes from the French verb coller (co-LAY) which means to glue . Collage is a new whole. The most common way to collage involves gluing scraps of stuff together onto a flat, 2-dimensional surface ( 2D ). fabric scraps leaves paper scraps yarn & wire like that! like that!
    7. Monogram / 1955 Robert Rauschenberg Collage that becomes a painting—that becomes 3D sculpture—what!? Yarp. When making a collage, use anything you want: keys grass plastic bags old jewelry hair apples broken dishes carpet— an Angora goat’s head— a tire. “ Crazy Quilt” / artist unknown Collage with fabric is a quilt!
    8. hybrid So, what’s a ?
    9. A hybrid happens when you combine two or more different things to make something new. Biologists, the scientists who study living things, sometimes make hybrid plants and animals. Why? For EXAMPLE:
    10. (a jack / the sire) mule A new animal (a new whole) … with its own distinctive characteristics that combines the best features of the horse and the donkey. for: physical strength thick winter coat intelligence for: strong hooves excellent vision intelligence For EXAMPLE! A mule is a hybrid because it combines the traits of a... (a mare / the dam)
    11. Um—those chickens just called me a collage. collage! collage! mom? dad?
    12. mashup Then, what’s a ? — is it a hybrid
    13. Since the 1960s, artists have been using parts of songs from other artists to make entirely new songs. hybrids in music A mashup is a song created out of pieces of two or more songs. Mashups are also known as bootlegs, bastard pop, cutups and powermixing .
    14. Dr. Dre / Lyrical Gangbang (featuring Lady Of Rage and Kurupt) Example 1> In 1992, Rap star and music producer, Dr. Dre, borrowed John Bonham’s drum intro from Led Zeppelin’s 1971 song, When the Levee Breaks , and mixed it into the opening track on his debut album, The Chronic. Is this a collage ? A musical hybrid ?
    15. Example 2 > “ Girltalk is Hip hop hits, soft rock radio standards, party classics, grunge masterpieces, R&B singles, glossy club-shakers and rock anthems are all layered and pieced meticulously together into one non-stop celebration of pop and excess.” aka DJ Greg Gillis
    16. sleep mash-up (collage? hybrid?) play MVREMIX: Let’s talk about your album Night Ripper . On average, how many samples per track do you use? GIRLTALK: There are so many samples that are completely unrecognizable on the album, but typically, I would say there are maybe 5 to 15 songs on average.
    17. A mashup is also a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool. hybrids in technology: the mashup No one asked you, Chicken. If you ask me, that kinda sounds like a collage.
    18. Retrievr An experimental service which lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch. Map A visualization of the entire book collection from organized into color coded category blocks scaled by number of books. Phreetings A service for creating photo greeting cards using images from Flickr and user-entered text. Logobama A fun mashup that lets you create your own custom Barak Obama logo. Logobama sizes the logo to fit user profile images for Facebook, MySpace, Eventful, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn and Flickr. web mashup examples! you can build one, too!
    19. PocketPCs blend: + phone + computer + camera + video camera + calendar + maps + internet + GPS + .mp3 player + address book + games + desktop apps and more into one device. Hybrid cars blend fossil fuels, solar power and electricity together to make more efficient, environmentally safe cars. Like the mashup and collage , today’s hybrid products blend two or more features of other products to make new ones.
    21. machine What’s a ?
    22. A machine is any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks. Hugs! —Steve A machine is anything that makes work easier for me . xo, Bill
    25. vision what’s a ?
    26. I can see where I’m going. And I can “see” where this is going. Vision is the act or power of sensing with the eyes. It also means the act or power of sensing that which will or may come to be. Vision can mean seeing with your eyes, seeing the future— or both.
    27. Part 2: Nicolas Lampert No more talking!
    28. Maybe he’s asking us to imagine the future of hybrids. I mean, we already have them, how far are we from seeing what Nicolas sees? What evidence does he have to make these predictions? What do you think Nicolas Lampert is saying by calling his animal & insect machine collages, “Hybrid Visions”? milk cows microchips bionics prosthetics
    29. Animal-machine “Hybrid” Microchip implants in pets Using RFID (radio frequency identification) these implants contain all pet and owner information which helps identify lost animals. These were especially helpful matching hundreds of pets with their owners after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. today hybrid vision? What about you? Should humans be microchipped?
    30. Animal-machine “Hybrid” bionic prosthetics hybrid vision? today Claudia Mitchell, who lost her left arm at the shoulder, is fitted with the world's most advanced prosthetic arm.
    31. Animal-machine “Hybrid” milk cows Tomorrow’s Hybrid Visions? today
    32. How do Lampert’s new creatures function? How are they different than their parts? Using collage, what hybrids can you invent that don’t exist yet? Could your new hybrid be used for negative purposes? Hint: Start by thinking, “What do we need?” As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. CLASS! Listen up! Look closely at Nicolas Lampert’s Hybrid Visions and think about the following questions. PS: Be nice to the sub.
    34. Uh...
    35. Or ... mosquitos with syringes that vaccinate when they bite? vitamins! minerals! flu shots!
    36. Summer School 0 Pop Quiz machines hybrids What do these things have in common? 1. How is a hybrid like a collage? 2. How is an animal like a machine? 3. collage
    37. Slide show begins again in 5 seconds.